Persona Peanuts Collection Preview

persona-peanuts-collection-braceletPersona will be launching a fun collection in September to celebrate the new Peanuts Movie! The movie will be theaters November 6th, and these charms are inspired by the comic.  The company did a fantastic job of bringing these characters to life, sticking very faithfully to the style and look of the drawings.  There are 17 beads in the Peanuts Collection and most of them are focused on the popular Snoopy.

The brand used a great mix of materials to achieve this look including silver, enamel, and crystals to really add personality to these charms.  Snoopy has a fond place in my childhood memories and I’m so excited to see him represented in charm form.  Aside from Snoopy, we also have an appearance from Charlie Brown and Woodstock.  Check out the trailer below for a preview of the upcoming movie!  Are you a fan of this series?

  • Nereida Ammari

    I absolutely LOVE Snoopy. I grew up loving him. When I got my first dog, she looked like Snoopy, though I didn’t realize it until I brought her home and my mother started laughing.

    • Carol

      Lol Nereida! I named my first dog after Snoopy as well, but she was a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix and looked nothing like him! I adored Snoopy growing up and still do! 😀

  • Vanessaqq

    I wish they have designed the beads just with silver. I really do not like heavily enameled beads.

    • Nereida Ammari


  • Kelly Black

    Will these charms fit Pandora bracelets?

    • Leann

      Yes they do. 🙂

  • Francine

    Looks very child like with all the enameling.

  • Alhona Volkova

    Hello from childhood!))) Nostalgic collction.

  • Teresa Delgado

    I love peanuts where would I be able to purchase one of these and do you guys know how they fit on a pandora bracelet?

    • Leann

      Persona is available at Zales. They have large cores and are compatible with Pandora.

  • FairObjective

    I’ve loved the Peanuts gang and have collected their various brand items (book collections, signed graphic novels, plush characters, a clock and other home decor, etc.) since I was a young child. I’ve been asking various bead companies to offer a Peanuts line since I started collecting modular jewelry; so excited. Persona did a great job of making the characters look like themselves, and the enamel adds to the detail very nicely. I’d love to see more of some of the other characters added soon…more Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally, Peppermint Patty, etc. What would *really* be great are some Great Pumpkin-themed beads (Linus in the pumpkin patch, the Peanuts characters in their Halloween costumes – all that. *Fun*! I’d buy them all! Take care, Leann.

  • FairObjective

    Hi Leann! I just received my first bead from this collection today; my husband surprised me with it! I love it; it’s a cream/white glass background, with the main characters dancing around the circumference of it. *So* cute! I’ll be working away at my wish list for this collection in the coming months – absolutely. Take care…Kim

  • FairObjective

    P.S. – Do you know of any promos/specials (such as, buy 2 or 3 beads, get 1 free) that Persona will be running anytime soon – maybe online? That’d be perfect for collecting this line! Thanks…Kim

  • FairObjective

    Hi again, Leann! Well, it’s a little over a month after I received my 1st bead from the Peanuts line, and now I have a few more; I *love* them! I’m making an “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” theme for my first bracelet from this collection, and it’s so much fun. Right now, Persona’s online ordering site is offering a “Buy 1 bead, Get 1 at 50% Off” sale, which is perfect for adding more of these darling Peanuts beads to a growing collection.They really are well-made, and are great representations of the characters. Either late this month (so, next week?) or early November, there’s supposed to be another 8 or so Peanuts beads released as a holiday collection! Can’t wait for that, plus the Peanuts movie hits the theaters on November 6th. My little guy and I will definitely be at the theater for that! Take care, Leann…Kim.