Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Collection Released

pandora-pre-autumn-2016-cover3Pandora debuted their Pre-Autumn 2016 Collection yesterday! It is a smaller set in between their bigger spring and autumn releases, similar in size to the summer collection.  Departing from their typical vacation and travel motifs, the title for this season is called Celebrate Friendship.

There are two distinct themes in this collection – the 12 vintage Star Signs and charms for friendship.  There’s a few two-piece dangles which can be split between friends or family, as well as more traditional beads.  For a full look, check out Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Collection Preview and here are some live shots from retailers across the country.

I don’t relate to this release very well because not many of my close friends actually understand my passion for Pandora so it would be hard to share these designs with them.  I like the concept though but aside from a few zodiacs I probably won’t get too many pieces from this release.  How do you like these themes?  Is your best friend a Pandoraholic?

  • Pandoraca

    No one to share the friends charms with, my Mom is the only other Pandora fan I know. Those probably work better for teens or those younger than me. Not into zodiac signs, but I do like the star bracelet. I want to get it and use it for a Christmas bracelet. I saw the bracelet in the store today, it’s beautiful! It retails for $75.00 in the U.S.

  • Marisela

    Indeed, I can’t relate much to this collection. I don’t have any close friends as addicted as I am. And I am not into astrology at all. The only thing I covet is that gorgeous bracelet. It will fit perfectly with my baby boy theme, since it has a lot of starry charms. Now I am left with an extra bracelet to keep the addition. But I don’t see much in the Autumn collection either. I will wait for Winter. It always brings beautiful holiday and starry charms.

  • Michele

    I will wait until winter collection, I only like Mothet’s day collection until now.


    I’ll certainly be waiting until the next collection. I’m not sure how many people have friends that share charms. I really wish they had not made it so “friend” specific. A few generic charms would have been nice. Oh well….money that will stay in my pocket.

  • Laura Smith


  • Alice Wonder

    Horoscope beads looks very decent.

  • maybelline

    I ended up getting the starry sky bracelet recently. It was during a one-day event that my local Pandora store called to inform me about the morning of. Basically, customers could bring in any silver bracelet and trade it in for a brand new one. No catch or limit. We could even upgrade if we paid the difference, which I ended up doing. I traded in 6 bracelets that I wasn’t using at all (either due to lack of interest or wrong size). I traded in 2 Essence bracelets for 2 Essence bangles and I traded 4 silver bracelets (1 of them was oxidized but fading) for the Mickey CZ, starry sky, barrel pave, and heart pave bracelets. I absolutely love all of the bracelets I got in the trade and will put each one to good use (the starry sky is one of my favorites)! I really hope they do this event again in the future for other patrons to enjoy!

  • Anil Boris

    how to buy u dont sell ?