Pandora Retirement Autumn/Winter 2015

pandora-autumn-winter-2015-retirementMore disappointing news today as we take a look at the next round of retirement from Pandora. These charms are being discontinued and October 9th is the last day for retailers to return them.  If anything is a must-have on your wish list, I’d advise getting them sooner rather than later since it’s not guaranteed they will show up on discount sites in the future.  Considering the past retirements, this one is actually not bad with only a small number of charms making an exit.

The information has been somewhat confusing for the past couple cycles, but this is definitely an official list.  Surprisingly, only a few silver, gold, glass, and enamel are getting the axe – the most significant being the two-tones and amazing Birthday Blooms which I’m most disappointed about.  The Birthday Blooms were one of the first charms that really drew me to Pandora; they’ve got an unique look and also real stones.

It’s interesting that there are some really recent releases here, including Santa’s Elves, Tree of Lights, and Essence Curiosity.  I’m really sad there are no Halloween designs left now and really wish that Pandora would come out with more for the fun holiday.  What are you sad to see go?

  • Lozzie

    These have already been retired for months here in Australia.

    • stargirl_82

      Same in uk, except the birthstones, but they were in the last sale so obviously being discontinued. They new birthstone charms are a lovely design, just a pity they are using so many synthetic stones now.

  • Lola5

    All the above gold items are long gone from Canada. Of the two-tone items, the teapot and tree are still available, the remainder long retired. Of the silver, the pumpkin is still available, the others long gone. Those glass items have been retired since February. I actually got the last Zebra glass from my concept store. For the enamel, only the sunshine is still here. So really, only the birthstones make a dent here in retired items.

  • Robin D.

    Sad to see the teapot go. I just gave mine to my daughter. Might have to pick one up for me!

  • Jennifer Nawara

    I have admired that sunshine for years but never prioritized it–time to take the plunge. So sorry to see the birthday blooms go in favor of even more hearts.

  • bermudaonion(Kathy)

    I hate to see the gold ones go since they don’t seem to be replacing them.

  • Nancy Nelson Horne

    Our store returned all the birthday blooms except turquoise, December, which is still a top seller.

  • lakesfan1

    Really? Retirement pieces announced a couple of days after price increases are implemented? Am headed to my favorite retailer to see whether it’s going to cost me more for pieces that are going away. Not a happy camper! 🙁

  • Daniella

    I just need to get my birthday bloom! Looks like Nordstrom still has it 🙂

  • Michelle

    So surprised to see the beach ball go. But room has to be made I guess. Thanks for the update Leann

  • Carol

    I am so glad that I picked up the teapot and more recently, the bouquet! Now, I just have to get the two tone Christmas Tree which I have admired for years! Love the two tones! I am so not a fan of the “blingy” replacements! :/

  • Alice Wonder

    Birthday blooms are nice charms, they were around 65 dollars as far as I remember. I was thinking about getting them. If rue la la would have them, I will get them. More gemstones to leave the inventory, I feel sad.

  • Tonie

    Hi is there anyone here know if pandora repair a charm, my exclusive Black Friday LE bead the red present with tag is missing the tag. Please let me know.

  • Faith

    None of the items that are being retired have had price increases implemented. The price increases focus mostly on the items with pave-set stones.

    Edit: Sorry, I missed the muranos. But at the Pandora store near me, they are out of those anyway.

  • Jennifer Nawara

    If anyone is looking, Von Maur offers free US shipping with free gift wrap on anything on their site. This includes Pandora. They often have retired charms and are an absolute pleasure to work with, online and in store. I cannot say enough good things about them.

  • Michele

    There are two outlet stores in Toronto. I bought 2 Retired Pave Light lavender 30% off and get one more free one yesterday, very beautiful. Just like 50% off per charm. I got the 2013 two toned bear, flower basket, Morning Butterfly lavender, 2013 Club charm, 3 sets of clips, single purple leather bracelet, Block Letter and many muranos in outlet ( at least 30% off ) since March this year. I will wait for this retirement ship to the outlet. If you are living in North America, You will get good deal in Pandora outlet store.