Persona Paradise Review

persona-cover1It’s a bright sunny day here on Labor Day weekend, perfect for taking a look and reviewing some of the pieces from Persona’s Summer 2013 release.  This release is actually comprised of three individually themed collections:  Paradise, Retro, and Mistral.  The one that caught my eye immediately was the Paradise collection since it’s main themes are nature and floral designs (my favorite!).  I previously reviewed the Garden Openworks pieces from Paradise and loved their unique and charming details; today I take look at some of the more traditional silvers and glass beads from this set.

First up are a pair of silvers I received* that I think are great — Pearl Blossom and Buttercup Bouquet.  These charms are well sculpted and have nice oxidation that really help the silver details, inlaid CZs, and pearls pop.  These fit in quite well with pieces from other brands as the styling is tasteful.  Next, Oasis in Green and Let’s Do the Twist in peridot both use a lovely shade of lime green CZ that I like a lot.  The Peridot twist is spacer-sized and pairs up several milky green stones alongside the peridot ones to create a nice effect.  I’m not as big of fan of the super blingy charms in general, so these are a bit  out of place in my collection.

Even though the Paradise collection showcases many floral charm designs, it also mixes in a few themes and colors that are more angular and inorganic.  The “Stud Me Up” pieces are unique geometrical charms with well-done enamel detailing on the small triangular panels, finished off with micro-CZ details all around rims.  I got these in both yellow and purple, and it seems odd to me to put these in the Paradise collection as they feel a little more retro to me.  My husband calls the colors pastel Mardi Gras and I have to agree!  Vintage Vineyard in Lavender also shares a similar pastel aesthetic as the Stud charms and I feel it would they would all go well together on a bracelet.  Shimmering, sparkling finishes and fine enamel detailing are key characteristics of Persona and these charms definitely exemplify those traits.

I also got the Blissful Butterfly, Lantern in Apple, and Pearl Crown dangles from this set.  The Blissful Butterfly has blue enamel wing sections that are inlaid with pink, blue, and yellow mini-CZs and exudes the sparkling pastel look of the Paradise collection.  I really like the light green color of the bauble on the Lantern — it also comes in Rose and Champagne as well.  The Pearl Crown resembles a classic royal crown with CZs set around the brim and a pearl on the bottom.  All of these dangles have a very plain base that they hang from.  I kind of wish they had some extra detailing on the hoop but I understand why Persona might have wanted to keep the focus on the dangles themselves.

Caviar Pearls features large five pearls set into a silver cups that sit around the bracelet chain.  The scale on this charm is definitely larger than I thought it would be, as the pearls are much bigger than the ones used on the Pearl Crown or the Pearl Blossom.  It feels like a large spacer, but doesn’t seem wide or impacting enough on its own to be a focal piece for a bracelet.  I’m actually curious to see how putting multiple Caviar Pearls together on a bangle or bracelet would look as I think stacking multiple pearls together would create an interesting effect.  One day maybe :).

Lastly I also received two of Persona’s glass beads from this collection, Blue Fun in the Sun and Underwater Utopia.  Blue Fun in the Sun consists of clear glass laid over blue and yellow bands of color, with a stripe of glittery gold in between the two colors.  The charm resembles a beach, with the blue being the ocean and the yellow the sandy shore.  I like the shades used and the gold band creates a nice shimmering sand effect.  Underwater Utopia features clear blue glass with small yellow speckles and bubble effects at various depths, as well as some yellow and white flower and leaf details closer to the surface.  I appreciate the design and detailing on both of these beads, but overall the quality is not as good as the other brands mostly because the silver core is not made of one piece but instead are glued on either side.  I’ve been told that Persona is continuing to try and improve their glasswork, so hopefully we can expect some innovations from them in the future.

Overall, this is the best summer collection from Persona mostly because I love the floral motifs used.  Definitely a few gems that are worth highlighting but there are areas to improve upon as well.  I’m looking forward to what this brand has to offer for the fall!

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  • Elyse

    Just when I think I’m not interested in a brand I see something I like. I’m a big pearl fan so the 2 pearl charms speak to me. May have to find this brand to get a closer look at those two.

    • Leann

      I do like the pearls, they’ll pair fabulously with the Flower of the Month from Trollbeads. 😀

  • Mary

    Did you know that the Underwater Utopia bead glows in the dark?

    • Leann

      I didn’t know that! How cool. 🙂