Pandora Spring Collection 2013 Jewelry Pictures and Prices

pandora-spring-2013-jewelry-coverRounding out the Pandora Spring 2013 previews, this post includes pictures and prices of the jewelry pieces that will be released for The Beauty of Spring and Celebrate Your Family’s Love.  As I mentioned previously, the spring collection will be split into two release dates with the first part slotted for March 11th and the second for April 15th.  Most of the jewelry will make its debut with the first part of the release; the themes for the rings, earrings, and pendants are: Cherry Blossoms, Royal Crown, My Princess, and Coordinating jewelry.

Cherry blossoms are a major part of this collection, between the silver charms, Murano, earrings, pendants, and rings, this motif is represented by 11 pieces.  Generally, I love cherry blossoms, but haven’t been as keen to Pandora enamel charms so I hope the enamel clips will look elegant in person.  The cherry blossom Murano is one that I’m highly anticipating and I really like the cherry blossom bouquet ring as well.  I always seem to gravitate towards large statement pieces so the bouquet ring is right up my alley, and the single blossom ring can be used to stack creating a custom look.

To continue the fairy tale concept, the royal crown and my princess collections use regal headgear as centerpiece symbols.  The popular crown which made its first appearance as a gold charm then as a highly oxidized openwork, will soon be available as a pendant, earrings, and ring.  These pieces will include cubic zirconia details making them very glam!  The large necklace pendant looks fantastic, and I think it’s going to look great on but the pendant and chain will be sold separately.  I’m not sold on the princess tiaras, they seem to be targeted towards a younger demographic, but that’s just me.

For Mother’s Day, only three jewelry pieces are set to debut: the Faith, Love & Charity pendant, the safety chain, and the charm barrel shaft.  I’m very excited about the charm barrels since it’s the first time that Pandora has made a device for converting charms to earrings.  Do note that these barrels are not designed for Muranos, only openwork charms including the pavé collection.  The safety chain features a string of hearts similar to the two-tone safety chain, so while I’m glad to see another safety chain added to the line, I wish it was a different design.  The Faith, Love & Charity is a bit too chunky for my taste.


Thanks to Julia Lorber from Stereo|typically Me and Sonja Petrkowsky from Fashiontweed we have some wonderful pictures of the jewelry in real life.  Are any of these pieces a must have for you?

  • Cyndi

    I want to see the Faith hope and chatty pendant in person, but I’ll probably get that. I was hoping for a safety chain different than more hearts 🙁

    • Leann

      Me too, not enough safety chains!

      • Kelly Winker

        Yeah, and how about more clip style safety chains! I don’t understand why they don’t make more of those.

      • Leann

        I’d love to see more safety chains. I’m doing without for most of my bracelets since there’s not that many.

  • Lauren Mills

    To be honest I’m not super thrilled about spring. On the other hand, saving a ton of money for the summer release!!

    • Leann

      There’s a few I like, especially the two tone fairy tale charms ;).

  • Carrie

    The spring/summer collection is a strange one for me. I’m not really thrilled by any of the charms, but I’m really drawn to crown pendant & earrings. I also like the tiara ring and stud earrings. The ring reminds me of the the Irish claddagh ring, and the earrings are sweet and delicate. But I don’t like the matching charm at all, it’s way too juvenile with “my princess” engraved on it.

    • Leann

      I agree and I thought the same about the ring! I love the crown pendant, I hope it’s as big as it looks :).

      • Stephanie

        Hi Leann,
        I’ve seen the crown pendant and you won’t be disapointed.

      • Leann

        Yay! I’m so excited :D.

  • Jennifer T.

    I am just kinda underwhelmed by the Spring collection 🙁

    • Leann

      I think I must be easy to please because I like quite a few of the charms. I’m sure they’ll look better in person :).

  • Robin

    Do you know the length of the silver chain?

    • Leann

      It’s 45 cm. 🙂

  • Michelle

    i like the pink pearl earrings other than that…..ehhhh:-\

  • Ashley

    I love when Pandora does detailed work stud earrings. I’m not a dangled earring fan. The studs I can’t wait to see in person loving the gold cherry blossom ones especially! 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!

