Pandora Product Survey

pandora-survey1I received an interesting email in my inbox yesterday morning from the Pandora Club regarding possible future products.  From what I understand only a percentage of Pandora Club members were selected to take the survey.  But by the time I opened it, it was already closed because they had received enough responses.  Fortunately, my friend managed to take screenshots of all the pages (minus the demographic data) and the following images are courtesy of Mary Miller.

Although this survey contains what looks like poorly photoshopped mockups of existing charms, you get the idea of what consumer trends they are trying to predict and gauge interest for.  Personally, I am horrified at the random stripes of enamel and the pink CZ placed on some of these charms.  The only bead I would even consider buying would be the pavé variations.

Another major customer preference the survey is trying to suss out has a lot to do with Pandora’s brand image as a luxury jewelry line; with the rising costs of precious metals and gemstones, would their customers want lower quality materials that have a lower price point?  Using regular glass vs. Murano glass, gold plating vs. solid gold, and man-made stones vs. natural gemstones.  Honestly I’m conflicted, I do like paying less (who doesn’t?) but I buy Pandora for their quality and I do feel that a move towards gold plating and man-made stones would cheapen the brand.

One fan posted on the Pandora Facebook page that she thought the survey was a scam because the charms were so hideous.  What do you think of these potential charms?  Any you like or don’t like?  Would you be willing to trade a slight reduction in quality for a lower cost?

  • Becky Bella

    I saw these images yesterday :-0 I think Pandora want to know if we would pay that much for each category of charm they have. These are horrid 🙁

    • Leann

      Honestly I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the terrible pictures, lol. 😉

  • Ellen

    Horrid! And Anita’s answer on the page was kind of bizarre. Why waste our time if its just concepts? These are bad, Pandora seems to be going down the tacky road. It’s getting to commercialized if that’s the correct word, a charm for everything, every hobby, and to me that seems to cheapen the line.

    • Leann

      Yes, very strange. They seemed taken aback by the strong lash back of fans – if they’re going to ask about concepts, why offer such horrible images?

  • Mary Madigan

    I think these are horrible. They have recycled old charms and added pink, enamel or wording on them…stop with the hearts already, stop with the pink already, go back to giving the collector, stylish, charms. Add more gold to your collection, more genuine stones. These are so ugly I cannot even believe that this survey is anything but a hoax. Going by the comments from the members of Pandora Angels no one likes these charms….

    • Leann

      I agree, Mary. I am not a fan of hearts and pinks but have a number of them since I started collecting Pandora, lol. I love their older two-tone charms which is what I’m invest my money in.

  • Sydney

    I’m not sure what they were thinking but I wouldn’t consider much of what I saw. It left me feeling a few had a spirited lunch and slapped some color and stones on a few things and decided to see what we thought.

    • Leann

      Haha!!! This is probably the funniest comment I’ve read. Not very professionally done, eh? 🙁

  • Liliana Danila

    yuck !

  • stephanie

    I received this survey, I decided i would give it a shot since I always like to voice my opinion on certain things I’m interested in. I stopped half way through the survey cause the charms looked like a joke. If this is a sign of what’s to come, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing much more. haha

  • Lisa

    These are hideous! I just started my first bracelet last month. Looks like I won’t be buying many future charms if this is what they will look like. Ohm beads will be getting my business.

  • MJ

    Dreadful and sad. Pandora is so incapable of coming up with new designs, they are badly embellishing what already exists in the line? I haven’t bought any Pandora in ages, and it looks like I won’t be buying any in the near future either!
    I had to laugh at the lady who posted she got the survey and because the charms were so horrible, she thought it was a scam. Honestly, I would have thought the same. Glad I have what I have of Pandora, but it looks to me I’m done here. 🙁

  • Tracy

    It’s hard to believe these are from the same company that designed the upcoming summer collection …

  • Bec N James Halliwell

    I definitely don’t want gold plated, if I wanted that I’d wouldn’t have started Pandora. I don’t like the new direction they seem to be goiby. I know a lot of people like the new charm but I don’t want princess castles and fish, I miss the old style 🙁

    • Leann

      I agree, I really enjoy their older style charms. I hope they go back to those designs.

