PAXSUZbeads Diamond Heart

pazsuzbeads-diamond-heart-bracelet2One of my favorite designers, Suzanne Hopping, has done it again!  Today sees the release of her newest charm, the Diamond Heart.  It is not only a wonderful addition to her current PAXSUZbeads collection, but is absolutely perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  As the name implies, the bead is facetted like the gem that it is based on and is in the shape of a diamond; the engraved double heart on top of the bead symbolizes the love between two people.  In keeping with the other pieces in the PAXSUZbeads line, this charm is full of meaning and thoughtfulness that is truly inspiring.

Diamond Heart – Diamonds are like angels, they cannot be made, they have to be found. They are the ultimate treasures made by our earth. The double heart symbol on the top of the silver diamond signifies love between two people. The perfect bead for Valentines Day or Anniversary.

I was incredibly excited to hear about this release and bursting with giddiness that she was granting me the honor of introducing this remarkable bead.  As I’ve written before, Suzanne’s talent has impressed me time and again, so I had high expectations when she told me she was working on her next design.  I’m happy to report that this charm does not disappoint!  I’m normally not a big fan of hearts, but this bead isn’t over the top lovey-dovey; the elegant lines suit me perfectly and I love the engraved meaning on top.

All I can say is that I’m continuously impressed by Suzanne’s creative genius and I’m glad that these charms are incredibly affordable.  The Diamond Heart can be found on the PAXSUZbeads Etsy shop for $55USD and ships from Australia.  For our readers new to this brand, all the charms have universal cores, which means that they will fit on all major brands’ bracelets, including Pandora and Trollbeads.  I will be checking my mailbox daily for the delivery of this remarkable charm and cannot wait to put my Valentine’s bracelet together, so look for an in-depth review soon!

  • Maya

    I’m loving the Swarovski crystal charms (the triangle shaped one with three multi-colored crystals)! Where are those available?? 😀

    • Leann

      They’re Trollbeads – summer jewel, winter jewel, and Valentine.

  • Ashley

    Maya, that was my first TB charm….the summer jewel. At first, I didn’t like it, b/c it’s kinda big compared to what I’m used to in charms, but the charm is actually starting to grow on me! 🙂 Hope your able to find it!

    LeAnn, this is truly a beautiful charm. I love heart charms! It’s ridiculous how many heart charms I have and didn’t really realize how many I had till I started putting together my Valentine bracelet. I love the whole red theme of the bracelet pic above

  • Jennifer

    Hi Leann, what a beautiful bead! Thank you for the review. I wanted to mention how happy I am with the quality of Suzanne’s beads, and the designs are so wonderful! I recently received the prayer wheel and the pax bead, and the attention to detail is amazing. I love them with the trollbeads glass beads. 🙂

    • Leann

      I’m so glad you like it, Jennifer! I can’t wait to see it in person :).

  • ginette

    hi. i happen to found anew bead/drops brand named Morellato and they have nice collection of drops. do these drops fits in Pandora or Trollbeads bracelet chains as well?

  • Alice Wonder

    what are the red faceted beads here? Thank you!