Pandora second round of retirement for 2013

pandora-retired-green-charmsPandora just announced a second round of jewelry being retired for 2013, beginning immediately. This is expected as the past two collections have added an enormous number of new charms to the collection. While the first part of retirements for 2013 did not cull that many pieces, this list includes a truly surprising amount, including a staggering number of glass beads. I’m particuarly shocked at all the two-tones charms being discontinued as I’m partial to the elegant styling of these. Even charms that have not been out that long are on the chopping block, as recent as from the Pandora Spring 2012 collection. I’m devastated by the number of green charms that are being retired, pretty much all the beads I picked for my first bracelet are retired now :(.

The only ones that I’m happy about retiring are the old Chinese zodiac dangles – they’ve never appealed to me because the animals are too cartoonish and with the new animal zodiacs that came out earlier this year, they’re definitely redundant. It also looks like the last of the XL beads will be biting the dust. Pandora’s experiment with these focal beads never really caught on, both for the higher price point and the largeness of the charms. Not too many goldies are being cut although several of the 14K Swirls Muranos are leaving the line, out of the already small number gold glass beads.

As with the last retirement, this one will be a global discontinuation which will involve all countries. Stores have 90 days to send back their products for credit otherwise they are free to keep the charms and continue to sell them. This is speculation, but with the past couple retirements showing up on Rue La La, perhaps we will soon see another sample sale? I’m hoping so! For a full list of all retiring jewelry, check out the 2013 Pandora Global Retired Jewelry List, also located under Lists in the main menu. What do you think of this new round of discontinued items? Anything you’re desperate to have? There are definitely pieces I’ll be purchasing sooner rather than later!

  • Melinda Foofie Deyhle

    Guess I have to run over to Perlen and snap up the ones I want!

    • Leann

      I did too ;). It’s always a dangerous game to play to see if the discontinued ones will be discounted; if they’re not, then they’re gone :(.

  • Trish T. Pandora

    I can’t believe they are going to retire so many of the two-tones that are so gorgeous. I too am sad about the green glass going. I might need to score another polka dot lime or two. Waiting patiently for news on the upcoming fall release as well as the date the teal/turquoise/beach glass muranos will finally be available. Additionally, as you mentioned, I wonder what might appear next time on RueLaLa! So I’m not entirely ready to panic yet!

    • Leann

      I know, right? Waahhh, I hate that they’re retiring the green glass; out of their already paltry selection of glass beads, the greens were my favorite. They definitely can’t release enough in the next few seasons to cover this gap. There’s definitely a few things I hope show up on Rue, but I’m going to probably get the ones I really can’t live without sooner rather than later.

    • Char

      The value of retired pieces go UP.

  • Carrie

    I’m amazed at the number of glass charms that they’re retiring this year. If I’m adding things up correctly between your two lists (which I don’t know if I am), they’re retiring 41 glass charms. That’s insane! And they’ve released so few new ones this year. I hope this is a sign that some new glass designs will be coming out in the fall. I’m a bit sad they’re retiring some of the star muranos already because I love star motifs, but they aren’t retiring any of my “must have” charms.

    • Leann

      Like I said, it is truly a staggering amount of glass that they’re retired this year. There’s no way they can release enough in the following seasons to catch up, unless there’s an all-glass collection. I’m disappointed because the selection wasn’t that great to begin with :/.

  • tb

    I can wait for them to reach sample sale sites and the outlet, definitely won’t be paying retail. I’m patient.

    • Ashley

      Hi there tb, what outlet are u talking about that sells Pandora charms? Very curious here….:)

      Do u mean like, Rue La La?

      • Pandora Princess

        There are two outlets in the US – Rehobeth, Delaware, and Potomac Mills in Virginia.

    • Leann

      More patient than me! 😉 I’ve already scooted a few up my wishlist and got a couple more. Not sure exactly what the sample sales will offer, if any.