  • Trish T. Pandora

    Thanks again, for sharing great information! I too was too late for the survey and didnt’ get to see these. Clearly they are mockups. They are awful. I too would not wish to have gold plated pandora! Uughh!

    • Leann

      You are so welcome, Trish! I’m surprised they took it down so quickly, I think it was sent a scant 4 hours before I tried to access it. At least Mary had the foresight to record it for us! 🙂

  • Tracy

    I’m new to Pandora, and not a fan of pink or fairy tale, so didn’t really buy from the Spring collection. I still appreciate the detail work of some of those charms, like the castle and songbird, much more than the style of a lot of the older charms. And love the detail and look of the upcoming Tales by the sea summer charms.

    I would not want gold plating, and I’m not a fan of enamel. I like silver charms with more detail work, and would love more two tone, and more classic gold. Some two tone open works charms would be terrific.

  • Caz

    ICK 🙁

  • Ashley

    I, too, received the survey but wasn’t able to take it b/c of being closed. I was surprised it was already closed when it says it reached my inbox only 12 hours prior! Wish I could have voiced my opinion though, I’m all up for a survey. 🙂 But this, wow….I don’t even know where to start really. I liked one particular charm, the two tone pave charm. Almost all the rest of the charms were so cheap and not at all Pandora quality I’m used to, I’m just hoping this little survey was just a belated April Fool’s joke! 🙂

    Please Pandora don’t “cheapen” this brand. Anybody who pays for your charms does so b/c of the quality and beautiful artistry involved. As hugely popular Pandora is globally why in the world would they even want to possibly ruin a good thing?! I’m going to stay in denial mode until otherwise b/c I can’t imagine Pandora doing something so stupid to all the devoted customers out there!

    Believe it or not, change isn’t ALWAYS good!! 😉

    • Leann

      I wanted to give my two cents too! I opened up just 4 hours after it was sent and it was already closed. Do you think they got overwhelmed with responses or quickly found out how repulsive people were finding the charms? Lol. The two tone pave is the exact same one I was referring to! It is the *only* piece I would consider buying out of the examples. I think if they’re trying to emphasize that they’re asking about price points and trends and not giving us actual photos of charms they’re considering, I’d still say I hate these concepts! I think they got an overwhelmingly negative response so hopefully this is nipped in the bud ;).

  • Christine

    I know that the survey wasn’t a scam, as I was able to take the survey myself. I agree about the enamel; I do NOT like any charms with enamel, and I don’t like that Pandora is leaning that way with their newer products. For example, I absolutely love the idea of having a watering charm, but that new charm they have with the red enamel is hideous. It’s looks like something that a teeny-bopper girl would wear, not for grown woman such as myself. If they want a line devoted to teens that’s fine, but they should clearly label it as such the way that Persona does with their Persona Girl line.

    That being said, I absolutely loved the murano concepts that were included in the survey. The combos of colors were gorgeous. (I literally drooled over the blue/purple lady bug one!) The prices on some of them, however, weren’t realistic in some cases. For example, the blue/purple lady bug one which was silver with no CZ’s was listed at $100. Way too overpriced, in my opinion.

    Lastly, I agree with you Leann, that I do not want Pandora to cut quality just to cut costs. The reason I am such a obsessed Pandora fan is because I originally collected all brands, but kept coming back to Pandora for the quality. If they change it, I will probably go back to collecting brands other than Pandora as well (which I currently no longer collect).

  • Gisele

    These are horrible and very cheap looking! I agree that less expensive is better but I chose Pandora because of the look, quality and somewhat exclusiveness. The fact that there are less charms to choose from is appealing to me. I find that other brands have too many.

    No one can like every charms from each brand available but there is no way I would buy any of these. My $0.02.

  • Carin Farrell

    Saw these pictures posted in a group page yesterday and I thought they were a joke! ABSOLUTELY GAWDY!! I like Pandora as is, because it’s a quality brand. I wouldn’t buy gold plated items, etc. or beads with a lot of enamel. Yuck!!! I would rather have to save up to buy one beautiful charm, rather than buying a bunch of cheap ones. 🙁

  • Aida

    Maybe they need to look at their designer pool? Talk about creative mental block! I would not wish for the quality to be affected for the sake of keeping the price down. Before I started collecting Pandora, my husband had gifted me a similar non-European ‘story’ bracelet. I didn’t realize how inferior the quality was until my son gifted me a Pandora starter bracelet. Now I only purchase Pandora or Troll beads. There must be a way of finding the happy medium of quality and affordability!

