PAXSUZbeads Wheel of Life

paxsuzbeads-wheel-of-life-photo1Suzanne Hopping’s most recent charms focus on Eastern culture and philosophy.  The Longevity Dragon was featured last week and is an absolute hit for me.  Similarly, the Wheel of Life or Dharmachakra is a brilliant design and has great spiritual appeal.  The dharmachakra is a symbol that depict Buddha’s teachings of the path to achieve Nirvana.  I love my material things too much to achieve Nirvana in this lifetime, but it’s certainly a goal to strive for!

The Wheel of Life is a round charm that resembles a drum.  The design can be seen on both sides and features a stylized wheel, with ray-like spokes and the mitsudomoe as a representative of the threefold division (earth, man, and sky) at the heart of the Shinto religion in the center.  A really nice detail is that each spoke has a corresponding point along the edge of the circle where it is anchored to the wheel.  Again, PAXSUZbeads are quite hefty and goes well with Trollbeads and *redbalifrog* charms.

All of Suzanne’s charms are large cored and can fit on all bracelet types inculding Pandora.  Her collection is sold on Etsy in her store, PAXSUZbeads and she ships from Australia. I’ve been so impressed with Suzanne’s vision and the quality of her beads, I highly recommend checking her other designs: Longevity Dragon, The Eagle, Art Deco, Diamond Heart, Universal Cross, Prayer Wheel, and Pax.  I’ve showcased the Wheel of Life on my bangle with other chakra beads from Trollbeads for a colorful effect.  I can’t wait to see what Suzanne creates next!  Does this charm appeal to you?