Perlen’s Beauty Beads

perlen-beauty-beads-coverOne of my favorite retailers, Perlen recently released their own line of glass beads.  They’re called Beauty Beads and include a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures.  Anyone who is a fan of glass beads can appreciate the fine craftsmanship of these.  The shop gets new designs in all the time, so they’re definitely worth taking a look!


There are several different styles and Perlen was kind enough to send me a few. I’m obsessed with teal right now so these are right up my alley. Some of the beads have frosted opaque glass and others are transparent.  There is also texture on most of them, including bumps on the surface.  They truly are beautiful and difficult to photograph so I’ve tried my best here.

The Beauty Beads have large diameter cores so can be used with any bracelet style, including Pandora.  They have single piece silver cores, similar to Trollbeads.  They are larger in size to other glass beads, so they will definitely stand out but not so much that they look out of place.  Perlen carries these exclusively, and they are shipped free from Denmark.  What do you think of these designs?


  • Ashley

    Love these! Next time I place an order with Perlen I’m going to order a couple. I’m loving the most the one with all the colors in it, red and white bumps and brown, yellow and black, so pretty! And like you, LeAnn I love teal/turqoise colors! Thanks for showing these beauties off to us. 😉

  • Vanessaqq

    I really do not like the dots and bumps on these beads. In my personal opinion, they are way too stricking and do not blend well.

  • jae

    I’ve been wanting a few of these since they first came out-So different from the other major brands-My budget will just not stretch any more right now so these are on my wishlist-Thanks for showing them

  • Alice Wonder

    Looks interesting, always looking for new glass design. Although TB glass is pretty, I find it very small and expensive, especially rare one’s. I would appreciate nice size of these beads. Thank you for letting us know about them.

  • Ann

    As a previous TB retailer, I just found 4 sets of the TB Empowerment Sets. Please message me if anyone would like to purchase.

    • Ashley

      I’d love to see pics of your TB Empowerment beads. 🙂