  • Tracy

    Are there any diamond two tones still available? Between this list and the previous, it seems most have been retired, which is too bad because those styles of the two tone are my favorite and many have been on my wish list. I’m hoping they bring out some new ones, because the last couple of collections haven’t had this style at all 🙁

    I did manage to get a couple on Perlen before they went out of stock… as much as I’d like to have the patience for the next Rue La La sale, I don’t! And I’m afraid the ones I really wanted, like the Woven Together charm would not be part of the sample sale.

    I also found and bought the Laura’s Favorite charm online last week. It was an expensive week 🙂

    Thanks, as always, for the great info!

    • Leann

      I agree, I love the two-tones and I’m not sure there are any left :(. I still need to get the Dancing Diamonds, but yeowza, the price! I’ve been disappointed by Pandora in that regard too; they’re leaning towards bling and silver it seems like. Lucky you got them on Perlen! I went looking for Woven Together but it’s already sold out :(. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but hurts the wallet.

      • Tracy

        Leann, I bought the Woven Together charm about a week ago, before they announced the retirement list, and it immedidately showed as sold out as soon as I put in my order! I did read on the Perlen facebook page today that they are expecting one last order from Pandora, so hopefully that’s true and maybe they’ll get more of what’s now sold out 🙁

        Dancing Diamonds is the last one on my wish list, but I’m broke. I’ve seen it come up on the preloved pages, so think I’ll wait. And maybe get lucky with Rue la la.

      • Leann

        Ohh, there are just too many two-tones on this list that I want! I went and bought the two-tone brown CZ clip last week, and still need Woven Together, Kerry’s Diamond, and Dancing Diamonds. I am hoping to see them discounted! 😉

  • Tracy

    I just realized the eyelet lace charm is on here… love that one too 🙁

    • Leann

      I do too, it was one of my first two-tones :(.

  • Erin Falk Sumner

    I’d like to pick up the green stars, rhodium clip, every macrame because I doubt they’ll ever produce those again, and the double clips. I’m glad they are retiring some of these that have been on the market for years. Others that are retiring way too soon leave me wondering if they proved faulty of defective in some way

    • Leann

      I don’t think they’re faulty, but unpopular? The stars muranos have only been out a couple of years, and same with the midnight bloom clip. I have both of those and they work fine, but I’m surprised they don’t sell well.

  • Christine

    Phew! Only one I want – I will get it on my visit to Vancouver this week. And splish-splash.

    • Leann

      Lucky! 😉

  • Jodi Colon

    Da vinci clip. And blossom..thanks for info

  • Sue Sabalburo

    I’m glad they are retiring those zodiac dangles. I agree with you Leann, they are too cartoonish! Sad too see some of the two-tones go and I’m more sad that I haven’t gotten around to purchase some of them. Whaaa…..! Hope that Pandora makes some nice new ones. I really like
    the Captivating Muranos, love the
    geometric look!!

    • Leann

      Good to hear from you, Sue! Meee tooo about the zodiacs, I like the newer ones but they’re still to bulky to me. I think the NEX will carry them still until they’re sold?

  • maddashin

    Nothing excites me. Not even the Murano glass

    • Leann

      That’s good for your wallet ;).

  • Narelle

    Many of these charms have already been discontinued here in Australia last year, this has made it very hard for me to even begin to start on the new collection of charms. I’m so greedy I just wont all the discontinued and all the new ones. {LOL}

    • Leann

      I know what you mean, Narelle! When I first started collecting, I furiously bought up the retired charms (and still am!). It’s not as easy to find as the current collection ;).

  • C

    Quite a few of these sell really well. Most of the muranos do and the polka dot ones selling REALLY well. I think the polka dot muranos surprised me more than anything else. And four of the $20 spacers? They’d better have new $20 ones coming out in their next release. I also hope they come out with a new, perhaps enameled, penguin charm because everyone loves penguins!