  • Bara

    I’ m so disappointed about the new pandora collections, especially the Pave charms didn’t thrill me at all and when I saw them in person I was even more disappointed. Last year I started collecting Trollbeads and Redbalifrog and I must say it’s so much more fun playing with these charms, especially the silver beads of RBF are so amazing. Yesterday I receved the “Joshua” and the “Klimt” bead from Heidis Trollbeads and I was so impressed of these charms (or how you say “over the moon”), the details are so amazing, love them. I can’t wait to see the new RBF charm collection.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all charms addicts!

  • Brianne Adkins

    I’m excited for the Cherry Blossoms! I really like the silver CB ring and I’ve never tried Pandora earrings but I think I’ll get the CB ring, earrings and of course muranos 🙂 I love the Castle charm and the teal Sea Glass muranos and so many others. The open Star Fish!! This release has a lot of fun pieces that remind me of good summer memories growing up <3

    • Leann

      The summer charms won’t be out for a while. Can’t wait for them!

  • Rachel

    I cant believe all the the negative responses for this collection!! Its been awhile since ive been super excited for a collection to come out but for this one, im starting to save now! im soo thrilled with all the pretty PINK 😀 (hoping it doesnt look childish in person) clips, murano, rings! I like so much but will do more evaluating when its time to buy 🙂
    Also loving the two tone charms
    Not sure why they are coming out with a new elephant? the current one is perfectly perfect.. same with another bunny? not sure why they are doing that

    • Jennifer Wr

      I felt the same about the elephant Rachel, I love the one I bought a few months ago. But after looking at the new elephant, with his face being so exotic and different, I really like him too. I am telling myself that no one really needs two elephants on their bracelet, but I just realized that I have two snakes – the coiled one and the new CZ dangle snake. That is the long way of saying that at some point I would like to purchase the new elephant as well. 🙂

      • Leann

        I love the animal charms, I think I have most of them – I’ve even got the sideways elephant so if I get this one, I’ll have 3 elephants! Hahaha.

      • Rachel

        True, he is more “exotic” that’s a good word to describe the new one!

      • Rachel

        and Leann, i’m the same way! i have a bracelet dedicated to my little animals lol and still want more! they are stinkin cute!

      • Leann

        I love the little animal charms, I’ve got a Pandora zoo theme and working on an aquarium bracelet too ;).

    • Leann

      I agree…and another kitty too? Hmmm.

  • Wendy

    Not sure if you can answer this but I am hoping that the summer collection will have new travel charms. I love the paris Rome etc any idea if more are coming?

    • Leann

      There will be some travel charms for summer. More info to come!

      • carolina

        I can’t wait for this!!! I am hoping one day they release a china charm with the great wall or something!

      • Leann

        That would be great! I wholeheartedly agreed :).

  • Maya

    Have you heard anything regarding the supposed LE two-tone Teddy charm? I saw a photo of it on IG from @pandorasouthend… something I would definitely put on the list for the bf!

    • Leann

      Yes, Maya. It’s a Mother’s Day special.

      • Maya

        Oh, thanks! I must have passed over that blog post!

  • jen

    thinking about getting the crown pendant and the crown, tiara charms and getting a leather to put them on as a set. hmmm

    • Leann

      The crown pendant might be a tad big for a bracelet but it will certainly be a statement piece!

  • Vanessa

    Are the earring hooks sold as $15 a pair or $15 for just one hook? Just wondering…

    • Leann

      For the pair :).

  • Vanessa

    and do you know when the charm barrel will be available in Australia? thanks

    • Leann

      Hi Vanessa, the barrel earrings should be available with the Mother’s Day collection. So mid-April :).

      • Vanessa

        Thanks! But i went into a Pandora store today and the lady told me July……i definitely cant wait until then! Im so glad Pandora has made something to put charms on earrings.

      • Leann

        Oh yikes. I think Concept stores get new products first so maybe that explains the delay? The charm barrels only fit openworks charms though, not screw on :(.