Pandora’s Iconic Gift Set back for good


What I’ve found out about the round jewelry box is that it will NOT be included with the Iconic Gift Set, and instead, it will be a part of the Black Friday gift set – which is yet to be announced.  Apparently retailers are only allowed a limited number of these Black Friday gift sets and will not be able to reorder them.  Also, the Iconic sets are already being sold in stores, and contrary to what I was told before, you will not be able to switch out the clips :(.

Pandora has had the Iconic Gift Set available a couple times before, usually during a holiday, most recently during Mother’s day this year.  It’s the perfect set for beginners or to get someone started.  Well, members of the Pandora Club North America received an email yesterday announcing that the return (and permanent addition) of the Iconic Gift Set.  In the email, it specified that the bracelet would be comprised of 2 “S” clips and a $35 charm of your choice for $140USD.  But what caught my eye was at the bottom of the email – the inclusion of a round Pandora box with purchase??  Of course I rang my store immediately for details, but they hadn’t even heard of the set being offered again.  After a few calls back and forth, they found out that the set will be available soon.  Again, I was more intrigued by the jewelry box as it looks very much like the one being offered in Asian countries as a GWP a few months back.  The answer I received was they weren’t completely sure if the box came with the bracelet, but they would have to order them separately.  More news on this GWP when I get it!

  • Girlie

    Hello there!!! May i asked if this is offered too in Australia? Thanks :))

    • Leann

      No, sorry :(. This is for the US and Canada.


    PLEASE let us know what you find out in regards to the GWP! That would be awesome!

  • Lynda

    My concept store owner said that box will be for the Black Friday gift set that they are going to be coming out with.

  • Angela

    Pandora corporate folks are a strange bunch. They have a product that people want but at times seem like they have no idea what they are doing to satisfy their end users.After all these years they cannot come up with a suitable anti tarnish system to store beads and bracelets?
    Don’t get me wrong I love the line , I have no problems with the designers its the support staff that causes my frustration. It seems they have no clue , no coordination no real marketing skills, no idea what we want. Today something is exclusive tomorrow it is not but if you stick around long enough it may be exclusive again . After seeing the little round case featured by Leann , which may or may not be offered in our area it brings to mind, my frustration trying to find ways to store my growing collection 240+ charms 9 bracelets I know a bit excessive but I know of folks with more.. It annoys me that I have to constantly be looking for storage options.
    My beads are currently stored in 3 of the burgundy 3 tiered boxes that were offered for $29.99. It is not ideal because the bottom tray which is supposed to house filled bracelets are not deep enough especially if you have large muranos on them and the little squares to hold charms are also not deep enough to store muranos standing up on their side. The 2nd tray with the little squares are designed so they hold 1 small murano laying flat or 2 small S.S charms. The 3rd tray has 3 little pillows ,I suppos is to hold necklaces and pendants ,but it too is too shallow and can only hold spare bracelets and the very thinnest charms. Did no one at Pandora think of doing a mock up of this item and filling it before producing and releasing a less than suitable product?
    IMO we are spending so much monies on these little gems we want to be able see our pretty beads and charm all organized and secured in one case. Any one of us could design several jewelry boxes/ storage options for our collection why can’t they. Offer cases in several sizes and 2 or 3 color options. Come on Pandora it is called add on sales. The GWP heart box was o.k but should be the thing offered either as a GWP or a discounted fee like the polishing cloth,to new collectors. I had no use for it, and I am getting tired of little GWP that I have no use for it is not exciting or a reason for me to visit my local retailer they might as well offer a 10% off and skip the little boxes that we quickly outgrow.

    • Jennifer Essad

      I agree w/you 100% Angela, I have been buying for years now and do not participate w/the GWP offers unless it is w/beads or murano beads. If I buy three beads to get the fourth free I make sure to pick 3 equally priced or as close as possible. I too am frustrated w/the jewelry boxes for the same reason you are. I have the one you speak and have the same issues. I am currently saving for a jewelry box made by Wolfe Designs, they offer a tarnish free one and we as a family have been very happy with their product lines. One of the retailers I purchase Pandora from was telling me how they attended a work shop w/Pandora and the questions they asked were about how the Valentine promo and other promos worked for them, she told them they did not help sales. People were not buying because the freebies were not what they wanted. So if Pandora isn’t listening to the retailers I don’t know how they will listen to the customer. I don’t like to buy such things that are made in China either, I know the value they state is not the value they purchase at when they are buying hundreds of them to give away with GWP. But I know there are avid collectors that want this stuff. I am also frustrated the flooded market of Pandora so I am being really choosy with what I buy. Best of luck to you!

