Pandora Winter 2016 Comprehensive Preview

pandora-winter-2016-cover1I’m a bit late in sharing the Pandora Winter 2016 Collection, though we’re still a few months from the debut.  The next launch is scheduled for November 3rd, and offers the typical mix of wintery and holiday charms.  It’s one of the brand’s main releases and has a nice selection of new pieces.  The photos are courtesy of Pandora’s Angels and edited by me, so please do not reproduce without crediting.

There are a few different themes in this release including family, celestial, winter, and Christmas.  Many of these designs are not technically new but re-worked motifs that we’ve seen previously.  The jewelry selection is smaller than normal but the designs are elegant and classic.  There’s a new set for the floating lockets this Christmas and it’s exclusive to Pandora Concept Stores in the US and Canada.

The most exciting piece of jewelry is the gold bangle!  Something that fans have been requesting ever since the brand introduced their bangle.  In addition, there will be a limited edition Unique Snowflake bangle with snowflake CZ clasp, likely available in most markets.  I don’t have information on the gift sets yet but it’s safe to say that there should be a bracelet set (with 2 clips and the Vintage Allure charm), a jewelry set (necklace and earrings), as well as the LE bangle.  Is Pandora on your wish list for the holidays?  What pieces are you interested in?


  • Pandoortje

    Full gold bangle would be my favorite for sure! What are these winter wonder petits?

    • JesBannon

      My guess is for those necklaces that hold little items in glass circle/disc.

  • Coonedog 7

    I love the Gingerbread Man.

  • Victoria Mc Comie

    I was excited to see a Christmas cat but I find it a bit scary looking. :-(.
    I also am not to keen on the Angel’s face so I went ahead and bought the old Angel with I find much nicer.
    I do love the Vintage Night Sky Dangle and I will definitely be purchasing that one. I also like a lot of the snow flakes but have enough for now.

  • Paula Keinert

    Love the galaxy spacer – I think it will fit nicely next to round charms. I hope they come out with a gold one, too.