    • Karen Leigh

      i took the survey…….like others have said …cheap and nasty…..they need to listen PROPERLY to the requests on their Facebook page….whilst there are SOME who these styles appeal to, the long standing established collectors want a nicer selection of gold and two tone….they are tired of openworks, pinks, numerous elephants, fish and cats (to name a few) and want a return to the stylish charms they fell in love with…….i haven’t bought any of the new style charms, instead io am spending on the older two tones………if this is the way the brand intends to move forward then my Pandora bead buying days are numbered!

      • Jeanette

        Karen, I agree. Why do they keep reinventing the wheel? How many different elephants, fish, and cats, and let us not forget the hearts, can we possibly need? They have also gotten trigger happy with the openworks. I know that they are more affordable and therefore sell, but I would like to see some designs of the older pandora.

      • Leann

        I couldn’t agree with you more, Karen. No more cats, elephants, hearts, and pinks for me. I wish they would come out with more clips and two-tones!

    • Leann

      Great point! I have to agree, there should be a compromise. I’ve noticed the price rising for the past two seasons and haven’t been too happy about that but I don’t want smaller charms (less material) either. :/

  • Julib

    I also received the survey, I started the survey and went up to 19 out of 20 before it kicked me out. I tried this morning and it was closed. I’d like to see more two toned charms. I love the oxidized silver over the solid gold, because I can see all the detail better. These they were showing were gaudy. I did like the pave hearts, but thats what I got for Valentines. That’s not new and different. I don’t want the cheap stuff, if I did I’d order from China and get pretend silver. Sorry lol.
    I guess I won’t be buing as much if Pandora cheapens it product or I have to start paying way more. I am kinda new to this, I start a year and a hald ago. My husband loves this, every gift has to come from Pandora.

    • Leann

      I agree, Julib, I love the Pandora two-tones, but haven’t seen much added to the collection in the past few seasons. I’m starting to hunt for the older two-tone charms that are retired as I think they’re worth the money even if it is slightly higher than retail.

  • claire

    i personally think pandora must be testing us i mean really why the hell would we want gold plating i certainly dont and if they start doing this i will not be buying them.
    theres only a couple of the enamels i like and they are the hearts and kennel i hate all the new ones with the enamel that have just come out they are tasteless and tacky.
    my gosh i really hope they dont come out with the tat i am holding on hope that they dont because the summer collection is nice.

    • Leann

      Not many enamel charms appeal to me, especially the red ones from the spring collection. I do like the cherry blossom pieces though, so I don’t know how that works, lol.

  • Kimberly

    I think that the charms were very ugly and had the look of costume jewelry. I would not continue buying Pandora if they decided to use cheaper material. I’m more willing to pay for the quality of the pieces. I want something that looks good and lasts.

  • Charlene

    I echo what so many of you have already stated; I think these are ugly. I would not buy any of them. I am offended that Pandora would think any of their loyal customers would think these are attractive. . .I am a professional and would not put these any charms on my bracelet to wear to work. While I do not personally care for every charm in each release, there are always a few that I do like. I don’t mind Pandora having variety. Personally, I am in agreement with the statement that a charm for every hobby and event does begin to make Pandora like every other charm (company/line) out there. I chose Pandora for the quality, the sophistication and variety. For those individuals that have difficult with Pandora backing the quality of their current product, I am concerned as to what impact the change in quality would have on their product support.

  • Hannah

    Hi Guys,
    I used to work for a market research agency and this questionnaire is a well-used technique to investigate which parts of a charm design people like and to get a lot of complicated graphs about the demand from consumers. They are not real designs, it is simply pandora seeing whether you prefer cz to semi-precious stones, or enamel to no enamel. Noone needs to worry!!!

    • Hannah

      Although I think it is a bad questionnaire as all the enamel designs look like they were done in paint and will obviously come off badly

    • Leann

      I was never concerned that these were the actual designs, but the mockups could have been done better for sure. In gauging consumer interest they really should have taken more effort to make it look professional. 🙂

  • Debbie

    Yuk! To most of the designs 🙁 I quite like the gold pave.

