Pandora Smooth Bracelet and Silicone Clips Review

pandora-smooth-bracelet-coverThe new smooth Moments bracelet debuted with the Pandora Spring 2016 Collection and it’s been one of the pieces I was most eager to try out.  A lot of brands offer non-segmented bracelets (no threading in the middle), so it’s definitely not a new concept.  But it is a big departure from a brand that has heavily emphasized their threading system; although not as much in recent years with the release of so many openworks charms.  It was my first purchase from the release and I’ve been playing with it all week.

As the name states, it is smooth and does not have any threading, not even at the ends!  There have already been problems with this as the company produced batches of bracelets where the threaded charms could not fit over the ends, only the openworks could.  These should have been pulled and sent back to the company, but there’s no official recall, so do keep that in mind if you’re having problems with the first run of smooth bracelets.

The clasp is a round clip and the bracelet resembles the bangle almost exactly, except it is a snake chain.  Pandora has gone away from the traditional cylindrical clasp, and I’m wondering when they will also change the clasp for their original Moments bracelet.  For the smooth chain, all beads slide on and for that reason, I would advise adding a clip to both ends, otherwise the charm will slide right off or into the clasp.  I’ve always used a clip on the end of my bracelets but it’s really a requirement for this style of chain.

pandora-stopper-clipsSince there are no segments on this bracelet, Pandora has made a new version of clips with silicone inside.  These can be placed anywhere on the chain and will [mostly] stay in place.  There are 5 stopper clips – 4 Shining Elegance and the Pink Primrose.  They are much thinner than the regular clips and they have a small square of silicone on either side of the hinge.  Of course, they can be used with the regular bracelet and leather bracelets too!

Overall, I really like the smooth bracelet; the non-segmented chain is more versatile and now I don’t feel restricted to having clips in the middle section.  I also appreciate that I don’t have to spend a lot of time unthreading the charms when I want to change a design around since they all slide off, but it does require a clip on the end.  The stoppers are great and hold their place pretty well.  I’m not sure that the silicone will last indefinitely, with wear and tear they may lose their gripping ability, but I’ll have to wait and see.  Lastly, even though the ends are thinner than the traditional Moments bracelet, Trollbeads glass is still not compatible.

I reworked my spring bracelet from last year adding more pink and purple and I can’t wait to finish it!  Do you want to get the Pandora smooth bracelet?  What are your initial thoughts on this new bracelet style?

  • DisneyBlingMama

    I’m disappointed that the Pandora Smooth Bracelet is incompatible with Trollbeads. I was looking forward to having a different option for wearing Trollbeads, but I guess the executives at Pandora intentionally made this bracelet incompatible. Oh well.

    • Michele

      Pandora wants us invest in tiny silicon spacer style clips ( $45 to $50 ), I won’t spend for this new system.

      • Tracy

        Michele, you can use your current clips with the free silicone insert under them with the new bracelet

    • Carol

      Oh yes! Major competition between Pandora and Trollbeads that will certainly intensify….Trollbeads is about to open Concept Store number six in the US! I still love Pandora, but when I visit the Trollbeads Concept Store, I am just blown away by the amazing artistry of their glass beads!

      • Michele

        We need Trollbead concept store in Toronto, please! Only one small gift shop has Trollbead here. I still like Pandora Moment line for fun but not Essence and jewelry line. I like Thomas Sabo Karma line, silver, 18k plated and semi precious stone. I only shop in actual shop during promotion time.

      • Carla Fraga

        Me too, Carol! I almost obsessed with Trollbeads glass!

      • Carol

        I so agree, Carla! The beads are so varied and beautiful IRL. To me, it’s like collecting mini pieces of art! <3

    • Leann

      I completely agree! I was hoping that they would be compatible as well since the ends are thinner than before, but it’s just slightly too thick for Trollbeads core. 🙁

  • Leslie Barrientos

    You are not supposed to fill up the new bracelet because it does not have the clips in the middle the weight of the charms will not be distributed evenly and can break easier

    • Adriana Fuentes

      Wait is this true? It would be pointless for me to get it if I can’t fill it up?!

      • Carol

        Pandora recently stated that you CAN fill the bracelet, but you do have to use either the silicone clips OR regular clips with the silicone insert (inserts are free at most Pandora retailers). 🙂

      • Leslie Barrientos

        You are only supposed to put on about 5 charms on the new bracelet

      • Kerri Christensen

        I have the new smooth bracelet and it is filled up. So far no issues. I can’t see why you couldn’t fill it up.

    • Leann

      That’s not true. Only bracelet you need to watch the weight for is the leather bracelet. This one can be filled up.

    • Tracy

      I was told you could fill this up, just like the regular bracelet.

      • Michele

        I know but just don’t want Smooth bracelet yet because I have 2 Thomas Sabo Karma bracelets Karma bracelet same idea. I have many Pandora thread bracelets & LE bangles, I only like Pandora signature thread bracelet, not Smooth or Essence. I pre order Disney round clasp & my 1st two toned bracelets already. I collect different brand bracelet, just pick their company top hit.

  • n rostock

    Hmm, I was looking forward to getting one and new clips when the free bracelet deal. Now I have changed my mind. All of clips have cz’s which I hate except for the flowers which I don’t care for either. Guess I will wait until they come out with different clips.

  • Michele

    One of the reason I buy Pandora Moment bracelet is their beautiful clips which other brand don’t have. I don’t need smooth bracelet I have 2 Thomas Sabo Karma Bracelet with real semi precious stone on, very beautiful and comfortable on wrist. I will go for the Disney one even though I am not a Disney’s fan, I still can use my clips.

  • Carol

    Love your bracelet, Leann! The colors are gorgeous! I really like this new style of bracelet, but I am not fond of the silicone clips. They are very pricey for what they are! Perhaps I will change my mind when Pandora introduces some newer ones. (Hopefully, without bling). 😀

  • Tracy

    Thank you for the review! I chose this as my free bracelet for the promo, got to check it out when I was doing my pre-order and and can’t wait to pick it up on Thursday … I’m most excited about using it full, and not having to worry about working two clips into a preset location in the front design, which is often a challenge for me 🙂 I’m also very happy with the round clasp, which to me looks more like a regular charm that just fits into the design

  • Photo Editing Company

    I love your bracelet!! It’s so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!


    I just went to Pandora here in Ontario, Canada and it would seem this bracelet has not yet crossed the border. Guess I’ll be crossing the border for it during the next bracelet event. I did buy the new Pink Primrose clips (2) for my pink leather bracelet and they are really great. Just need a larger selection of them.