Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection Debut

pandora-valentines-day-2017-cover1I’ve been behind on previewing the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection, so I’m very excited to see these new designs debut today! I’m generally not a fan of the Valentine’s Day releases from Pandora because it’s too much pink and hearts for me. But surprisingly, even though it’s the same motifs, I’m liking this collection a lot! I certainly like it more than normal and mostly it’s because of the dark fuschia charms which I prefer to the pastel pinks.

This is actually a much larger collection than previous years, mainly because of the birthstone earrings and pendants, which match the rings that came out recently.  I adore the new charms especially the Mickey and Minnie ones, as well as the Pink Bow & Lace Heart.  There are also 3 gift sets which will be available until February 14th:  Open Hearts Bracelet Gift Set, Loving Hearts of Pandora Gift Set, and the Sparkling Love Charm.  Open Hearts Bracelet gift set includes the pavé heart clasp bracelet, 2 Row of Hearts clips, the Cerise Encased in Love charm, and comes with a special leatherette zippered jewelry box.  Loving Hearts of Pandora gift set includes the earrings and necklace of the same name in a special red box, and the Sparkling Love charm comes in a smaller red box.

I grabbed these live shots from social media and the release looks great!  I can’t wait to get these charms and start designing a new Valentine’s Day bracelet.  Are you excited for this collection?

  • Pandoraca

    Thanks for the pictures and Info. I like the pink pav`e clips and the gift of love charm. I like seeing the darker pinks!

  • Alice Wonder

    I see several charms I really like. It is quite pretty. i love murano the best, and mickie minnie.

  • Jackie R Oz

    Saw the sparkling bow bangle in store today and it was stunning! A must have for me

  • Michele

    Cerise Heart murano, similar to 2015 Pink Heart murano. Cerise Heart colour look like grape not red so quite lovely.

  • Et

    Thank you Leann for the update. They are all very nice.

  • maggie

    Hi i was just wondering if this site is still running i haven’t seen any new pandora post in a while

  • Sharon Brown

    Hi Leann,
    Hope everything is ok. I have heard there will be new Disney Pandora charms coming out March 17/18.

    • maggie

      I am wondering if this site is still going and if Leann is ok