Pandora travel charms for Summer 2013

pandora-summer-2013-coverAs a part of the summer season comes a mini-collection to be released on July 15th in the US and UK called Your Adventurous Journey. I’m happy to see another set of six charms with the travel motif just like last year, but only two of them are a strict continuation of the national icon series. I love these themes, but I’m not terribly excited about all the long dangles that Pandora has been coming out with.

At first I thought the gondola might be a destination charm for Venice, but it costs slightly more than the destination dangles, so I guess it’s not technically a part of the national icons. I don’t like to put too many dangles on one bracelet, especially these extra long ones, so I’ll have to see where I can find room. The passport is a must and I’m really digging the hot air balloon, it’s so whimsical and romantic. I see the scooter being more popular in Europe since it’s not a common mode of transportation in the US but maybe it can be used as a substitute for a motorcycle? Joining the national icons are the St. Basil’s Cathedral and Sydney Opera House, from Russia and Australia, respectively. Lots of details for both these monuments.pandora-summer-2013-travel-series

What do you think of these new charms? Will you be commemorating past/future vacations with these dangles?

  • Janet L.

    the travel charms aren’t for me…can’t afford vacations because I spend all my money on Pandora!! LOL…being self-employed really makes it hard to take any kind of vacation…but the scooter charm is a must have for me because our oldest son is in a scooter club and it’s a passion of his…they are actually quite popular in our area and a very common way to get around in the city (Richmond, VA)…and the sail boat dangle might be one for my beach/ocean theme bracelet I’ll be putting together in the coming months, can’t wait for the summer releases!

    • Leann

      Haha! I love vacationing, but I never manage to go sight-seeing because I’m too busy sleeping and relaxing. I feel bad about that since you send so much money to go to a different place, but being busy and stressing out about going places just never appeal to me when I’m on vacation.

      I thought about getting a scooter when I was commuting to work via ferry (much cheaper to ride on as a motocycle than a car), but never had the gusts to ride around on one. I test drove a scooter and at 20 mph thought I was going to die, lol! That’s a really cute one, but I hate the large dangles :/. I’ve got to get the sail boat too, they’re so popular in Seattle. 🙂

  • Pam Spano

    I don’t travel either, but my husband is Italian so the gondola is an option! I have one on my traditional charm bracelet. The charms I wouldn’t be interested in, but that’s okay, because the wish list only gets longer! 😉

    • Leann

      The gondola looks gorgeous! I think it would have been a great destination charm for Venice, but it doesn’t look like part of that set. It’ll be perfect for your husband! 🙂

      • Alessia

        I think the gondola isn’t considered a destination charm just because it isn’t a monument like the other charms of this set.

      • Leann

        That is a great point, although I think the gondola is closely associated with Venice. 🙂

  • Farah

    Hey Leann!

    I think you’re right about pandora releasing too many dangles… I guess it’s just a part of trying to keep up with other brands that make (exclusively) dangled charms like Giorgio Martello etc.

    The destinations dangles seem to me cool if you’ve visited one of those places, live there or have a special bond with the place, but I wouldn’t buy those dangles random because I like how they look. The dangles are pretty big and I don’t like the detailing of them (especially the colloseum from Rome doesn’t look realistic to me at all!) I guess once you see the detailing of redbalifrog, it’s hard to go back! :p

    But I’m happy to see pandora is using more color on the beads! 🙂

    • Carin Farrell

      I also agree about their being too many dangles. 🙁

      • Gisele

        Me too, on the dangles.


    • Leann

      Hi Farah, I’m not a fan of the large dangles or the enamel charms (the color is so flat to me). I don’t know why they’re reading all these more traditional hanging charms, a huge part of why I love Pandora is for their European style bracelet. I completely agree with you about the unrealistic-ness of the monuments, my least favorite are the colosseum and brandenburg gate. :/

  • Trudy

    I agree with not being a fan of the larger sized dangles, but I do like that they are making charms for specific countries and I guess if that’s how they’re doing it, it’s better than nothing.
    And I can’t wait for the passport dangle, it’s a must have for the Pandora cruise bracelet I’m starting!

    • Leann

      I like the themes too, but the dangles are so big and clunky to me. I wish they would have made them to sit on the bracelet, but you’re right. Better than nothing! 😉 I love the passport dangle too, it’s definitely a must have for me.

  • Natacha

    I’ll be curious to see the passport one in person – if it’s not overly large, then I might be quite tempted by it!

    • Leann

      It definitely looks smaller than the other dangles. I’m hoping it’ll be on the smaller side too! Maybe the same as the graduation hat or something like that?

