Pandora Retired List 2013

Fairy tale bracelet2Short on the heels of the Trollbeads Retirement List for 2013, Pandora has come out with their official list of charm that are being discontinued!  This list is located in a permanent and easy to find location under List in the Main Menu, titled 2013 Pandora Global Retired Jewelry List.  Unlike Trollbeads, Pandora does offer incentives to retailers for returning these retired charms; not all stores will send these pieces back, but most Concept Stores are likely to.  The last day for dealers to return these items will be April 2nd; I would recommend buying these charms sooner rather than later if any of them are on your wishlist.  Uncharacteristically, this is a worldwide retirement list which indicates a desire from Pandora to create a more uniform catalog of jewelry, instead of each market determining which charms to retire.  Therefore, some of you may recognize that some of these charms have already been retired in the US.

We’re saying goodbye to the last of the Zig Zag and Ribbon Murano beads, as well as the Candy Striped Muranos.  I’m very surprised regarding the Candy Striped collection; Pandora has already retired two colors from the Candy Stripe Muranos, the light blue and light pink.  The Zig Zag and Ribbon Muranos have all but disappeared from the US markets last year with only the blue of each kind remaining.  The orange Flowers for You bead (one of my favorite designs) will be joining the black/yellow Flowers for You in retirement, yellow Bubbles Murano and the wood flowers are also leaving the line.

Not that many silver charms on the chopping block, thank goodness.  The major categories that are being discontinued are the cameo zodiac dangles, which I’m not terribly surprised about.  The birthstone dangles have been retired in the US since last year, so no change there.  The horse head, after Pandora brought it out of retirement just last year, is leaving again.  The apple with the worm has been replaced with the apple of my eye which has a two-tone leaf.  And there are two enamel charms being cut from the collection.

There are just a handful of gold charm on the list and all the XL charms that came out early 2012 are being retired.  More earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches are also being given the axe.  Again, to check out the complete list, please refer to the 2013 Pandora Global Retired Jewelry List page.  Pandora only had one round of discontinuing charms last year, so we may expect the same this year.  What you think of these charms?

  • Ashley

    Awww I liked the cameo zodiac charm, I’m glad I got mine (Pisces) awhile back when I did. Leann, why are u not surprised they are already retiring that particular one?

    I hope in the very near future I can find the bubbles murano charm…..I love dots! 🙂

    • Leann

      I like them too, I got mine in libra. I’ve heard that they don’t sell very well, especially because they’re kinda expensive compared to the other dangles and it’s all silver.

      • Miss G

        They ARE very expensive

  • Kristen

    I have the yellow bubbles charm im so glad i do expecially now since it’s being retired. 🙂

    • Leann

      I have it too. I really like the bubbles collection!

  • Jennifer

    Hmmm, I had the orange beads on my wish list for my Halloween bracelet…

    • Leann

      They probably won’t be around when this Halloween comes around. 🙁

      • Jennifer

        I gave in, and ordered the orange candy striped today. Now my credit card needs to cool off… 🙂

      • Leann

        You won’t regret it! It’s a cute charm. 🙂

  • Angela

    Geeze, still have a few from both Pandora and Troll retired list that I wanted to get, seems I have missed the boat . After reading the post , checked Perlen and noted that a bead that just yesterday was $31 became $40 today.I am all for profits and I understand that they are no longer affiliated with Pandora and will be missing the income but it appears Perlen upon seeing the Pandora retirements have added 25% or more to their prices. Good luck to them but a bit too pricey for me.
    As Leann said Troll retired will still be available in retail stores at SRP for a while and maybe some dealers may even offer a buy 3 get 1 free to move the old stock. Pandora, I will be relying on Craiglist and eBay. .

    • Jennifer

      I noticed that about Perlen as well, Angela. Several items on my wishlist went up in price today. Since I am in the US, I ordered from with free shipping, instead…

      • Leann

        Good choice as well, Jennifer :).

