Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Collection Preview

pandora-pre-autumn-2016-cover1Looking forward to the next release, Pandora is scheduled to launch their Pre-Autumn 2016 Collection on July 21st! I’m excited to share a preview of the designs and as expected, it’s a smaller set.  Zodiacs and friendship are the overarching themes in this debut, with a couple stand alone designs.

The zodiacs are done in the new Vintage Letter style, which I really adore, so I’m looking forward to these new beads.  The back is not shown here but based on the bracelet shot (see below), it looks like they are not double sided, instead the back has stars and the zodiac name engraved.

The other charms are mainly friendship based, with a couple of them (Best Friends Forever and Best Friends) splittable as two-piece dangles.  There are also a few love charms including Love Forever clip and the Sister charm.  It’s a nice departure from the travel and beach motifs we usually see for this release, but there is the Canadian Flag dangle on its own.


I’m very interested in the new styled bracelet featured on the right, with the star and moon design on the clasp.  I don’t have an individual stock photo and I suspect that it might be part of a gift set, so we’ll see.  Overall, I really like the new zodiacs but not as keen on the friendship dangles as I feel that they may be targeted for a younger demographic.  How do you feel about this collection?  Anything you’re excited for?

  • Carol Kelly

    Yippee….finally Canada is recognized with a dangle. I was beginning to think we were invisible !!! Lol

  • Vickii Mittun

    I like the new bracelet with the star and moon design, the Canadian heart flag, and the sister heart charm. I agree the friendship charms look marketed to a younger demographic. I’m extremely disappointed with the new zodiac! I’m a Virgo and it looks like a lame attempt at a girls profile…overall not very excited about fall collection.

  • Alice Wonder

    I am kind of the same, nothing really touch me in this release. It looks more like older modified charms.


    I really like and want the Canada bead!!! Would have been nice if they released it in time for Canada Day, July 1st but doesn’t look like they put too much thought into the launch and that doesn’t make me feel very good about the Pandora Brand!!! Boo!!!