    I started collecting Pandora for the Gold and two-tone charms and I think they are elegant and beautiful. Whilst I have some silver, I have never been a fan of the cute animals etc.

    I certainly don’t want gold plated charms – there are other brands out there that cater to that market already.

    I was irritated in 2009 when they put the price of their gold up to ridiculous levels, and then in I think 2011 retired most of the gold charms 🙁 It was at that point that I started to look at other brands, and now Pandora only get a fraction of the money I used to spend with them.

    Like others I am not a huge fan of enamel charms, and I really thought with the Spring and Summer collections that Pandora were finally getting their act together again and producing charms that I liked and wanted to buy.

    If this survey is indicative of the direction they are thinking of going in then I sadly fear that my Pandora collection will not grow much bigger 🙁

    • Leann

      Hopefully with this strong reaction from their consumers, they won’t be headed in this direction! I agree, I love their two-tone charms, specifically the older designs. I started off slow with the silver charms and then moved onto two-tones and gold, so this has definitely gotten to be an expensive habit for me! I’m really excited for the summer collection so I’m just going to focus on that ;).

  • pandyfan

    There is one item that I was VERY pleased to see that they are considering, which is a smaller faceted murano. I have always wished they were smaller, like other brands, don’t remember which ones though.

    The rest of it, I agree with the PP.

    • Amy

      I agree Pandyfan. I have been hoping they would release mini muranos. They would make the bracelet easier to wear and I’d be willing to buy more of them instead of the normal sized Murano which I find too big on my tiny wrist.

  • TammySue

    Hi Leann – love your blog! I’m a new Pandora addict and just started a two-tone bracelet to which I’m going to also add 14k charms. This is the reason I started collecting Pandora – for the high quality. I would not buy gold plated charms. I hope this isn’t the road that the company goes down.

    • Leann

      Hi Tammy Sue, thank you! I know…I hope not too :/.

  • TrolldorA

    I like most of the open work (heart motives excluded) and the abstract ones and most of the Muranos, I’d be against gold-plating and too much enamel, after all the strength of the brand is the pure precious metal and real stones used

  • Rachel

    Wow can you say TACKY?! I would have thought it was an april fools joke if i didnt know better :/
    I think its important that they get opinions from their consumers but PLEASE pandora put more time into the rought draft design so it doesnt look like something a 7 yo did on the paint program
    random blues, pinks, and stones..? they should have been embarrassed to present these ideas as if thrown together a day before
    the other questions i can at least take seriously but NOT what was presented as charm ideas

    • Leann

      I completely agree with you, Rachel. It did look like a 7 year old got creative in Paint ;).

  • Erin

    I have to agree with everyone else, these charms are horrible! I have had gold plated things before and hated them! The gold plating wears off after awhile and then the piece just looks dirty. And I really didn’t like all of the random enamelling! All in all, eveything I saw was cheap and trash looking! Maybe they closed the survey so soon, because it quickly became obvious that no one liked the charms!

    • Frances


    • Leann

      I’ve come to suspect the same thing, Erin. Maybe they got the point that people hate them? Lol. That’s a good point at the gold plating, I hadn’t even thought of that!

  • Joann

    I agree with the Facebook comment, every charm I saw was hideous! I fell in love with PANDORA because of their quality and I pay for that quality item every time I purchase a new pice for my collection. I would be horrified to see anything I saw in those photos be a part of their collection!

    As for the gold platting, I’m not so sure, it would be cheaper but would it look good? That’s something I would have to see…

    Thanks for the post!

  • Jeanne

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like a lot of what Pandora has to offer, and even though I think a lot of the animals and representational pieces are cute, I would not wear them. I’m 53 years old and am just not interested in wearing castles, hearts, cute little animals, and pink ad nauseam. The thing I love about Pandora is their use of two-tone and the charms with CZs that are more design oriented. I also like a few of their plain silver pieces that are more abstract. To me this is what sets Pandora apart from other brands. I don’t see any of that here and would not pay a cent for any of it.

  • Cilia van Zal

    Thanks for sharing the worst collection so far. Let’s hope that they won’t go ahead with these.

