Popular Trollbeads Uniques Part 9 – Footprints

trollbeads-footprint-uniques-coverAfter an extended break on my Popular Trollbeads Uniques series, today I turn to the highly sought after footprint designs.  The footprints appeared suddenly around May 2013, first in very small amounts, and by the end of the year supplies dried up on this popular OOAK.  The footprint is characterized by the double feet impression on the surface of the glass bead generally outlined in white.  These were never that widely available and the ones that were for sale, were generally sold in kits by retailers and commanded high prices on the secondary market.  One reason why people love this design so much is that it can represent their baby’s footprints or their faith in the Lord (based off the allegory, Footprints in the Sand).

trollbeads-footprint-unique-colorsThe footprint beads feature a pair of feet with 4 toes each; it’s actually a rather simple design but one that is very dear to many.  These came in a rainbow of colors, the most popular were black core/clear glass and hot pink/clear glass; they were also available in: opaque peach, teal blue, red core/blue glass, orange core/green glass, opaque lime green, olive, purple, red core/orange glass, red, kelly green, orange core/clear glass, light blue, orange core/yellow glass.  I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but some of the colors are pictured here, courtesy of Carola Hönk (right inset).


My Trollbeads collecting took a backseat over last summer because of the lack of new releases, and when I started getting back into the brand, the footprint uniques were all the rage!  I was desperate to get one, like so many others, and finally found my first one (green of course!) with the help of a friend.  I was lucky and purchased a couple others in stores, and also bought some on the secondary market.  They’re really fun beads and I wish I could get more in different colors (greedy I know ;)), but it doesn’t look like Trollbeads will be producing any more of these.  The glass came in translucent, opaque, and duo-tone, although the design is the same.

I wanted to highlight the uniques so paired neutral white beads with the colorful footprints.  Were you able to get one of these highly coveted OOAKs?  What do they represent to you?


Bead index (starting from left): dichroic flower lock, sparkling star, white diamond, unique green footprint, bead of fortune, unique white python, unique blue/red footprint, shooting stars, milky quartz, unique olive footprint, Christmas heart, WT Switzerland crystal mountain, unique green footprint, LE viking knot, blizzard, unique green/orange footprint, endless, white bubbles, unique purple footprint, lucky knot.

  • Tracy

    I never quite fell under the spell of the footprint beads (and my wallet certainly thanks me!) but I really like how you’ve used the white beads to let the footprints stand out.

    Of course, if I and come across either one of those green ones closest to the Christmas Heart, I might not be footprint free!

    • Leann

      Good for you! I always seem to fall for the hype :/..lol. I do love my little beads though :).

  • Lucia

    I want a Footprint Trollbeads

    • Leann

      It seems like Trollbeads has stopped producing them :(. I would try eBay.