My love theme bracelet featuring the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 Collection

pandora-valentines-day-2014-bracelet1Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  The Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 Collection introduced a number of heart and love charms to the line.  While I’m generally not a big fan of hearts or pink, I have been collecting romantic beads for the past few seasons and this released filled in the gaps and I’ve created a dedicated Valentine or love theme bracelet.  I started with the animal pairs including Lovebirds, Swan Embrace, and Purrrfect Together; I simply adore Pandora animal charms so these were hard for me to resist!  After shifting them around trying to find a place for them, I decided on this Valentine’s Day bracelet when this season’s designs were revealed.

Initially I was quite adverse to the Pandora Valentine’s Day collection but once I saw them in person, especially for the articulating charms, I was won over! My favorites from the release is the Gift from the Heart, Love Note, Interlocking Love, and Cupid.  The dangles are just the perfect length, not too long and dainty.  Shimmering Heart and the Space in My Heart spacers add a nice touch of sparkle to the bracelet, as well as the You & Me and LOVE pendants.

I decided to stick with the pink color scheme and chose 4 pink Muranos.  It seems like the Pandora glass all tend to be more peachy than true pink, and I picked the pink Effervescence, pink Bubbles, pink Stepping Stones, and pink Spirals.  Pandora Heart clips, Everlasting Love, Love Struck, Heart spacer, pink Pavé Lights, and the pink sapphire Double Heart clip finish off this bracelet.  For someone who doesn’t like the Valentine’s Day motifs that much, I am ridiculously happy with my completed project.

I hope you all enjoy a fabulous Valentine’s Day, whether you’re cuddling with your loved one or treating yourself to something indulgent.  What are your plans for tonight?

  • nelia

    wow it’s beautiful, enjoy and have a happy valentines day

    • Leann

      Thank you, Nelia! I had a very nice Valentine’s Day. As an old married couple, we just hang out low key ;).

  • FairObjective

    Leann…love-love-love your gorgeous, festive bracelet. So pretty. My husband and I are taking our boys out to dinner tonight. Hope your Valentine’s Day is special and memorable! Take care…Kim

    • Leann

      Thank you, Kim! It sounds like a lovely night, my hubs and I didn’t do much. I’m sure all the restaurants are packed! We’ll probably celebrate next week some time when it’s not so busy out :).

  • Wendy Carr

    I LOVE this bracelet Leann!!! I noticed that you never use safety chains. Are you ever concerned that you could lose it??

    • Leann

      Thanks, Wendy!! I do have safety chains, but I hate buying more than one of the same design so that’s why I only have one of each. I haven’t had a problem with the clasp opening on its own. 🙂

  • Natalie

    great post! i too have a pink theme bracelet ft the cherry blossom clips, lucky cat and pink oval lights… my boyfriend bought me the pink pave heart and the fascinating pink murano for valentine’s day! i too found the pandora pink muranos to be peachy, but the faceted one is perfect baby pink. I’m adding the heart spacers to my wishlist now 😀

    • Leann

      Thank you, Natalie! There are so many pink charms to choose from, Pandora does a lot with this color ;). Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day gift! I hope you had a good one.

  • Mary Jean Smith

    All I can say is WOW. Enjoy Leann!!! This is so special, beautiful!

    • Leann

      Thank you! I’m so happy with it :).

  • Laila Cox

    I love your bracelet Leann! I’m planning a love themed bracelet. I have a couple of charms that are ready to go onto it but the rest are on my wish list. Top of my list are the swan embrace and the two birds with the dangle. I’ll have to leave my list out in a strategic position for hubby to see!!

    • Leann

      Thank you! Those are lovely choices and the little animal couples are my favorite as well. 🙂