    The only ones I would consider are the gold stars and the gold pave. The two tone strawberry looks ok too but I wouldn’t buy that myself. I find the rest pretty tasteless. Are they that desperate and have they lost their imagination?

    If they are serious about gold plating, I will no longer have much respect for the brand and may stop buying altogether.

  • Frances

    OMG!!! This unbelievable! How can Pandora do this to us? I mean, lowering the price will be great, but lowering the unique Pandora quality is simply unacceptable! I couldn’t stand the charms that have been put up in the survey, they are so ugly and unreal! Look like those cheap metal+plastic beading beads you buy for a 10 year-old girl! If they are really gonna release these gold plating and charms from the survey in the future, sorry guys… I am out!

  • Chantel

    YUCK! I wouldn’t buy any of them. I would definitely give up Pandora if they went to these disgusting designs, gold plating or cheaper quality overall. As is, I struggle with the fact that many charms lack detail that I expect at the current price points. I would pay more for better detailed charms. I have to say, though, that a couple of the recently released and soon to be released charms have nice detail. Also, although I have not been a fan of enamel either, I am looking forward to seeing a couple of the summer travel charms in person when they are released…

  • Lizzy

    Who in their right mind would agree to paying same price for smaller faceted murano. This is awful. I can’t believe these ugly designs, like the bee with the blue belt or pink cz-ugly!!!! Did they chop charms from photos on Pandora site and give them to a 5 year old to play with on paint program and say, “now improve them”? The naieve hearts can be symbols for people with heart defects. lol. Why waste people’s time with such fugly ripoffs of their designs. They should try making what people actually request-eg. a train engine charm.

  • Jennifer Essad

    I haven’t bought beads in many months, my family gave me trollbeads for Christmas, adding to my Xmas collection. I would love to but feel the market is being flooded. I have collected Pandora, TB and Chamilia but find that they are all getting so overpriced. I don’t feel they are as detailed or weighty as they used to be. I do like Novo beads but there is not a dealer anywhere near me. I like to physically look at the beads I am purchasing because some are more detailed than others even though they are the same bead. With Pandora I will only buy when they offer the free bracelet w/purchase (it’s the best deal for my money) I do like being able to purchase b3g1 but that’s not offered very much anymore with any brand. I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings but these other types of gifts are a joke to me. Why would I spend a high dollar amount for something made in China? If it was real leather and lined w/the tarnish free fabric that would be a bigger draw-secondly if they are going to offer jewelry boxes they should be made with deeper pockets so when the larger beads are in them the lids can close properly.

    • Leann

      Seems like Trollbeads is the only one offering buy 3 get 1 free during their Trunk Shows. I also go nuts during the free bracelet promo, otherwise I try to stick with Perlen or preloved charms. I agree, I’d love more functional GWPs or free jewelry!

  • Joyce

    Oh my goodness…most of the designs are hideous! I can’t imagine why Pandora would believe that anyone would want to purchase these charms! Using plating instead of solid silver or gold…blasphemy! I hope that enough members of the Pandora club feel the same way as most of us here and will give Pandora what they require to scrap this ridiculous design direction. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Leann. It seemed like another April Fool joke when I first started looking at the designs…lol!

    • Leann

      LOL. I guess they should have sent it out 10 days ago, then people wouldn’t be so mad, haha.

  • Leann

    Fortunately, there’s no way these are the actual charms that Pandora will be putting out next season, but I still don’t like the idea of random bits of enamel, pink CZ, and “love” stenciled everywhere. Seems like a strong consensus that lowering the quality of the product is not the way ahead! 🙂

  • Sue

    Gold plated?!!! Oh heck no!!! If that’s the case, I’m going back to my Tiffany jewelry! At least they don’t compromise quality!!

  • April

    My last Pandora purchase was last year.I haven’t been impressed by Pandoras designs for quite some time.They seem to be going the cutesy,tacky route.Much prefer the old,stylish designs of old.Grown up designs.Are they trying to attract a much younger consumer now?

    • Leann

      It seems like it, April. That was my sense with some of the spring 2013 pieces, but it does look nicer in person so I’m happy about that. 🙂

  • Leslie

    I too received this survey and was able to complete approx 3/4 of the questions (without selecting ANY of the charms as they were horrible) and the survey closed on me in the middle of responding. I too strongly suspected this was a hoax as these charms were nothing like the Pandora charms I have grown to love! Please tell me this is not the direction Pandora is taking!

