Pandora Rose Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection Release

pandora-rose-autumn-2016-cover1Along with the regular fall collection, Pandora is also launching their Rose Collection for Autumn/Winter 2016.  This is a very small set and only includes 3 charms, 2 rings, 2 earrings, and 2 new two-tone bracelets.  The Rose line is plated rose gold on a copper metal mix base.  You can see a complete preview of this release by clicking the link above.

The most exciting from this collection is probably the new bracelet options, including a new Rose heart clasp bracelet and Rose two-tone bangle.  The charms are recast from previous designs so no unique offerings in this release.  I’m not a fan of this hue since it doesn’t really go with my skin tone, therefore I haven’t purchased anything from this line since it debuted.  Do you like this tone?  Are you excited for the new bracelets?