Persona Paradise Collection – Openworks Garden Charms

SpringProduct-Bracelet-3-300dpiAs one of the summer collections released from Persona this year; the Paradise Collection comprises many different materials, colors, and textures but the one underlying theme is of nature and flowers.  I have a preference for floral inspired jewelry so these are right up my alley! Other pieces included in this collection feature enamel, crystals, pearls, glass, and of course silver.  My favorite charms from the Paradise Collection have all these components and are so different from anything on the market.  They’re named Enchanted Escape, Botanical Bliss, and Floral Fantasy, which I’ve dubbed the openworks garden beads*.

The charms in this set have a mixed materials and textures – the pieces combine sterling silver, stone accents, enamel detailing, and molded flower attachments to create a very unique look and feel.  I’ve never seen anything like it!  In particular these charms showcase some wonderful hand painted enamel work.  On some pieces like the Botanical Bliss you can see that six different enamel colors are used to highlight the various garden details (I like the two shades of greens on the leaves, a nice touch!), and on the Enchanted Escape a super steady hand has brushed on some fine detail lines on the body of the little bird.  The stones also add glamorous flair to these beads and include matte-finish, opalescent, and iridescent luster for effect.

The silver flourishes are polished to a high sheen, but I do wish that these charms came with a little oxidation in the nooks and crannies to help the many details “pop”.  I think that the more these wear and tarnish naturally the better they’ll look.  Also, the molded flowers on these pieces are great focal points but they do stick out a bit from the surface of the charm, which was what first attracted me to these charms.  I’m a little worried that they might bump into things and get knocked off, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I’ll keep an eye on this as I wear Persona more in the upcoming months, but I really do love the raised roses – they add so much texture and are the most attention grabbing ones from this collection.

Persona charms have large cores and fit on the bracelets of all major brands.  The openworks garden beads are definitely not cheap priced at $55 per piece.  However, Persona World has an ongoing sale at the moment – buy 1, get 1 50% off which ends on August 31st through their online website.  This brand has definitely developed their own voice and I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at a few of their newest designs.  Do you like the mixed textures on these charms?


Bead index (starting from left): Redbalifrog rose lock, Novobeads tranquil blush, TB unique green python, Redbalifrog roses, Ohm Beads sunshine, Novobeads rose petal, Persona botanical bliss, TB unique green turtle, Novobeads sunburst, Redbalifrog frangipanis forever, TB unique green stripes, Ohm Beads thunderstorms, Persona enchanted escape, Novobeads caribbean dream, TB unique yellow petals, Redbalifrog daisy chain, Ohm Beads crocus, TB earth, Persona floral fantasy, Novobeads bamboo, TB unique pink ornament.

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  • Faye

    The Paradise collection colors and styles are Summer-stunners! And these are no exception. Lovely! So enchanting – like flowers in sherbert colors for your wrist!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Faye :). I love all the little details on these beads, they’re so fun!

  • Pattie Hall

    beautiful. will they fit the Pandora bangle?

    • Ali T

      They fit on my pandora bangle, but I’ve heard Persona is coming out with a really interesting bangle as well in their upcoming Fall launch.

      • Leann

        Ooooh, great tip! Thanks, Ali :).

    • Leann

      Yes, they sure do and that’s what I’ve been wearing them on. 🙂

  • Pattie Hall

    thank you.will have to look for it.

  • Critical

    hmm, too kitschy for me

  • Carolyn

    Looks good for kids…but not adults.

  • Shondra Parejo

    do you know if these can be purchased anywhere?? I have been really wanting these since i saw them last year and when i went to buy them they were already discontinued! 🙁

    • Leann

      If you click on the hyperlinks, it’ll take you to Persona World where they can be purchased.