Pandora’s “How to Tie the Knot” guide to fabric lariats

Pandora recently posted a link to their “How to Tie the Knot” guide to using the fabric string lariats on their Facebook page. It’s nice to see them promote that page as it’s not really easy to find on their homepage. Like Leann wrote in her earlier post about Pandora fabric string bracelets, you have to click the small “Be Inspired” button located under their main “Explore” catalog links. From there you used to have to get to the Brochure section first and then click on the “How to Tie the Knot” link on the left — as of this post it looks like they added an button in the Inspiration scrolling menu that also takes you to the guide. Whew! I have no idea why they make it so hard sometimes.

In any case, I think Pandora just updated their page. I don’t remember them having such nice big pictures to illustrate some of the techniques (I could be crazy though, let me know If it’s always been like this):

A pic from Pandora's fabric lariat guide

The guide covers some basic techniques for using the lariats:

1.) Closing the a lariat bracelet with a simple knot
2.) Use knots on the lariats as section dividers
3.) Braiding several lariats together to make a braided bracelet
4.) Making a “Collector” style bracelet (Pandora also calls this an “Infinity Knot” sometimes)
5.) Using the toggle accessories to close a bracelet
6.) Various ideas on lariat-based necklaces

Personally I find items (4) and (6) the most useful in the guide as the other ones are pretty straightforward. Pandora jammed a ton of ideas and examples into their Necklace section but without a lot of explanations. It feels like they had wanted to make a separate guide for them at some point with all those picture marked with numbered steps, but decided to lump it in with the bracelets. I hope they expand this out a bit more in the future and add some explanatory text, or better yet make a video! I’m definitely a more visual learner — pictures are good, but having someone show me in a video is even better!