Pandora Valentine’s Day 2013 in stock at Perlen!

pandora-valentine's-charmsI woke to very exciting news this morning – Perlen has been given a slight reprieve in the cancellation of their contract with Pandora, and as of an hour ago has the entire Valentine’s 2013 collection is in stock and many of the other charms have bee restocked as well!  Pandora enthusiasts will know that up until right before Christmas last year, Perlen was the go-to online shop to purchase genuine Pandora jewelry at a discounted rate.  However, because of slight (undisclosed) mistakes by Perlen, Pandora decided to terminated their agreement last year.

My understanding is that Danish law prohibits companies from terminating contracts without notice so this could be why they are being stocked at this point.  Whatever the reason, I am wholeheartedly happy to see Pandora filling Perlen’s inventories.  I have been mourning the loss of my favorite store carrying Pandora for the past couple of months and I’ve been trying to buy up as much Pandora from them as I could, picking up pieces from past collections that were still in stock.  I hope Pandora will continue to supply Perlen through the next couple of collections, but of course that is undetermined at this point. I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

  • Janet L.

    yes it is fantastic news!…I’ve already placed an order! 😀

    • Leann

      What did you get, Janet? 🙂

  • Jenna

    I’d encourage everyone to compare prices when purchasing from the US. Only one of the Valentine’s items sale price was lower than USD pricing by $1.75. The rest were higher than USD pricing anywhere from a few dollars to $15 and nearly $33 for the I Do ring. In all Valentine products the USD list price is higher.

    • Leann

      Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of supply and demand. Perlen can no longer offer the discounts they did before with an uncertain future ahead of them. The benefit is still their ability to ship internationally to countries that have much higher prices on Pandora than the US does.

  • Madison Vu

    I’m so happy to hear this. I too have been trying to buy as much Pandora as possibe from them.

  • April

    I have seen prices creep up on perlen for quite some time especially pandora & more recently, redbalifrog.It seems for me at least, perlen are no longer the cheapest place for me to buy my beads.

  • Nazdhia Prado-Pulido

    Super excited about the news, hopefully they will have the spring charms soon. By the way, Perlen’s prices have not gone up, what changed is their percentage discount, for the US at least. It used to be 20%, then 15% and now 10% discount. I have continued to buy from them, love their costumer service.

    • April

      Changing their percentage discount means prices have gone up, however which way you look at it! I’m glad some people can still get a bargain.

    • Leann

      That makes a lot of sense, Nazdhia! Thanks for solving the puzzle :).

  • Martha

    Great news!! Perlen still represents a significant savings for me in Canada. I just ordered the little silver bird at half the price I would pay here plus I bought the Hong Bao Lucky Bag to represent an upcoming trip to China.

    • Leann

      Good choices, Martha :).

  • Jennifer T.

    Just placed my second order and I will take 10% off any day! 🙂

    • Leann

      Wow, good job, Jennifer!

  • Judy

    Perlen doesn’t seem to have the new multi language love heart? Yet?

    • Leann

      It doesn’t look like it, perhaps they’ll get it soon. You can always email them as well, Judy :).

      • Judy

        Thanks. I went on to look for the heart and ordered 4 other beads instead! Imagine!
        The skate, the suitcase, the plane and the party dress. Not sure what I will do with the party dress but I like it.

      • Leann

        Wonderful! Are you creating a travel bracelet?

    • Judy

      Yes! It’s about half done…as is my winter bracelet…except that I need two more bracelets for my collection. I’m waiting for the freebies in March.
      Most of my beads have come from perlin and were half of what I would pay in Canada and without the 12 hst we have here. Hard to beat.
      Thanks Leann.

  • Elyse

    Outstantding news for Perlen, unfortunately everthing I might want is priced above what I can get it for from my local jeweler or concept store here in the US?I’ve never understand where Perlen got the “initial” US price listed which is crossed off to then show their discounted price. It always seemed higher than what it actually was here in the US.

    But even still, most of the discounted price were always less than what it is truely here so if I could save $10 or more on a piece I bought via Perlen. Now the discounted prices are either the same as the regular prices are here or even higher so there really isn’t a 10% savings on the pieces I’m looking at. If I’m going to pay full price than I am going to support my local shops.

    That said I am truely thrilled for the ladies who live elsewhere and have consistantly seen much higher prices than we see in the US so it’s nice to know they have Perlen as an option once more.
    I have actually been buying Redbalifrog from Perlen so will continue to watch those prices for my best buys.
    Love Perlens customer support too!

    • Leann

      I found that strange too at first, Elyse, but I think their prices are based on the European RRP converted to USD. Europe and the UK sell Pandora at higher prices because of jewelry tariffs that they have to fold into the prices. Still, Perlen’s prices are a lot cheaper for those outside the US and they also have some items that have already been retired in the US. 🙂

  • Veronica

    I am so so SO happy that I stalk Perlen at least 2x a day!! This morning in the wee hours, I spotted all these new charms and snatched up 11!!!! I won’t be too specific but I was able to obtain $50 charms for $35! And 2 that were $40 each for $25! I am SO happy right now and yet it’s many hours after the fact LOL


    • Jennifer Wr

      Wow, good job Veronica! 🙂

    • Leann

      Wow! That’s quite the haul, Veronica :D. Enjoy your package when it comes!

      • Veronica

        Let’s just say it’s me, and you lovely ladies, who only know about this transaction 😀 LOL

        Just received my emails from Perlen that everything shipped, yay!!