Persona Black Label Marcasite Review

persona-black-label-braceletAs I’ve mentioned, the Marcasite beads are some of my favorites from Persona and right now the entire Black Label Collection is 50% off! I’m excited to finally showcase these beads because they’re the first ones that caught my attention from this brand.  The aesthetic is characteristized by the dark Marcasite stones and oxidized silver making them luxurious and high-quality.  This review will focus on: Wine Crush, Jet Lacquer, Crimson Cabernet, Charcoal Sparkle, Blooming Buds, Topiary Delight, Valentine, and Vintage Lace.

The Black Label Collection includes pieces that are pure abstract designs and also more recognizable symbols as well. The charms are monochromatic with pops of color in deep red, black, and gold accents in the set.  I picked two red and two black beads to spice up my bracelet.  Crimson Cabernet is a blood red glass bead with regular silver endcaps.  Wine Crush is a unique piece as it’s a larger square shape and is a nice focal bead.  Jet Lacquer is black enamel over sterling silver and slightly wider than a spacer.  Charcoal Sparkle is a faceted hematite bead with grey flashes in the light.

The Blooming Buds has a beautiful line of roses in the center flanked on either side by columns of Marcasite stones and oxidized dots.  Topiary Delight is a round charm with overlapping almond shapes and Marcasite stones in the middle.  Valentine is perfect for this upcoming lovers’ holiday – it is a heart completely set with Marcasite stones and a rose on top.  Lastly, the Vintage Lace is a symmetrical shape with a twisted rope detail in the middle and ovals on both sides.

Persona beads are large core and fit on bracelets of all kinds, including Pandora.  The Black Label is great for gothic bracelets or for a different look.  The sale is almost over (ends on January 16th) so be sure to pick up the ones you like on discount!  This brand can be purchased online at Persona World or large retailers like Zales and Gordon’s Jewelers.  What do you think of this aesthetic?


  • Bonnie Schulmeyer

    I think the marcasite beads are very under appreciated and deserve more attention. I just bought a bunch in the 50% off sale and I really like them. Believe it or not I combined them on my Thomas Sabo Karma bracelet along with some Pandora and Chamilia of similar size. In my opinion I think the marcasite mask dangle bead is the best. You should check it out!

    • Leann

      I agree! They are great and really nice quality too :).

  • Vanessaqq

    I am wondering whether the core of the glass bead is one piece or not. I really want to buy Crimson Cabernet. But I remembered that I read somewhere that the core are not of one piece, which concerns me a lot.

    • Leann

      They have two piece cores because I’m told the beads vary in size a bit because they’re hand made.

      • Vanessaqq

        Thanks a lot! I went to zales to take a look. Yes, the cores of glass beads are of 2 pieces.

  • Barb Kramer

    I just purchased 4 persona beads and have my eye on many more…..the one black label bead I received totally lived up to expectations. The others were absolutely beautiful however they are very thin and unsubstantial…makes me wonder how well they will wear. I do adore their enameled beads but will wait until they are fairly deeply discounted.

    • Leann

      That’s great! I love the Marcasite designs too. I haven’t problems with their other beads :).