Persona Versailles Collection

Persona13FW-485-12x8-b&w-_VersaillesPersona recently debuted three new collections for the fall and winter seasons – Versailles, Celestial, and Highland.  Today’s post takes a look at Versaille and a couple pieces from the collection, specifically the glass beads Les Jardins in Purple, Les Jardins in Pink, Les Jardins in Red, the Baroque Blossom, and the Timeless Tassel.  Versaille is named to reflect the jewel tones and opulent styling at the height of the French court.  Lots of different materials are used to make up this set, including silver, enamel, and crystals.


The retro floral patterns of the Les Jardins beads first grabbed my interest from this set, as it reminded me of the vintage embroidered hankerchiefs.  There is a solid glitter base for these glass and they also sparkle through the flowers.  The stock photos are a relatively accurate representation of these charms as they don’t show too much variation in real life, and the Persona beads are made from handspun Italian glass with glued on silver endcaps. The Baroque Blossom is my favorite from this release and matches the openworks garden charms from the spring/summer 2013 Paradise collection perfectly. This piece showcases a variety of components and textures including sterling silver, stone accents, enamel detailing, and molded flower attachments to create a delightfully decadent charm. Timeless Tassel is a fantastic dangle with a number of chain links to give your bracelet great flow and movement. The tassels are attached to an Austrian crystal decorative sphere, for added glamor.

Persona charms have large diameter universal cores, which means that they will fit on all bracelet brands.  Persona World has an ongoing sale for 25% off all charms, which ends on November 21st. I’ve found this brand has interesting designs and they’ve definitely developed their own aesthetic. What do you think of the Versailles Collection?


Bead index (starting from left): TB lace lock, Persona timeless tassel, TB unique purple wave, Persona spanish sunset, Persona buttercup bouquet, TB coral flower, Persona les jardins purple, Novobeads cherry blossom, TB unique pink scallop, TB root chakra, Novobeads orchids, Persona les jardins pink, TB unique purple scallop, Novobeads magnolias, TB coral wave, Persona parisienne paradise, Persona pearl bloom, Persona les jardins red, TB unique pink harlequin, Persona baroque blossom.

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