Persona Sahara Wanderlust Collection

Persona-SaharaCollectionIn this last review of the Persona Wanderlust from the Fall 2014 release, I take a look at the Sahara Collection. The Wanderlust Collections included a trip around the world with themes from Asia, India, and the Sahara. I enjoy travel charms immensely and these have been some of the best from this brand.  From this set, I prefer the silvers so I picked out Ancient Wonder, Magic Lamp, and Cute Camel.


Even though the name of the collection is titled Sahara, the designs mainly focus on Egyptian motifs.  Ancient Wonder is a mix of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids; it features the face of the Sphinx on a four-sided pyramid.  Cute Camel depicts the dromedary in a front facing position and ladened as a traveling animal.  Magic Lamp represents the mythical home of the genie with flourishing details along the sides.

These charms are on the larger side, but still mixes well with other beads.  They have large cores and can fit on all bracelet types.  Persona can be found on their official website and large retailers like Zales and Gordon’s Jewelers too.  Which of these themes is your favorite?


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  • Vanessaqq

    Leann, would you please comment on the magic lamp compared to Redbalifrog’s one if you have time? I am very tempted to buy it.

    • Leann

      Redbalifrog is definitely bigger and heavier but they’re both very ornate looking :).

  • Pattie Hall

    love the magic lamp, have never bought from them before, are they made to last a very long time.sorry i sound so dumb. thank you

    • Leann

      Yes, they’re sterling silver :).