      • Angela

        My Pandora sales person has said the same thing about the promos. New customers may get all excited but after they have been collecting for a while the GWP thing dosen’t bring folks in. Last months 3 muranos to get the leather if you upgraded was not bad but one could have bought beads 3 of several charms not just Muranos from Perlen and been farther ahead.
        I have bought several charms from eBay, with good and bad results. There are a lot of fakes out there used to have to head to the Pandora shop to check authenticity many are such good reproductions that it was hard to tell just from seeing them in the catalog. I found 3 or 4 retailers that were trustworthy.
        Many people did not even realize that they were selling fakes. 1 Lady sent me an obvious fake , as soon as I got it out of the package I emailed for return. She was shocked as she had been selling for a few months and had no complaints I was the first . Got my refund, we talked back and forth for a while finally she admitted she had never ever even been into a Pandora store, had not ever seen a real Pandora catalog but saw an add on a site to sell Pandora , she ordered $500 worth and was selling her little heart out. When I told her that Pandora was not sold that way she said but the folks that sold to her said they were the Chinese manufacturer of Pandora. I was floored, I asked why she had not taken her inventory to a Pandora store to be checked she said that the nearest Mall with stores like that were 5 hrs drive away and she could not imagine that anyone would duplicate stuff that was so expensive. Go figure… One other lady spent $2,700 buying a gorgeous wooden case with hundreds of beads and a few real Pandora pieecs thrown in with the Pandora packaging I won 3 charms from her 2 were real 1 was not. After me she took them to the Pandora shop the whole order was only worth $300 in true Pandoras. Contained a few charms and 4 real Pandora bracelets.She could not get a refund as she had waited tool long between winning her auction and starting to sell the beads.
        I have been buying silver , enamel & two tone from Perlen , problem is 7-10 day wait and they do not carry all the beads, what they don’t have I get from the store or ebay. Muranos only at the store as I like to pick those myself.
        Is there a web site for the source of the anti tarnish jewelry box you mentioned?

  • Robin

    My store in store salelady has seen the Black Friday charm, but her lips are sealed! I asked her if she thought I would like it, and she said “yes” Of course, I am going to like it, it’s Pandora!!

  • Addie

    What exactly do you have to buy to recieve this adorable jewelry box then? I know it is only offered on Black Friday (which is on my birthday this year!) And will it be available for store in store?

    • Leann

      I’ve heard the BF set is a bracelet, two clips, and the BF charm. Store-in-stores should be getting them if they order them.

  • Angela

    The 2011 BF was not that great had I not gotten the charm as a gift from my husband it would have been returned. I am hoping the BF charm for 2012 will be a better more thoughtful selection. Do you know if they will allow us to select the clips or would we be stuck with their standard issue.
    BTW, my Husband is not too happy with you, we went by the local Trollbead store today , was only going to have a look at the beads you had written about. Before I knew what hit me there I was , card in hand paying for a Troll bracelet with flower clasp and 1 retired green eyed glass bead . 2 others , the Big World and the African Lion to be delivered to the store for pick up next Friday. I walk out dazed with Troll catalogs and receipt in hand Hubby looks at me and says whats the receipt for you have no bags Then he says “please don’t tell me you have started another obsession ,you were only going in to look at beads someone talked about ? ” I say ok, I wont tell you.LOL
    We just got home and of course had to check Perlen then your site and here you go again…. posting about your new find with charms that are flowery ,my fave. and they are compatible with Troll . If a store near me starts selling them I will be in heaps of trouble.
    Anyway ,Thanks heaps for all you do , I love it that you provide a forum and keep us well informed.

    • Leann

      *Update* The clips are the twinkle twinkle clips that will be releasing for the winter. That is too funny! I’m glad you like the new line ;).

  • Kristy Richardson

    See the UK Crown bracelet just released (Pandora)

    • Angela

      Do you mean the new silver Crown charm? Googled “UK Crown Bracelet” shows the crown charm….?

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