  • Sigrid Van Hamburg-van Peteghem

    Let’s hope Pandora got so very quickly soooo many negative responses the don’t even think about making all these rubbish charms (anymore)!!!! 😀
    Love the Cherry Blossom designs but the fairy tail I don’t care for, though my 9 year old loves them of coarse… 😉

  • Melissa Hogan

    I could not believe my eyes when I was taking the survey!!! I had a coworker look at them with me cause I knew that noone would believe me about how ugly these charms were. I had completed 17 out of 20 pages before I was knocked off and the survey was then closed. The whole experience was weird and it left me feeling unsettled for the rest of the day because I actually sell Pandora. If they go in this direction I will need to look for a new job!

    • Leann

      That is weird! I can’t think of any survey that knocks you off while you’re in it :/.

  • Francine

    Awful, Awful, Awful, when I saw these pictures my jaw dropped. I could not believe what I was looking at. After collecting Pandora for about 4 years, I made the switch last year to Troll and RBF. I have not really liked a Pandora collection since about 2011. The beads has become to cutesy for my taste. It’s funny how you hear of Pandora collectors switching to Troll, but you never hear (at least I haven’t) about Troll collectors switching to Pandora.

    I was so excited to hear about Pandora coming out with a bangle because I am not a fan of their screws and clips system, but after reading the reviews about not being able to accommodate a full bracelet I decided against buying it. Maybe instead of a bangle, Pandora should create a lock and chain systems similar to RBF and Troll.

    I know I could buy a Troll or RBF chain and lock for my Pandora charms but I dont like having Pandora charms on a different brand bracelet. Just my OCDness.

    • Leann

      I know what you mean, Francine. I keep my Pandora separate from the other brands which is so weird, lol. I love the lock and chain system though, it’s so versatile when you can customize every part of the bracelet. 🙂

  • Joan

    WOW the Two tone pave strawberry on pg 4 for $ 100 and two tone pave saturn on pg 7 for $80 would be AMAAZINGG deals

  • Lauren

    I wish I had received the survey so I could tell them what I really thought of these atrocious beads. If this is the way Pandora is going forward, I will be finding another brand.

    The prices were ridiculous too. Their prices are already high for what they are. I think their prices are based more on their name, than the materials they use.

    I do not care for silver plated jewelry at all. I’d rather have a no name charm in sterling silver or 14k gold, than a Pandora charm that is silver or gold plated.

    • Leann

      I agree Lauren, you are definitely paying for the name on some of the pieces!

  • Shannon

    I definitely like pink, but what on earth is up with throwing a pink cz on everything in that series of images? The edits look very juvenile and there’s nothing there that I would consider. A lot of these looked like they were brainstorming ideas for a “kids'” line like Silverado and Chamilia have.

  • JeanneP

    These charms are simply AWFUL!! I cannot even believe Pandora would consider these designs. Dreadful!

  • Morgan

    I’m a 15 year old girl. I have just completed my first bracelet and will be starting a two tone bracelet soon. I live in a small town so we only have a store in store and pandora isn’t super popular where I live so we have heaps of regular sales so most retired beads go on sale for up to 75% off so most of my beads are retired, i dont buy beads if they arent on sale. Personally even as a young girl I prefer the older style beads. I didn’t like anything in these pictures and on,y like a few things out of the new collection, I like pandora for the quality and I would be extremely disappointed If they started gold plating charms. I can’t believe they even sent this out, they should be ashamed of themself

  • Patricia Isabelle Miclat Black

    I did receive the same email too but wasn’t able to comply since it had closed.

  • MelissaW

    I was one of the (un)fortunate who WAS able to do the survey. They were AWFUL! The charms looked like an art project for little kids…adding some enamel or pink stones to already existing charms. Bad idea.

  • Monica

    I really thought maybe this was some kind of scam as these charms were so very gross ! VERY CHEAP looking and I would NEVER buy them. I hope Pandora is reading how people feel about these ugly charms. They will lose a lot of customers if they really make these. Let’s hope they will get better with time not worse !