Pandora Sea Glass Muranos

pandora-sea-glassPandora introduced a brand new style of Muranos with the Summer 2013 Collection dubbed Sea Glass.  These beads come in Purple, Indigo, and Multi-color and the glass boasts a faceted cut.  The color is added by heating frits (granulated glass) within the bead; the color shows close to the core and is overlaid by layers of clear glass giving it a brilliant sparkle.  The silver core is also smaller than the typical Muranos, being about half the size.  As with the Cherry Blossom and Pink Ribbon Muranos, these have the slimmer cores to allow more room in the glass to show the designs.  At the moment, the Sea Glass Muranos are North American exclusives, meaning that they can only be found in the US and Canada although they may appear in other countries in the future.

pandora-sea-glass-comparisonAfter some delay, the Sea Glass finally made its way to stores at the end of June, about a month after it was supposed to be released with the rest of the summer 2013 collection. I first saw these in person on the Pandora 2013 Cruise, so was surprised that they weren’t ready for the wide release. Apparently, while they turned out well in small batches, there were some issues when they went into mass production which accounted for the delay (the same is true for the new turquoise and aqua Fascinating Muranos). The color varies greatly in the Sea Glass, so I would highly recommend picking them out yourself. The Indigo features mainly true blue with hints of brown; the Purple has dark purple, light purple, and pink; and the Multi-Color shows green, turquoise, purple, and specks of black.  Thanks to Natalie Page for the awesome comparison photo of the different variations.

It’s a tough choice, but the Multi-color has proven to be my favorite from the set mainly because it’s so unique and colorful.  It also caught my eye early on when photos first came out for these and I’ve been so excited to pair it with the other teal and aquatic themed charms from the summer collection.  The blue Speckled Beauty matches this sea glass Murano perfectly and I will be definitely be using them together.  The Indigo is a close second with its gorgeous bright blue, but I’m not sure if the brown spots really do anything for this pattern.  Lastly, the Purple Sea Glass reminds me of the purple zebra print Murano with its striations and maybe the snow leopard print Murano as well; it’s the least exciting of the three in my opinion.

For the past couple collections, it seems like Pandora has stepped up its game with regard to their glass designs. The rumor is that they’ve added previous Trollbeads artisans to create the new beads and I have to say it’s a great idea! The Muranos from Pandora have always struck me as a bit boring with simple cutesy designs, so I’m loving the new innovations. I hand picked these Muranos and tried to find the greenest one of the Multi-Color, the bluest Indigo, and the purplest Purple. What do you think of the new Sea Glass Muranos? Which is your favorite?

  • Lynn Rosack

    Sorry to say I’m not a fan of the new faceted Murano beads. To me they lack the depth of the smooth glass beads and resemble lucite rather than glass. I’ve seen all the new Sea Glass beads and think they would have prettier without the faceting.

    • Leann

      That’s interesting! I think the sea glass would look pretty flat without the faceting since the color is close to the core and not “floating” in the glass. 🙂

  • JeanneP

    I like the new muranos! As I told you, I have purchased the Multi and the Purple to go with the teal and purple smooth leather bracelets. I’m very happy with them! And, like you, am thrilled that they brought over a few Troll designers!

    • Leann

      Lovely! I’ve also got my sea glass on the smooth leathers. It actually looks fantastic, I’m very happy with my pairing ;).

  • Janet L.

    I have the purple and the multi on my ocean bracelet and love how they sparkle!

    • Leann

      I can’t resist anything sparkly either, Janet ;). They’re dazzling in the sunlight!

  • Grisell Martinez

    I purchased four of the multi for my summer bracelet and love the way they look when the sun hits them . The other two colors I’m on the fence about .

    • Leann

      Wow, you must love the multi! It’s the most unique in my opinion, but the Indigo is surprisingly eye-catching :).

  • Kathrine

    Im so exited! I recently purchased 3 multi colored beads from eBay and they are currently flying over the ocean to me, it did cost a bit more than they should have but since I’m in Australia I didn’t have much choice. I’m sure they will be beautiful and well worth the added expense, I just hope they don’t release them straight away in the Australian market, postage was expensive!

    • Leann

      You’re going to love them :). I always up loving whatever isn’t available here too, it’s partly the thrill of the hunt ;).

  • Ashley

    My Mother’s bday is coming up this week and I bought her the Multi color murano, it’s absolutely beautiful and I know she will love it. For me? I love all three of them so I bought one of each to go on different bracelet designs I’m playing with. 🙂

    I completely agree with u Leann about the purple murano definitely reminds me of the purple zebra murano. If it wasn’t for finding a purple murano that wasn’t too identical to the purple zebra, I would have just skipped the purple charm. Luckily, I found what I wanted by digging around! 🙂

    • Leann

      Awesome! Tell your mom happy birthday :D. I wasn’t sure what to do with mine either – whether to keep them with other like colors but just together as a set. I’ve been wearing all three on my teal smooth leather and it actually looks wonderful! Review of that coming soon ;).

  • Aida

    Gosh, I am so disappointed. Everyone seems to be having better luck with the sea glass than I! Generally I visit two different Pandora establishments near my home; a shop-in-store and a concept store, both of which carry the new Sea glass and Muranos. I was not pleased with any of the Sea glass. Both stores only had the purple and the green; no blue which I would love to see in person. While the associates said they were purple and green. i didn’t see much difference between the two. Compared to your samples, the ones I saw were very clear in glass and had very little coloring in them. I agree with Leanne, they must be seen in person.

    • Leann

      Yikes! There is definitely a wide range of variation with these. I hope you can find some that are more to your liking, they’re actually quite pretty :).

  • rainey

    How interesting!

    I’m a TB not a Pandora collector but if they’ve significantly reduced the size of the bezel I will look at these since I have a local Pandora dealer but no longer a TB one.

    Personally, the look of Pandora has always seemed gaudy and too busy to me (sorry, I know that’s a hard evaluation but I realize it’s just a personal thing and I can’t change how I see them). That included the distracting Las Vegas look of the silver bezels. With less of that I’ll give them another consideration. And that would be so convenient without a Trollbeads store anymore.

    • Leann

      Yes, not all the beads have the slimmer cores, but these do and so does the blossom Muranos :D. I seem to have the opposite reaction to Pandora’s muranos – they’ve definitely been more boring for me, lol. I like that these are more interesting to look at!

  • Lisa

    I just got the purple / pink , it is beautiful. You do have to look at all of them because they are all very different. This will drive your sales person crazy if they have a lot of them. 🙂
    I have never been a fan of the faceted murano beads, they look like cheap plastic to me. The new sea glass is very pretty and I will probably have them all.

    • Lisa

      I went back to the store last week and picked up the indigo , multi and the fascinating teal.

      • Leann

        Fun! How are you using them?

  • Carolyn Klement

    I’m really not a fan. I dislike them. Glad Australia isn’t getting them!

    • Leann

      :(, they didn’t tickle at first either. The stock photos definitely don’t do them justice!

  • Francine

    I agree with Lynn, this bead would have been prettier with smooth glass instead of faceted glass. The faceted glass cheapens the look in my opinion. Also must say, I do not mind the excessive silver on Pandora glass charms. It protects the glass from being scratched from the bead beside it. Some of my glass Trolls are scratched because it does not have that extra silver to protect it.

  • Joyce

    I was actually really disappointed when I saw the Sea Glass Muranos in person.:( I was hoping to add one to my aqua colored bracelet…but ended up leaving the store without one.

    • Leann

      Aww, that’s too bad. They are an acquired taste. 🙂

  • Emma

    Does anyone know if these will come to the UK?

    • Leann

      Not that I know of :(.