Pandora White Gold Collection

Courtesy of Helena Mavro

While Pandora’s silver and two-tone charms are wildly popular, and the gold ones too to some extent, not many people know that Pandora also has a limited number of white gold charms!  This collection is only been available in Australia and New Zealand and of course the price tag is nothing to sneeze at.  The white gold charms are about 30% more expensive than their gold counterparts :O.  And I hope you don’t mistake those sparkling gems for CZ because these are all diamonds set in these charms.  The cheapest in this collection is the twist spacer which is $199AUD (yellow gold is $149AUD) and the most expensive is the destiny and the lace charm – coming in at an impressive $1,299AUD!  The clip safety chain was briefly leaked on the UK Pandora website a couple months back and I managed to snag a pic before Pandora took it down.  Most of these charms have a yellow gold equivalent, except for the safety chain, the spacer with diamonds, and the flower clip.  The flower dangle is actually a charm and not a clip as I first suspected when I saw it because it looks so close to the two-tone flower clip that came out with the Dash of Rock collection.

1. twist spacer, 2. flower clip, 3. diamond cross, 4. diamond spacer, 5. flower dangle, 6. clip safety chain, 7. 10th anniversary destiny charm, 8. diamond crown, 9. hearts with diamonds, 10. diamond constellation, 11. diamond matrix, 12. diamond lace charm

Sigh…I can only drool at these.  My ultimate charm would be the diamond lace charm (yellow or white gold).  If you’d like one of these, I’d make an Australian or New Zealand friend!

  • Bettina Angela Sta. Ana

    Wow! I always wondered if they offered white gold.. my ultimate dream list.. good thing they aren’t being sold in Canada, i’d be so jealous every time I saw them in my local Pandora store! Do you happen to know if they also offer the actual bracelet in white gold? Looking at your first picture at the top, I noticed that there’s a Pandora clasp with a diamond I believe in the center of the ‘O’ of the Pandora? Thanks so much for sharing this! Always up to date, something I always love to read. (:

    • Leann

      I do believe that’s the white gold bracelet, but it’s not on the website so I can’t be sure. That’s a real picture from the lovely Helena Mavro, so I assume that it’s a real bracelet.

  • Robin

    The safety chain that was leaked early was not proceeded with.
    Pandora have gone with the same safety chain style that is available in yellow gold.
    The bracelets are available in 14ct White Gold and the clasp has a 0.02ct diamond in it.

    • Leann

      Thanks for that info, Robin! I wish there were Australian websites that shipped overseas.

  • Pandorafied

    Aussie here, they are stunning charms, there is also a white gold bracelet. Which has a diamond in the “o” of Pandora on the clasp. ALSO STUNNING. Cannot wait to buy one.

  • Patricia Isabelle Miclat Black

    Wow I love the Flower White gold Clip as well as the safety chain. I hope they would come out with a white gold bracelet too! I will be saving for those white gold charms now that I can buy them in New York. Cursive initials will be great too for new charms in the future.

    • Leann

      I love the white gold…I wish they were more readily available.

  • Ed Paraiso

    My wife prefers the white gold bracelet (19cm). Is this available in the market? How much?

  • Carolyn Klement

    I can help with anyone wanting to pick up some WG/Diamond charms. As long as you pay PP fees and shipping of course! 🙂

  • Sarah Anne Collins

    I got the chance to buy the white gold crown this week for 255nzd but my bracelet is yellow gold so ended up getting the yellow gold crown instead these white gold charms don’t come up for sale that much if at all in new Zealand , that was the first time I had seen them at auction .

    • Leann

      WOW, that is a steal!!

      • Sarah Anne Collins

        i know right it was because they were not listed as pandora the seller was a pawn broker and they couldn’t see the pandora ale 585 mark on the inside of the crowns. was just pure luck i came across them 🙂

      • Leann

        Wow! Too bad you didn’t get it.

      • Sarah Anne Collins

        not the white gold i did get the yellow gold crown though for the same price couldn’t afford both 🙁

      • Leann

        Wow, good for you! What a deal :).

  • Leann

    That site you listed is definitely fake, Pandora charms are never that cheap. If you’re afraid of buying counterfeits, I would recommend you only buy from authorized retailers :(. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get ripped off buying online especially from disreputable sites like this.

    • Sarah Anne Collins

      yes it is but i never brought from there. i buy from a nz website and off eBay sometimes but these charm s seem to be getting every tom dick and harry buying them and selling them as pandora though and wondering if there are any good spot a fake tricks? as these are good fakes

  • jsew

    Does anyone know when the yellow gold crowns came out? I can’t find any information about them.