Persona Rose Gold Collection Review

persona-rose-gold-collection-coverRose gold has been incredibly on trend this season and Persona recently released their collection of rose gold a couple months ago.  These pieces are 18K gold plated over sterling silver for a bright polished look.  They released a number of new designs including charms, clips, glass, and bracelets for a cohesive set.  This review will focus on the Rose Gold Crystal Ray in Jet, White, and Peach, the Blush Garden, Blissful Bouquet in Rose Gold, and the LE rope bracelet.


I’ve only recently become a fan of rose gold, never having liked the warmer tones of gold to begin with, but it has a really feminine aesthetic.  The Rose Gold Crystal Ray charms are a beautiful example of this; each bead has a row of Austrian crystals down the middle lined with rope detail and they’re openworks.  The Blush Garden features flowers in rose gold and white enamel which is so pretty and dainty.

The glass bead is called Blissful Bouquet in Rose Gold and has gold foil wrapped around the center overlaid by a soft transparent pink.  Persona recently changed their cores to be more secure and they are much deeper than before but are still two-pieces. I was so excited to get the rope bracelet, especially since it was a limited edition item, and it’s such a great way to showcase all the rose gold charms.  The chain is woven together, hence the name, and has a lobster clasp.

Persona beads have large diameter cores and can fit on all bracelet brands.  They can be found online on Persona World or at large jewelry retailers like Zales.  Are you a fan of rose gold?

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  • Amalia J

    I’ve never tried this brand before but this collection looks beautiful!

    • Leann

      It is very pretty! They’re available at Zales in the US :).

  • May

    hi what is the bracelet length ? I tried looking on their website but its not stated there.

    • Leann

      I don’t think the bracelet is available anymore :(. It was a limited time offer.

  • Rae

    I used to work in retail that sold jewelry and beads with crystals set the way persona has set their crystals- would not trust it for long term wear. I can pretty much guarantee they will lose some crystals over time.