Pandora Upcoming Earring Promotion

pandora-autumn-2016-cover2The next promotion Pandora will be offering in North America is for their lovely earrings!  From October 6th to 16th, receive a free pair of earrings when you purchase $100USD or more.  The spend can be for anything in the store and the earrings are your choice, valued up to $65USD, limit 3 sets per customer.  Each store is a franchise though so check with your local retailer for more details.

I haven’t purchased that many earrings from Pandora since they did away with their Compose line (interchangeable earring parts), so I haven’t decided whether to indulge in this deal or not.  Do you like the Pandora earrings?

  • Morgan

    Hi Leann – I work at a Pandora shop and we have a lot of compose your own earrings items in stock, I believe 4 different hooks and then the accompanying barrels. If you’re still looking to get some I can try to help.

  • Wen-Wen Lin

    I feel the same way about the new earrings. I purchased a bunch of pieces that worked with the compose line and now it seems like I would be rebuying the basic parts of the earrings now without the ability to customize. The new style where you can piece together and customize the droplets are at least a brand new style. I might be tempted to finally purchase those with this upcoming sale!