Pandora Spring 2017 Collection Complete Look

pandora-spring-2017-cover1The Pandora Spring 2017 Collection debuts this Thursday, March 16th, so I know this is a late preview but I’m excited to share HQ pictures of all the designs coming out soon.  The spring collection is one of the biggest releases of the year, and this one features more jewelry than usual.  There’s the typical floral and love motifs, so not many surprises in this collection.

Pink and purple has been the standard for the past several Pandora spring collections and I’m quite tired of it.  There are so many other lovely seasonal colors, especially green and yellow, that I’m very disappointed the brand hasn’t expanded their offerings.  I do like the floral charms and it looks like the focus is on magnolias this year.

The jewelry selection is much more robust in this collection, there are new enamel rings with matching bracelets, as well as birthstone petites for the floating lockets.  My favorite is the new Poetic Bloom clasp bracelet; I’m really enjoying all the new decorative clasp bracelets.  I’m also partial to the asymmetrical rings, which are so stylish and interesting.  This release is already starting to hit retailers, are you excited to see it in person?

  • Jackie R Oz

    Always love your pics! Fingers & toes crossed we get the blue bloom Murano in Australia

  • lakesfan1

    Thanks for posting the pics! I am kind of liking this collection. Am so happy to see some Murano beads in this group; new releases of Muranos have been scarce in the past couple of years. Am also liking the pieces without all of the bling.

  • Ka Spa

    I heard the blue murano isn’t going to be a available in North American. That makes no sense. I agree with you, I’m tired of pink and purple. Also super disappointed with the Essence collection. I continue to wait patiently for something teal.

  • rachel

    anyone know when the mothers day charms will release?

  • Linda S Williams

    Hi there – do you know if they will be running a promotion soon? Like spend $100 and get a free bracelet? There are so many cute things that I want but I don’t want to regret buying too early if there will be a promotion. Thanks! p.s. Love your blog!

  • Susana

    I don’t know about you, but each year I’m buying less and less. I’m dissapointed, so many wonderful charms that have simply vanished, so many discontinued and replaced by things that aren’t so great. So far this year I’ve only bought 4 charms… Let’s hope they do a better job next collection.