PAXSUZbeads The Eagle Review

paxsuzbeads-eagle-braceletFollowing up on last week’s review of the newest releases from PAXSUZbeads, today brings an in-depth look of The Eagle*. Since we’re coming up on 4th of July, a celebration of our Independence, the eagle is the perfect representation of this holiday. Known for its majesty and nobility, the bald eagle is the fiercest bird in the sky. Driven almost to the brink of extinction, this animal spent almost 3 decades on the Endanged Species List and was only taken off in 2007. Now that their numbers are once again healthy and we can enjoy their presence for generations to come.

Suzanne Hopping, the brilliant artist behind this brand, has reproduced the eagle in a stunning manner as a bead. The entire charm is spherical, similar to the original Pax, and embossed with the eagle design. The bird is shown in a proud position with its wings spread wide and head held high. The rendering of the eagle is very much in the art deco style, with pointed wing tips and geometric feathers, it complements the PAXSUZbeads Art Deco bead perfectly. The eagle is displayed on both sides of the charm and two concentric circles sit at the top of the birds.

PAXSUZbeads charms are large cored and compatible with any bracelet brand. The Eagle and Suzanne’s other wonderful creations can be found on her Etsy shop, PAXSUZbeads and she ships from Australia. Also check out my reviews on her other charms, including Art Deco, Diamond Heart, Universal Cross, Prayer Wheel, and Pax. I decided to pair this magnificent bird with earthy colors and minerals as it is a beautiful part of nature.


Bead index (starting from left): swan lock, LE picasso jasper, LE picasso jasper, phoenix/griffin, LE zebra jasper, LE dalmatian jasper, PAXSUZbeads prayer wheel, LE rhyolite, labradorite, PAXSUZbeads eagle, LE picasso jasper, LE picasso jasper, PAXSUZbeads art deco, milky quartz, LE tsuru (retired), birdhouse (retired), LE dalmatian jasper, LE red mud jasper, PAXSUZbeads pax, LE picasso jasper, LE rhyolite.

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  • Carrie

    Leanne, this is a wonderful eagle bead as is the one from Novo, which is an actual eagle head. As my son is in the Air Force (currently deployed in Afghanistan) and my birthday is July 4, I have a patriotic themed bracelet. The eagle, a symbol of freedom and our national bird, it is a must have bead on my bracelet. After seeing PAXSUZ eagle I will have now have two! Thanks for the tip.

    • Leann

      So glad you like it, Carrie! I think this bead is so well done, I love the art deco style that Suzanne patterned the eagle off of. It’s very dominating ;). At least you’ll have them in different styles! It’s a must for any patriotic eagle and I will definitely be showcasing it again for my 4th of July bracelet :).

  • Valerie Stasalovich

    I have this Eagle bead! It sits proudly as the focal on my Red, White and Blue patriotic bracelet! It is fast becoming one of my favorites as are all of Suzanne’s beads!

    • Leann

      That’s awesome! I thought red, white, and blue too for this bracelet but wanted to save it for my 4th of July bracelet. It’s an absolutely stunning design!

  • Frede

    I love Suzanne’s Eagle bead and have already purchased 2 of them. I think that they are beautifully detailed and plan to wear them proudly on my patriotic bracelet. I am having a hard time picking out a favorite PAXSUZ bead for I love all of Suzanne’s beads! But this eagle is definitely among my favorites!

    • Leann

      They are fantastic, aren’t they? It’s definitely hard to pick a favorite as Suzanne continues to out-do herself! The Eagle is perfect for the 4th of July ;).

  • disqus_7xtfjMO3Ke

    Leann, do you know if the “eagle” and “birdhouse” charms will fit on a Pandora silver bracelet?

    • Leann

      The Eagle will, but the Birdhouse will not.

  • disqus_7xtfjMO3Ke

    Another question, I am a little confused…I am wanting to obtain the birdhouse and eagle. I understand the birdhouse is retired. Are these both Trollbeads, or PAXSUZ beads/charms or…? Do you know where I might obtain the birdhouse? It looks like the eagle is available on Etsy. I look forward to your reply.