Pandora stoppers

A couple weeks ago I went to the new Pandora concept store and got a double leather bracelet – my first leather!  I’m going for kind of a rocker look, and added a couple of “rock star” clips in silver to complete the look.  I was planning on using the silicone o-rings like I described in an earlier post, but the store had the Pandora-made stoppers!  The ones that fit underneath  the clips and have PANDORA embossed on it.  When I first saw these from Singapore, I wasn’t sure if they’d ever be available near me because all the different market do promos differently.  But I had emailed Anita from Pandora about it and she said:

You should be able to acquire them at your local PANDORA concept store. Some of the concept stores may not have received them yet though, as they are waiting to be redistributed from regional distributors or local offices.

Well, the wait is over!  I don’t know if it’s just because the store is new that they receive the stoppers, but they are definitely in the US and making their way to retailers.  Hopefully soon ;).  I’ve been using the stoppers for a while now and they’re great; they fit perfectly underneath the clips and hold it in place, but I find that the silicone o-rings fit tighter against the bracelet and don’t move at all.  The difference is noticeable; I’ve had them on my bracelet a couple of weeks now and they definitely shift a bit.  I’ve also got the clear o-rings on my bracelets on the barrel clasp thread so that a charm doesn’t get caught on the thread.  But definitely get the Pandora stoppers if you get the chance, especially since they’re free!  🙂

  • Carol David

    I haven’t found them NYC as of yet!

    • Leann

      Have you tried a Concept store, Carol? They’re always the first to get new stuff :).

  • Ellen

    Free! I wish I had seen this earlier, I was at a new concept store. I love the silicon rings, but they r bear to get on. Any good ideas to put them on. I have been trying to stretch them over the leathers.

    • Leann

      Yeah, I have a hard time too – I usually just try to use my nails to stretch them over the metal ends. But they do sit tight on the bracelet!

  • Jane Jones

    Hi, Do you know why the “rock star” clips are called “rock star”? I have been calling them the “triangular” clips or the “triangular polyhedron” clips – Yes, I know, the last name is pretty dreadful… Who gives the charms names? They don’t seem to have names in Australia.

  • Jill

    I was at a Concept Store today and they had the stoppers in (I’m in Toronto, Canada). The lady showed me hers under one of her clips on her leather bracelet. You are right – they do shift because I saw hers shift slightly! Big difference from the regular o-rings.

    Question – can one use the regular rubber o-rings under a clip? Will it fit?

    • Leann

      Yeah, it shifts a lot! And the more you wear it, the looser it becomes has been my experience. The silicone o-rings do fit underneath the clips. Much stabler :).

  • Carolina

    Hi Leann I started collecting Pandora last year I got my Mom a bracelet and one for me also during the promotion and got two free bangles I have a problem I would like to get the O rings or stoppers but I just don’t want them to show on both the bracelets or bangles and the clips are going to be too pricey, I notice that on Amazon they had “sterling silver stoppers” Pandora compatible what do you suggest.

    • Leann

      I’ve got a few of those and from Etsy too. They’re great for your purpose :).