    • Leann

      Oh no :(. You should join some of the preloved charms selling groups on Facebook, Angela. Lots of good deals there.

  • Debbie

    I am sad the duo star charm is being retired as that is one of the few I don’t have that I want. There is no way I will be able to find £135 for it before it disappears 🙁

    Luckily, none of the rest are on my wishlist so that’s one less thing to feel stressed about LOL

    • Leann

      It’s only the large one, the regular sized two-tone stars will still be available. 🙂

      • Debbie

        Ahhh! Thanks for clarifying Leann – what would I do without you! Perhaps it’s only the regular sized two-tone stars that’s available in the UK. And it’s a relief to know I’ve still got time to save up for this charm, as it is a beauty 😉

        I love Pandora but they can be so confusing at times! Whilst I have collected it for over 5-years, I’ve always bought from my local concept store, and because you can’t get them out of country it wasn’t until I found your blog that I realised there were other charms available that haven’t been released in the UK!

        As your blog suggests, I think it some ways it will be a good thing if Pandora standardises and has global retirements. I find it annoying that there are charms out there I can’t get because of the country restrictions, and now that sadly Perlen are no longer stocking Pandora that option has been closed off.

        Whilst of course there will always be some limited editions released, like the black friday charm in the US, I think it will be much fairer on collectors if Pandora adopt a global catalogue.

        Thanks so much for your lovely blog and keeping me updated on Pandora. Your knowledge of the brand is awesome 🙂

      • Leann

        You’re welcome, Debbie :). Pandora is incredibly confusing with each country managing their own fiefdom, big reason why I started this blog. I’m so glad you find it helpful!

  • Angela

    Perlen update……the confusion shown by Pandora must have rubbed off on Perlen they are driving me and themselves nuts changing prices.I had said before that they had increased prices well checked today and prices are back to what it was a few days ago.Of course I had to quickly place my order for a couple Muranos that were retired.I want a few more am praying they will be available after pay day.

    • Martha

      Angela, are you sure you were logged in to Perlen when you saw the higher prices? If I’m not logged in I see some of the retired Muranos at around $40, but then when I log in the price goes down to $31.

    • Leann

      Oh no, that’s strange. But at least the price came down ;). Which beads did you get? The candy striped ones?

  • Marilyne

    Would anyone know where I can find the Pink Amethyst Sterling Silver necklace (390123PAM-50)which has been reitired.

  • Bec N James Halliwell

    Is the gold safety chain retired? As it says it is on 🙁

    • Leann

      It’s not required in the US. Different countries retire charms/jewelry at different times though, you should check

  • Carrie

    No must-haves for me being retired, so I’m safe. I’m surprised that the yellow bubbles is being retired. It’s a nice shade of yellow & I always felt that if they were going to retire something from that line, it would be the coffee or cinnamon bubbles, they don’t seem that popular.

    With all these muranos being retired, do you think it’s a sign that a number of new ones will be released this spring? I’ve seen the leaked images of the cherry blossom, Pandora ribbon & wheel of hearts muranos but I was wondering if you felt this retirement is a sign they’re coming out with full lines of these designs in colours other than pink/red? Have you seen anything to indicate this?

    • Leann

      I’m hoping there will be entire Murano collections coming out with the cherry blossom, etc. It’s certainly not out of the question, especially since they retired an entire design of Muranos.

  • Maria

    I really hate seeing the last ribbon murano to go. I think this is the best Pandora murano series for color purity and brightness, as well as design originality. The closest they came up with (in terms of color) is faceted muranos… but not only they 10 bucks more expensive, they also look “brandless” and somewhat cheap, because most $1 brands carry similar design.

    • Leann

      I really love the ribbon Muranos too; I am sad to see them all go :(.

      • sally borden

        I went to my Pandora store this week only to find out that wildflower walk is not on the new planogram!!!! Possible retirement? What do you think?

