Pandora Spring 2014 Butterflies

pandora-spring-2014-collection-cover12One of the big themes for the Pandora Spring 2014 Collection was butterflies.  Butterfly dangles, charm, clips, Muranos, ring, and earrings abound and since it’s one of the motifs I like, I picked up most of the charms during the free bracelet promo last month.  This post includes the [pink, purple, and LE lavender] Morning Butterflies, Lacewing Butterfly clips, Sparkling Butterfly, Love Takes Flight, and Butterfly Kisses in pink and blue.  I added all the just released butterfly on a new bracelet, but Pandora has a number of other butterfly charms which I have on other bracelets.  For a “live” look at these pieces, please refer to my video – Pandora Free Bracelet Promo and Shopping Haul Video.

Starting with my absolute favorites from this set are the Morning Butterflies. Produced in 3 colors currently, pink, purple, and lavender, the last one is limited edition in North America and I’ve been told will only be available until the fall. While I initially thought that these were made of glass, they’re actually faceted balls of cubic zirconia and sparkle brilliantly in the light which is why I love them so much. I couldn’t decided on which one to get, so I ended up getting all three although the colors are similar. The pink is a soft pastel, purple is on the darker side, and the lavender is a light shade and my favorite.  The butterfly on the front has a tiny CZ on it too, and I wish it was detached but it’s glued on.  I’ve noticed that my dangles have tiny chips around the edges of the facets which surprised me as I thought cubic zirconia would be harder to damage compared to glass.

I was a bit hestitant about the Sparkling Butterfly since it is really glitzy and I generally stay away from charms with lots of encrusted crystals. In person, it’s done rather tastefully in two tones with 92 purple and lavender pavé stones on the front and back.  The lavender stones are set towards the center and edged with the darker purple.  It’s a wide and big charm which makes it a nice statement piece.

The Lacewing clips and Love Takes Flight have the same image.  The clips are spherical and have butterflies etched into both sides, and around the embossed butterfly is rough oxidization which adds to the delicacy of the motif.  The butterfly dangle is surprisingly blinged out with cubic zirconia set around the base and another row down the middle in between the wings.  It matches the large Love Takes Flight pendant that came out fall 2013, with the exception of the pearl dangle.

Lastly, the Butterfly Kisses Murano is a beautiful new glass collection from Pandora in pink and blue.  The Pink Butterfly Kisses has purple painted butterflies on top of pink glass and the Blue Butterfly Kisses is a bit more colorful with purple and blue spotted butterflies on blue glass.  I don’t like that these have the slimmer silver cores since there’s no “3D” design within the glass and I miss the iconic Pandora cores that sets them apart from other brands.  The Blue Butterfly Kisses is the only piece I don’t have on the same bracelet since it doesn’t match the rest of the pink and purple charms.

pandora-pink-purple-butterfly-bracelet-in-progressMy pink and purple butterfly is almost complete but I’m waiting for a couple other things but I’m loving how it’s turning out.  I adore the Pandora Spring 2014 Collectionespecially the nature themed charms.  I’m planning on showcasing the daisies in the release soon since they’re also a big theme in the set.  Butterflies aren’t for everyone, but I adore the beauty of these delicate creatures.  Do you like these butterfly charms?  Which one’s your favorite?

  • Faye

    Where do I start?! ha ha!
    1.) I love Morning Butterfly in Pink and am thinking of using it to represent “Sookie” on my True Blood theme bracelet-in-progress.
    2.) The Sparkling Butterfly upon seeing in person is gorgeous and a must-have to remind me of a special pet I lost in 2009. You are so right that its size makes it especially coveted!
    Those two are definite buys for me, but Love Takes Flight I also like a real lot and may have to end up getting at some point when my wallet catches up with my bead budget. LOL!

