Pandora UK Royal Baby Charm Expected

Photo credit to Mario TestinoI heard rumors regarding a possible UK exclusive charm for 2013 a few months back with no details on when it would be released or what it would be. Well, thanks to sources online we do have a description and general information on this beautiful charm set to commemorate the birth of the first child between Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. This child will be third in line to the throne of the British Monarchy, one of the oldest sovereignties left in the world.

RWCThe couple’s wedding was also a highly anticipated and celebrated event with Pandora honoring the moment with a limited edition Royal Wedding Charm which was only supposed to be available from April to October 2011. However, not only did the UK offer this charm, it was also sold in Australia and with plenty of charms to sell until their stocks ran out. This exclusive charm was a version of the puffy heart with a synthetic blue spinel on one side and the engraved initials of the happy couple on the other. The stone looks much darker than the one shown here, but I love it all the same.

Now, this new charm is expected to be released in June 2013, ahead of schedule for the July birth of the baby. This supposedly UK exclusive charm is similar to the current baby carriage, with the words “Royal Baby 2013” on one side and a clear CZ stone and crown engraved on the other side. Based on this description, I came up with a mockup of what this charm may look like to help with visualizing the charm. With the sex of the baby undisclosed to the public, a clear CZ is a great choice rather than the usual blue or pink colors to represent gender. I’m very excited for this bead both for its exclusivity and because it celebrates the royals – in America we don’t have anything similar to the grandiosity of the aristocracy and I’ve always been somewhat of an English history enthusiast so this is right up my alley! Of course, more details to come as this news is confirmed by Pandora. What do you think of this new expected charm?


  • Ellen

    It’s a must have for me! My Baby girl is due at the end of June!

    • Leann

      Congrats! Perfect timing then :).

    • lola

      how do you get this info? I want it tooo….

      • Leann

        I have my sources :).

  • CC

    Shirley didn’t obtain the information, it was from Ellen who got the information in her store in Belgium – Shirley just screwed all the information out to glory hunt :/

    • Leann

      :(. I didn’t realize, I’ve added Ellen to the post.

  • Mrs B

    It’s a must-have for me and will be a great addition to my RWC.

  • Cilia van Zal

    Lovely. But I think they should release it shortly after the Royal baby is born, not before… in case something happens.

    • Leann

      Yes, it seemed a bit odd to me too. But I don’t mind ;).

  • Tanya-NZ

    Hi Leann.I really like all your posts about Pandora.It’s great job.Well done !!! Do you know that Royal Wedding Charm avail. in New Zealand as well and some shops still have them in stoke, you can buy this bead for $83 NZD. So not only UK and Australia.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Tanya. I have a bad habit to lump markets together since Australia and New Zealand operate under one subsidiary. 🙂

  • Jeanne

    I think the design is uninspired and very generic. Even if it’s executed beautifully, it’s not imaginative at all.

    • Leann

      A lot of the specials seem like a play on another charm. 🙁

  • Velma

    Will this charm be available in Ireland?

    • Leann

      Should be! More details to come :).

    • Paddies lucky charms

      The Jewel Hut ships to Ireland for Free, It’s on the front page!

  • Teresa

    Have there been any updates about this charm? It’s almost June!

    • Leann

      Not yet, hopefully soon!

      • Rebekah

        I check this page way too much, just to see if there are any updates about this charm!

      • Leann

        :). Hopefully we’ll get more information soon!

  • Sophie

    The royal baby charm actually has a gold crown on it with a clear CZ stone in the middle of it (basically the same as what is on the bottom of the two tone castle charm). I haven’t seen the back side of it so I’m not sure if there’ll be any words or engravings.

    • Leann

      Wow, thanks for the update! I can’t wait to see a picture of it :D.