      • Leann

        It’s not on the list for retirement, and all the openworks sell really well so I would be surprised if it was discontinued.

  • Jan

    Hi leann, Your blog is really useful and always updated. Since i saw your 2013 retire list, I bought those on my wishlist before their retiremet 🙂

    Now most of the soon-to-be-retired muranos, and some silver charms are on sale. Buy 1 get 1 free (145 AED only). Was able to grab the candy cane, zigzag, ribbon and some silver charms.

    Basket 790418 & Love Shirt 790439 are included in UAE to-be-discontinued beads.

    • Leann

      That’s great to hear, Jan! The basket and love shirt have already been retired in the US :(.

  • Carrie

    Oh no! I finally got around to reading the extensive list of all products being retired and I see that it includes some of the chains from their necklace concept. I find it a really interesting idea, and I really like the idea of wearing a single chain with a pendant one day, and then changing it up & adding a few more chains for a layered look the next. I hope this retirement isn’t the beginning of the end for this line because I don’t have any from it & just recently became interested in it.

    • Leann

      I’ve heard that the necklace concept doesn’t sell well at all in stores :(. I’m intrigued by the stacking ide as well, but the chains are so expensive! That probably puts a lot of people off.

      • Carrie

        Aside from cost, I think part of the reason is that they don’t market it well. It’s difficult to tell on the website what the chains will really look like when worn or gathered, and they don’t provide much in the way of images to give people ideas. When I first started becoming interested in it I had to track down the fall 2011 look book online to get some sample images. Honestly though, I think that’s a criticism of all their lines other than their bracelets. There isn’t a lot of marketing for anything else other than their bracelets, and most concept stores I’ve been to have terrible displays for the rings and earrings, and I can’t even remember one for their necklaces.

  • Maya

    I know it’s not on the list but is #790563 Golden Star safe? Someone had posted on you IG pic, which looked like the small and not XL, and said it’s retiring?

    • Maya


    • Leann

      It’s the XL that is being retired.

      • Maya


        Thanks! I just wanted to make sure! 😉

  • jen

    might have to buy the virgo one while it is avalible, got a blue candy stripe for my blue bracelet, and one green for a christmas bracelet, still need orange for halloween and a couple more red and green for christmas

    • Leann

      Yes, definitely get them while they’re still available :).

  • http://Charmsaddict Nadeem

    Im looking for the charm which has 2011 on it. If anyone can help me in finding it to buy I would be so grateful as it is for my wife; we were married on 11/11/11 and she recently found out they made one; but she can’t find it anywhere. So I thought id give it a try. Please email me if u can help. Thank you very much.

    • pat

      Miami Lakes Jewelers has the retire 2011 Black Friday Charm for 90

  • Emily

    I understand the charm Princess and the Pea is retired butmitmdoes not see it listed. Am I incorrect?

    • Leann

      This list is for jewelry retired *in* January 2013. The princess and the pea has been retired for several years now.

  • Orialis Feliciano

    How often are charms retired? Is it just certain ones that they retire? I am asking because I have my eye on the forever bloom dangle and forever entwined open works and some other ones. Im waiting some time to purchase them, but dont want them to retire yet!

    • Leann

      Charms are retired 1-2 times a year, and they’re usually the least popular charms. I think we’re expecting another wave in June possibly. Will post it on here when I find out!

  • Vanessa

    Pandora is having a sale in Australia right now and I got the apple with the worm charm for just $20! I think it’s quite a bargain :D.

    • Leann

      That is pretty amazing! I wish they would have sales here too D:.

  • kevin

    I have a charm with seven diamonds. and I’m trying to figure out wht it is . is there any body I could send a picture to that could help me out .it looks like a fat spring and then drapes down one side the diamonds go around the center of it please help I don’t want to give my wife a fake charm. the diamonds test as real .925 ale hallmarked

    • Leann

      You can use the Contact form to send me an email.