Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Launch and Worldwide Promotions

pandora-valentine's-day-2016-cover15Today is the official debut of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection! Typically it’s a smaller release but there’s still a lot of hearts for this lovers’ holiday.  They’ve stuck to the traditional motifs and we’re seeing pink and bling for all these pieces.  I’ve also included a highlight of almost all the promotions that will be available this season worldwide in this post.

I’m most intrigued by the Wild Hearts Muranos, and I’m told that these are made using a new German process which combines the Italian Murano glass with German Reichenbach glass.  The beads also feature dichroic glass which adds a sparkle and iridescence to these Muranos.  For North America (US), Jared will have two exclusive charms for Valentine’s Day following Pandora’s announcement that they will be growing their partnership with the retail chain, so this is a trend that will be continuing in the future (Sweet Love and Captivating Hearts).  Interestingly, this year’s Chinese New Year charm is now available in Australia, Europe, UK, and Asia and is called the Piggy Bank; I hope the US gets it soon too!

With any big gift-giving holiday, Pandora offers a range of promotions to choose from.  For North America from today through February 14th, there are three special deals: the Petals of Love jewelry gift set, Filled with Love bracelet set, and the Love is Forever charm.  The individually pieces from these bundles will not be available for sale until after the promotional period.  The Petals of Love comes in a large heart shaped box, Filled with Love has an exclusive jewelry holder wristlet, and Love is Forever also comes in its own heart shape box.

Globally, there are lots of amazing GWPs for Valentine’s Day!  Starting with Australia, from January 28th – February 14th, they will have a cream colored quilted heart-shape jewelry box free with any purchase of $120AUD/$150NZD.  The UK and Germany will be offering a similar GWP except it is pink rather than cream; the promotion starts today through February 14th or while supplies last and is £125GBP/€99EUR.  The most exciting is a look at the new Asia exclusive gift which is a wooden music box!  The promotion will start on January 28th and the spends are: Philippines – ₱23,000PHP (~$480USD), Singapore – $350SGD, Indonesia – Rp3,000,000IDR to have this GWP, and probably similar amount in other parts of Asia.

Honestly, I’m more excited for the promos than for the actual jewelry for this release with a couple exceptions.  What do you think of these designs?  Are you hoping to get Pandora for Valentine’s Day?

  • Martha

    I bought the Wild Hearts Murano last week and it really is lovely. The hearts are in two layers and the core is very glittery. Pandora has really improved their quality of glass beads!

    • Carol

      I love Pandora murano glass too Martha! I always look forward to the gorgeous new muranos! 😀

    • Michele

      Wild Heart murano is very beautiful. Pandora has beautiful murano since 2015, Pink Heart, Frozen, X’mas Holly. I just need one or two murano for pop up color on my bracelet. This is the only item I like in this release.

  • Carol

    Ooh….. I would love one of the quilted jewelry boxes! Too bad they aren’t available in the US. :/

  • Ajunal

    When we can expected article about Pandora retirement 2016?

    • Leann

      When the list is released! 🙂

  • Coonedog 7

    Hi Leann
    Where is the yellow Pandora Box being sold at.

    • Leann

      Asian countries – Hong Kong and Philippines confirmed. Likely China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand too.

      • Coonedog 7

        OK Thank you very much. I will be on the hunt 🙂

  • Paula Keinert

    I agree – it’s the only one on my list. I went yesterday to my local jeweler that has Pandora and called the Pandora store – no sign of it in Atlanta yet! I hope there is not a production problem with this one!

  • Alice Wonder

    I like at least 4 beads in this release. I will be waiting for promo.

  • Melissa Rex

    Love the new murano!

    • Alice Wonder

      Lovely bracelet, thank you for sharing!

    • Carol

      Stunning bracelet Melissa! The Wild Hearts murano is so lovely. I have been to several shops in my area, including a concept store and they still do not have the murano! Your nail polish matches perfectly too! <3

  • Rebekah Felton

    So many hearts in every collection. Feel silly for complaining about the amount of hearts in a valentines collection but it seems like there are so many every season, however I LOVE the collections quality, it looks full of cute pieces and they’ve really been upping thief game with the muranos and enamels. The Chinese piggy bank has to be mine also!

  • Johanna Guzman-Estrella

    Is precious accent a good site to order from?

  • Carol

    I picked up the Filled with Romance charm. It’s a classic silver piece with lovely texture and vintage appeal. It’s very affordable at $35 USD! 😀

  • Crystal Grieves

    It’d be nice if we had a Jared or a Pandora Concept Store here, they just pulled the only shop in shop that carried Pandora. Now it’s only online shopping for me, which I’d rather be able to go in store and buy, also most online stores don’t offer promo items, which I collect. I’m still upset over this.