    I’ve very surprised that they are replacing the two tone Star of David with the new silver one. You’d think they’d want the option for someone to spend more and add gold to their bracelet. While the silver one is cute, it’s not as “mature” as the two tone one. It’s also not very fair to have four options for crosses/bibles and only one Star of David (coming from an unbiased opinion).

    The Kerry charm doesn’t surprise me but I really hope they don’t retire the rings because those do extremely well.

    None of the retiring clips sell that well other than the little heart one. If they don’t come out with a new double clip I will be slightly disappointed only because it looks really cute holding two empty bangles together.

    I feel bad for any stores in tropical areas because the gold w/diamond flip flop is surely a must have. It’s only $350 so I bet Pandora will come out with a new, more expensive one in a year or so. Actually, I suspect that’s what they’re going to do with a lot of the two tone and gold charms. Retire them and put out new, more expensive ones with less gold. I sure hope not because they’re already expensive as it is and they will only lose customers by raising prices especially since gold is going DOWN right now.

    I really wish they would listen to more customer feedback……..

    • Ashley

      I agree with you C!! I love the gold Pandora charms and they seem to never make enough of a selection like they do the silver. Even the mixed silver/gold charms don’t get enough love either from Pandora, IMO. I really hope they don’t give up on doing all gold charms. Yes, they are expensive but I know for a fact that they sell in stores. I just don’t understand what Pandora is thinking when it comes to their visions sometimes…. they definitely need to listen a lot more closely to the consumer’s, so right, C!! 🙂

      I’m so glad that I got from Rue La La a few weeks ago during their Pandora sell, the Big Aquamarine. Now, I see its retired!! 🙂 That charm has been around since the beginning and I’ve always wanted it for years. Glad I was able to get it at a great price! 🙂

    • Leann

      I agree, it seems like a number of these charms are popular and sell well already so that it’s a crying shame to retire them remature. I doubt they’ll come out with more double clips considering they’re retiring all of them. I guess I will have to snap up a few before they’re gone :O.

  • Jordan

    I’m sad they have started retiring the star murano charms. When I heard the other day I went and bought a set of the red stars. I don’t think thy had been out for that long??

    • Leann

      You’re right, they haven’t! Only about 2 years :(, they were just released when I started collecting in 2011.

  • Fairley

    Sad to see the crosstitch 2 tone bead go that was on my wish list .do you know when they are finished in Australia? Love your site

    • Leann

      Should be the same timeline, Fairley.

  • 4premiere

    Definitely i have a some of pieces to buy:)

  • Tiffany

    Hey just a heads up everyone. If you still want the fascinating teal muranos and havnt gotten them yet I found a place you can order them. On the Nordstrom website, they don’t have any of the summer collection listed yet, but if you look under a similar type of murano, the faceted dark purple color, one of the color options is the teal. Says it won’t ship out til June 3rd. That’s tomorrow. Also they have free shipping 😀


    • Leann

      Well, yesterday was the official release of the summer collection, but it’s still backordered in the US. 🙁

  • Jeanne

    I’m sorry to see the Show Stopper go. It’s on my wish list, but I doubt I’ll get it soon because I already spent too much on charms this weekend! I had to run out and get the Moonstone Spacer before it’s gone, plus I got a couple other things.

    Leann, I read somewhere else that the Peridot Rose is being retired but I don’t see it here. Do you know anything definitive about that one? It’s on my wish list, too.

    • Jeanne

      I see the Peridot Rose in the two-tone picture now. It’s turned on its side a little so I didn’t notice it at first.

      I’ve decided I have to get the Drummer charm, too. I’m going to order it now. I’m already in trouble, so why not?

      • Leann

        Hehe, in for a penny, in for a pound?

    • Leann

      I did the same thing, Jeanne! I got the moonstone spacer and the grey/white Muranos too. There’s a few others on the list that I “need” so hopefully I’ll see them on Rue soon! Yes, Periodot Rose is being retired, it’s on the two-tone picture :(.