  • Soma

    My boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend when he took me hot air-ballooning in Sonoma, CA over the wine vineyards, so I’m ECSTATIC that they released the hot air-balloon charm! These travel icon charms make me want to plan a trip to have them as shiny badges to show I’ve visited the place, but my $$$ goes to Pandora first!

    • Leann

      Oh that is perfect! What a wonderful unforgettable moment ;). I know what you mean, my travel bracelet is definitely a wish list for future vacations.

  • Lynda

    We had a scooter in college, so I’m loving that one. Plus, the gondola is nice for a Vegas charm since we rode one there & had a blast!

    • Leann

      It’s perfect for Vegas too. Love the inside of the Venetian, haven’t had a chance to ride their gondola though. I hate waiting in lines :P.

  • Sarah Jane


    Just wanted to say thanks for the great site! It’s so useful and I’m loving finding out so much about the charms!
    Just a quick question if anyone can help? The pictures show a different style leather bracelet! Are they new for the summer collection or have I missed them?
    Sorry if this has already been covered and I’ve missed it!


    • Farah
      • Sarah Jane

        Thank you!

      • Leann

        Thanks, Farah! The new leathers will be out for Summer 2013 (June).

  • Jen

    I am not a fan of the dangles for my bracelets, but I am loving using them on necklaces!

    • Jennifer Wr

      Ooh, good idea!

    • Leann

      That’s a great idea. I don’t wear a lot of necklaces though so they’re stuck on my bracelet :).

    • Kary

      I wear the Eiffel Tower dangle on the long black cord as a necklace. Got it from my husband for Christmas – we had just planned a trip to France so had to have it! I think it’s way too big for a bracelet but LOVE it on the cord with a turtleneck sweater.

      • Leann

        That’s a great way to wear it, Kary. I got a few of these, and it makes my bracelet so cumbersome.

  • Jill Blakley

    I work in the travel industry so at least a couple of these will be mine sometime soon.

    • Leann

      Perfect! I’m loving the travel theme charms :).

  • AnnWoo

    Leann I don’t know whether to curse you or praise you because I have become a charm aadict too! So glad to have found you though. I have traveled a lot and am enjoying collecting the international charms of the place I have been to…I am really excited about the gondola and Sidney Opera house. I was showing my great niece who is 3 1/2 my travel charm bracelet and when I pointed out the cruise ship and plane she asked why I didn’t have a car so I guess I will have to get the car now and even though I haven’t been to England I have been to Scotland so I might have to get the double decker bus!

  • Sharon

    I like travel charms but not these. I like the travel charms from Reller Gold. I just got Nashville and love the detail.

    • Bernard Reller

      Ahoy Sharon!
      Thank you for the nice mention & compliment 🙂
      We take pride in creating unique pieces to commemorate & inspire the spirit of travel!

      Best Regards!

  • Jeanne

    It looks like the opera house and the cathedral could have easily been converted to non-dangles, so I would have rather seen Pandora put holes through them.

    • Leann

      I could not agree with you more. I’d rather have a bulkier charm that didn’t dangle :/.

  • Alexandra Mitchnik

    I like ” UP and AWAY”, it is remind me adventures books that I red as a child. This is one of “my must to have” as well as LIGHTHOUSE. Nevertheless I like the ideas of national icons, the charms are very bulky for me to wear.

    • Leann

      I’m not a fan of the enamel charms, sometimes it’s hard to match the color. But I love the themes too!

  • Nikki M

    As a Russian major in college, I’m excited to see the St. Basil’s Cathedral charm!

    • Leann

      That’s perfect! I am loving this charm, it looks so detailed :).

  • Jeni Wessely

    Would love to some day see a mount rushmoore one and things of that nature so I could start a travel bracelet of my own, my vacations have really just begun haven’t been on many but I’m in love with the hot air balloon, will look great on my blue bracelet, finally closing in on finishing it.

    • Leann

      That would be fun! Hopefully there will be more national icons that come out, but I guess they may try to get all the countries before doing more from one country.

  • Maria

    Love st. Basil’s!! Cannot imagine it was excluded from last yer collection:( As much a I hate enamel, this charm would definitely benefit from anything but plain silver.

    • Leann

      I have to agree with you, Maria. It’s not quite the same without the colorful roofs, eh?

  • Jessica

    I love the gondola charm. Being half Italian and half British I will be adding it to my bracelet along with my British Bus. I would like to see them add some Canadian Charms though–A CN Tower would be nice 🙂

    • Leann

      Oooh, good idea! They’re definitely not done with the destination charms, I think. I hope they do more around the world :).