    • Leann

      Oooh, True Blood bracelet?! I’d love to see that! Aww, I’m so sorry for your loss, I’m glad you found a good charm to represent your pet. I don’t know if my wallet will ever catch up with my wish list but hope springs eternal! 😉

  • FairObjective

    Hi Leann…love the Morning Butterfly Dangles (especially the lavender). Your pink and purple color scheme here is so pretty, and very reminiscent of spring. I’m really looking forward to your coverage of the daisies in this set; I have several of the Darling Daisy muranos (*love* them), and would like more pieces – the rings are adorable. Take care – Kim

    • Bailey

      Hi Kim! The Darling Daisy collection consists of the murano, clip, earring studs, and the two rings (one a single Daisy, and the other a cluster of 3 Daisies, both of which can be stacked together to get a beautiful bouquet!) Could it have been the Cherry Blossom pendant you saw? There is the Oopsie Daisy charm which has been used at a pendant as well, since it is a dangle charm. Hope this helps! — Bailey

      • FairObjective

        Hi Bailey! Thanks for the great info. I’m sure you’re right: it must have been the Cherry Blossom pendant I mistakenly thought was from the Darling Daisy collection. I’ll have to check out the Oopsie Daisy dangle charm you reference here; that’s an adorable collection as well. Take care…Kim

    • Leann

      Thank you! Love the lavender too. It’s so light and beautiful. The daisies are amazing, I love the white enamel! I think it’s probably the Cherry Blossom pendant, there isn’t a daisy dangle although it would have made sense if they had made one!

      • FairObjective

        Leann…that makes complete sense (the dangle I saw being the Cherry Blossom pendant); I only got a quick glance at it displayed in a case as I hurried by. Thanks, and take care…Kim

  • Courtney-Joy

    Stunning Leann!
    My favourite is the lavender too!
    When I first saw the butterfly collection I was a bit hesitant but I like it more and more everyday!
    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your pictures of the daisy collection! The daisy clip is my favourite charm this year (so far) !!! 🙂

    • Leann

      Thank you! It sounds like the daisies are a clear winner of this release ;).

  • Bonnie May

    As a huge butterfly fan (one of my first charms ever was the openwork butterfly) I just don’t know where to start with this collection. “Fortunately” I used last month’s promo to build my 2-tone collection and finally get a 2-tone bracelet. I’m not sure if I want an entirely butterfly or spring themed bracelet, otherwise I could easily get one of each dangle, a clip or two and definitely the blue Murano. After reading your review, however, I’m a bit hesitant to get the cz dangles, as the chipping will drive me nuts! Maybe just the Love Takes Flight and blue Butterfly Kisses…

    Never mind that I also need to get the Vintage Heart (although of course my 2-tone can only fit the dangling version without moving things), and some trolls!

    • Leann

      There’s so many butterflies to choose from! You can’t go wrong either way, they’ll look great :). Yes, I was really disappointed with the chips too :/, luckily my store changed them out for me, so I’m going to keep a closer eye on them. Of course, it was the LE one that was the most damaged, grrrr.

      Our wish list never ends! We can only chip it away a bit at a time ;).

  • Lori Thompson

    I love your bracelet, Leann. I’m building one similar-purple and butterflies.I was shown something neat I thought you’d like by a Pandora salesclerk. She put a clip on the bangle where you do on the bracelet. It looks cool with another love of my life clip and you don’t have to open it to put it on! I really enjoy your blog and got my CA charm today. Cute.

    • Leann

      Thank you! I know what you’re talking about, that makes it into a cuff and it’s easier to put on if you have problems getting the clasp on and off. 🙂

      Thanks so much, I hope you love it! I’m sorry it took so long but I hope it was worth the wait ;).

  • Demelza Guing

    Love the lavender, not impressed that they would chip so easily for the price of them! Came across a randers frog the other day. €1800. Would that be the expected price for it?

    • Leann

      Well it’s worth what people are willing to pay for them :/. Seems like a lot to me.

  • Anita

    Wow your Pink/Purple butterfly bracelet is so pretty! I only bought the butterfly clip and a lavender pave lights from the Spring collection during the free bracelet promo…but after watching your video I was inspired to go back and buy the butterfly dangle and the pink butterfly murano.

    Btw…I noticed a clip on one end of your bracelet…and I remember when I read about Pandora clips…it was mentioned somewhere that sometimes you should put a clip at the end? What does that do? Also, can you put clips elsewhere on your bracelets besides the two spots that we normally have it on? I am afraid that if I do…it might ruin my bracelet…so I wanted to check 🙂 Love love your bracelet!!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Anita! I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. Yes, I like to keep a clip at the end to prevent charms from getting caught on the thread or twisting themselves off. You can put the clips on anywhere, it won’t damage the bracelet :).

  • Natalie Ast

    i have the pink dangle and love it! it is so pretty and i love the way it works with my bracelet… i agree that i’m also not a fan of the glitzy pave butterfly

    • Leann

      I love the way it glitters when the light shines through. 🙂 It’s such a nice piece!