Persona Asia Wanderlust Collection

Persona-AsiaCollectionPersona’s Fall 2014 Wanderlust collections was released a few weeks back and it’s definitely one of the brand’s best ones yet.  As mentioned previously, the release is comprised of the Asia, Sahara, and India collections and each one features an assortment of fun themed charms that are brimming with Persona’s unique sense of color and style. My favorite of the three Wanderlust sets is definitely the Asia collection with its Chinese and Japanese inspired pieces.  I got the Chinese Fan, Peaceful Pagoda. Lucky Cat, and Cherry Blossom charms and I’m pleased to say that these look even better in person compared to the stock photos previewed. persona-fall-2014-asia-wanderlust-charms The Chinese Fan in particular has a fun detail that the stock images don’t show – the red panels on each side of the fan are actually translucent and let light shine through them into the interior of the charm.  Peaceful Pagoda also features much more detailing on the eaves of the roofing and oxidation on the windows than the photos let on.

Lucky Cat is nicely sculpted and reminiscent of the lucky statues I see all the time in asian businesses and restaurants.  Persona did a great job with crafting the golden coin and cat’s face.  My absolute favorite of the lot, however, has to be Cherry Blossom.  It is cast wonderfully and uses oxidation to create texture on the various branches and crevices of the piece, capped off by a perfect use of pink enamel to bring out each flower.

Persona beads have large diameter cores and can fit on all bracelet brands.  Wanderlust can be found online on Persona World or at large jewelry retailers like Zales as well.  I added a few of Kathy Perras’ fantastic red glass beads for this fun bangle.  What do you think of the Asia collection? persona-fall-2014-asia-wanderlust-bangle
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  • Vanessaqq

    Leann, have you tried Persona Marcasite collection? How is it?

    • Leann

      I haven’t yet, but I’ve really wanted to get some! I will post a review when I do :).

  • Martha

    Wow, I need to go check out that pagoda. We dragged our boys around to lots of temples in China and Korea a year ago, so this would make a perfect addition to my collection! I must admit that I’ve never paid attention to Persona, even though it appears to be at 3 stores in my local mall. I’ll admit to being a bit brand snobby with Pandora/Troll/Ohm/Redbalifrog. I need to get over that, obviously, because when I look on the Persona website there are lots that look cute, like the Noodle Bowl one!

    • Leann

      The Pagoda is a really nice piece! It’s on the wider side though :). Nothing wrong with mixing brands, it’s all about creating unique jewelry that has meaning for you! 🙂