Pandora Winter Charms Past and Present

pandora-winter-2013-cover4Today we’re celebrating the first day of the new season and the winter solstice, otherwise known as the shortest day of the year.  It’s surprising that winter is just now upon us with all the nasty blizzards hitting the country already, and I’m excited that the days will finally start to get longer here.  The sun has been setting around 4 pm lately so it’s been quite depressing to go and leave work in the dark.  To officially welcome winter on the blog, I’m taking a look at chilly charms from this year and previous releases as well.  Some of these I’ve featured before and others that I haven’t yet, including the Let it Snow, Winter’s Kiss pendant, Snowman, Polar Bear, Penguin couple, Snow Angel, Snowflake, Cool Breeze, Winter Wisp, Winter Wonderland clips, Ice Blue Faceted Beauty, Ice Skate, Carousel, and Holly.

Starting off with the incredible pavé pieces released this year; the country exclusive Let It Snow, Winter’s Kiss, and Winter Wisp have been fan favorites!  The Black Friday Charm is a great design and has been very popular with many stores having exhausted their stock already, which has made this one much more limited than the its two predecessors.  Winter’s Kiss replicates the same design as the Let It Snow charm but as a pendant.  It’s good sized but still works well on a bracelet, this dazzling dangle is also much desired and has been sold out in some countries.  Winter’s Wisp is a fabulous companion to the snowflake charms and resembles the frost that appears with the freezing temperatures.

Other snow motif charms are the Snowman, Snowflake, Snow Angel, and the Winter Wonderland clip.  The Snowman is a quintessential winter icon and the Pandora version shows this guy with coal eyes, mouth, carrot nose, top hat, and scarf.  The Snowflake is also an older design and comes with aquamarine stones in the center of the three snowflakes.  The Snow Angel is new for this year and is a shop-in-shop exclusive for the US, it’s enamel based and filled with blue/green glitter.  Winter Wonderland was also just released and is a two-tone snowflake with a dot of gold in the center.

Some fun activities to do outside during the winter is represented by the Ice Skate, Carousel, and Holly.  Ice Skate came out last year and can be used for figure skating or hockey.  I don’t know why carousels remind me of this season but there’s something about riding the merry go-round as a family event.  The charm is equally adorable and has a tiny bit of gold on top which makes it more expensive but it’s hardly noticeable.  Picking holly is a more traditional task during the yuletide, mostly used as decoration.  The Pandora Holly is two-tone and has a good amount of texture with protruding gold tips.

The Cool Breeze was probably my favorite dangle from last year is a disk of topaz, another variation is the Autumn Breeze which is smokey quartz.  It’s so beautiful and stock pictures really don’t do it justice.  The new blue Faceted Beauty is made from Murano glass and matches the color to a T.  These also complement the Snowflake charm and the aquamarine shade perfectly.

Animals are some of my favorite charm themes and the cold weather animals are so cute!  The Penguin couple, both smooth headed and spotty headed, are now retired and I was lucky enough to get both at retail.  The spotty Penguin is an older design and was replaced by the smooth head before that one was discontinued too. I like to say that the Spotty Penguin is the male because he’s a bit wider and the Smooth Penguin as the female, so they’re my penguin couple!  The Polar Bear was a released last year and is a longer dangle showing the animal on all fours.  In addition to the bear, there is a small CZ disk attached to the base which is such an adorable detail.

pandora-winter-bracelet1I’ve got most of these  themed charms on my blue winter bracelet, one that I’ve redesigned from last year when I had it as a winter/holiday combination.  I settled on the light blue Muranos to complement the aquamarine/topaz stone charms.  A couple notable mentions regarding the other pieces – I added the retired blue CZ purse to this one because it’s the shopping season, the two-tone Stitches because it reminded me of a sweater, and the Friendship Flower clip from last year because it looks like a snowflake to me.  I’m very pleased with this composition and will be wearing this bracelet quite often in the coming months!

Are you excited for the cold weather?  Which of the winter themed charms is your favorite?

  • Pattie Hall

    love your bracelet. where do you think I could find the SPOTTY PENGUIN? never seen them before. The snow angel is my fav. one. Think ill be getting the snowman he is to cute.

    • Lyn

      Hello Pattie, I just ordered the spotty penguin from Perlen for just under 53.00 no shipping charges!

    • Leann

      So glad you found it, Pattie! I was going to direct you to Perlen as well ;).

  • Pattie Hall

    wonderful, thank you. Christmas present to myself. hugs.

  • kyssmeqwik

    I have a lot of these little charms in your pic collection above. The one I don’t have and I’m just going to have to get because I’m an Aquamarine girl is the Faceted Beauty….gorgeous! 🙂

    Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas, Leann!

    • Leann

      Merry Christmas, Ashley! The faceted beauty and cool breeze are gorgeous! I hope you get them ;).