Persona Vitral Glass

persona-vitral-collection-coverIt’s been such a busy fall already with a variety of new products being introduced, but today we return briefly to summer to finish up one of my last reviews from the season.  Persona is newer to the blog and this post features one of their summer releases, the Vitral Collection and specifically its glass beads.  This collection features renaissance designs and geometric patterns with bold colors reminiscent of stain glass.  This set only includes two silver charms, but a number of cubic zirconia, enamel, and glass.


I was the most taken with the iridescent streak glass beads: Spanish Sunset, Parisienne Paradise, and Athens Azzure*.  The Persona beads are made from hand spun Italian glass and are handcrafted so every bead is unique.  I found that these beads were vastly different colors than the stock photos, so I can say for sure that there are a lot of variations to the glass.  I picked these charms because of the inclusion of the iridescent foil which gives it such a beautiful shimmer.  My favorite is the Athens Azzure which has the most incredible green/turquoise foil on a neutral background and green core.

Unfortunately, the glass beads only have silver cap sleeves glued on either side, and not solid silver tubing, which accounts for the separation that some people have experienced.  Otherwise, these charms have large diameter cores and can fit on other major bracelet brands.  These patterns are both contemporary and classic and fitting into that theme, I chose some other beads that reflected this aesthetic with a mix of textures and colors.

persona-vitral-collection-bracelet10 Bead index (starting from left): Redbalifrog om lock, Persona spanish sunset, Ohm Beads daintree, PAXSUZbeads prayer wheel, Novobeads dream lagoon, Perrasbeads green old earth, Trollbeads opposites, Persona parisienne paradise, Novobeads rose petal, PAXSUZbeads universal cross, Persona athens azzure, Perrasbeads black old earth, Redbalifrog big om, Novobeads heather, artisan faceted crazy lace agate, PAXSUZbeads art deco, Perrasbeads garden opal, Perrasbeads brown old earth.

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  • Laura

    Hmmm…about the same price as Pandora, but not cored with silver? If it’s an inferior product, it should be priced as such.

    • Leann

      They’re got a lot of deals all the time, so I’m sure you’d be able to get them for less than retail.

  • rainey

    That is some very lovely glass but I hope they’ll reconsider the choice not to do a single sleeve silver cap. I think glued 2-piece finishing will work against them in a major way.

    • Leann

      I think so too, that seems like a major problem people have with this brand’s glass.

  • Faye

    Leann, cool review! I love that you combined these flashy glass beads with a couple old earths! I never would’ve thought of it. That one Ohm barrel bead adds depth,,,,nice collection of unusual beads!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Faye :). These glass really reminded me of the Old Earths with the colored middle.

      • Raven97

        Gorgeous glass, love the resulting bracelet , love the Art Deco charm on the right.
        Adding my voice to the chorus , hope they will reconsider making their beads with a single core piece. No interest in buying beads that will loose their cores or have me gluing and pasting stuff to keep it together. Do they have an extensive assortment or are they new to the scene?

      • Leann

        Yes, the silver end caps are really their down side. They’ve got a lot of selection and they’re sold through Zales. It’s a pretty big player in the charm world with the Zales’ distribution and everything :).

  • zurahanim

    the glass beads are really pretty

    • Leann

      They are :). Love the flecks of iridescent foil they used for this set.