PAXSUZbeads Art Deco Review

paxsuzbeads-art-deco-braceletThe newest additions to the PAXSUZbeads line were released a couple weeks ago and I’m happy to be introducing the Art Deco charm. The inspiration behind this bead is obviously the Art Deco movement, which represents a combination of traditional craftsmanship and Machine Age imagery popular in the 1920s and expanding worldwide by the 30s and 40s. The style is characterized by strong geometric shapes and symmetry, bold colors, and lavish embellishment.

This charm comes at a perfect time following the premiere of the Great Gatsby film, based on the much acclaimed Great Gatsby novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which has brought the Art Deco designs back into the spotlight.  When I received the PAXSUZbeads Art Deco*, I was surprised at its grandeur, it being larger than I had anticipated.  I would certainly categorize this bead as a focal piece and the highlight of any bracelet.  In keeping with the style, the Art Deco charm is composed of geometric designs, both vertical and horizontal but the eye is drawn immediately to the accordian-like shape running across the middle of the bead. The patterns on the charm gives it almost a cloth texture interspersed with dynamic columns.

PAXSUZbeads have large cores and can fit on any brand’s bracelets and especially complements *redbalifrog* and Trollbeads charms.  These can be found on Suzanne’s Etsy shop, PAXSUZbeads for $55USD and she ships from Australia.  Be sure to check out her other wonderful pieces, including my personal favorite, the Prayer Wheel.  I thought to combine strong bold colors to accent the Art Deco bead and it turned out really well.  What do you think of this charm?  Does it remind you of the roaring ’20s?


Bead index (starting from left, Trollbeads unless otherwise stated): chess lock, small planet (retired), WT Hong Kong skyline, unique yellow om, angles tips (retired), LE royal orange, throat chakra, PAXSUZbeads universal cross, blue diamonds, unique yellow ornament, PAXSUZbeads art deco, unique orange glitter blossom, unique yellow longevity, PAXSUZbeads prayer wheel, unique yellow python, WT Netherlands orange, big world, milky way, unique yellow swag, lucky knot.

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  • Jeanne

    I love all things deco, so this is right up my alley!

    In the top color photo of this blog post, what is the central gold bead with the gears and numbers? What a stunner! What a great photo, too! Wow, some excellent colored lighting there!

    • Leann

      Hi Jeanne, this is a wonderful representation of the art deco architectural style. The top picture is Suzanne’s bracelet, and I believe the focal piece is a steampunk bead by Bullfrog and I-Ching Beads.

  • Suzanne Hopping

    I love the way you have paired my PAXSUZbeads with vibrant coloured glass. The glass it self is very meaningful and inspirational. An extremely beautiful bracelet.

    • Leann

      Thank you, Suzanne! They’re all just to highlight what a gread bead the Art Deco is ;).

  • jeana

    Great design especially the focal bead.

    Can i ask on the pearl accent charms? Where did u get them?

    Also can the focal bead fits on redbalifrog chain?

    • Leann

      The pearls are from Trollbeads: PAXSUZbeads can definitely be worn on a RBF chain :).

      • jeana

        Thanks.. i am now eagerly waiting for the prayer wheel and eagle charm to come in.

        You do such a great pairing of the beads that you should really have a beginner guide to arranging beads (^^)

      • Leann

        Oooh, love those! I hope you’ll love them too :). Thanks so much, Jeana. That’s a great idea for a post and I will definitely work on it :). Thanks for the suggestion :).