  • MJ Kim

    CA, do you know why Pandora retires muranos piecemeal instead of by series. It’s so odd really. Does it have to do with existing supply you think? I’m glad I bought my blue lotus when I did. Thanks for all the useful info.

    • Pandora Princess

      The logic is that to retire an entire series just because a few of the colors are either duds from the get-go or no longer selling would definitely be a mistake.

    • Leann

      It’s so irritating, but they’ve always retired the muranos in the same collection at different times. I don’t understand either :/, but I think they just discontinue the unpopular colors.

  • Pandora Princess

    From a retailer’s standpoint, the majority of these are being retired none too soon. For the most part they’ve sat dead in the trays, and are a hassle to keep clean. There are actually at least 10 to 15 more I’d add given the chance. As of Spring 2013 we had over 750 beads to manage. You can’t imagine the issues that creates in terms of storage, inventory, and merchandising, not to mention in-store training. The only thing I’m at all sorry to see go is the Bunny, as that has consistently been a year-round seller.

    And for those who are fond of green, wait till you see Fall!

    • Leann

      Wow, thanks for the insight! It’s interesting to see from the retailer’s perspective…I always feel like the charm gets more popular once it’s released ;).

  • Marva Givens

    I’m new to Pandora, (less than a year) and I’m still frantically trying to catch up, so retirements bother me. I would love to have all the polka dots, as well as several others. I’m trying to buy the new, the current, and the old. From this list I am the least interested in the zodiac dangles.

    • Leann

      I know what you mean, Marva! My list keeps growing as well ;).

  • Stephanie

    Oh dear! Guess the duty free will be attacked then and perlen! The 2 tones especially and the bracelets hurt me most!

    • Leann

      Where do you find Perlen duty free? That’d be great, lol. There’s lots on the list that I am sad to see go.

  • Jordan Wallace

    Going to get the Circle Of Friends charm tomorrow! Thank goodness I already have the penguin! May also get the Black Bubbles too.

  • Lisa

    After I read this I went straight to my Pandora store ( local jeweler) , I had to have the
    guitar for the bracelet about my son, the ladies working in the store did not know yet. I told them the few that I could remember and asked if they could call when they had it sorted out, they did and when I went back in they were joking about putting me on t he payroll. I told they could just give me the employee discount and they thought that was very funny. I bought several pieces, no employee discount:(
    I told them i got my info from you, thanks.

    • Leann

      Happy to help, Lisa. It’s so sad that once they’re gone, they can’t be found as easily. Some of the pieces they’re retiring are really nice too :(.

  • Morgan

    So sad to see this many go at once, hopefully the future collections will bring some of the numbers back up.

    Hope for more two tones in the new releases

    • Leann

      I agree :(. It’s sad to see these go but I guess there has been a lot of new charms lately.

  • Ale

    Hello, where can I still purchse the Beehive charm?

  • Zuam Diaz Santiago

    what do you mean for “Sample Sale”?? Where is that?

    • Leann

      You can search for Rue La La or sample sale on the blog (upper left of the website).

      • Zuam Diaz Santiago

        This blog? I can’t find it 🙁

      • Leann

        No idea, they only announce them about a week out.

  • Cheryl Ann Niosi Gauss

    I’m looking for 3 circle of friends charms (gem stone )

  • Kathryn Olson

    I’ve noticed that on the Canadian website, it says that the beehive charm is discontinued, but when switched to the American site it says $85 as if it is still available… Would love to get my hands on this charm. Do you think it might be available in some parts of the states still?

  • Linda Kerr

    I’m looking for letter J gold and silver retired

  • DisneyBlingMama

    It looks like these charms are on the RueLaLa 3/22/2015 sale, amongst others.

  • Penny White Rogers

    Does anyone know where I can get the bee hive?? I have been looking and looking and when I find somewhere it’s sold.