Pandora Ornament GWP 2016

pandora-ornament-2016(1)We’ve got plenty of previews for the upcoming Pandora collections already but today is a sneak peek of the much anticipated ornament GWP!  It’s become a tradition for the brand to offer a special Christmas ornament every year and for 2016 it will be a present.  The design is made of white ceramic and has the same aesthetic as the previous 5 ornaments.

pandora-ornament-2016(2)I don’t have specific dates for this GWP yet but it should start around early December and will sure to go quickly.  The spend will likely be $125USD ($150CAD), and offered in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand (with varying purchase amounts).  The photos are courtesy of Pandora’s Angels and edited by me so please do not reproduce without crediting.  What do you think of the present design?

  • jae

    I like the design and can’t wait to get it-BTW, I didn’t know until last year that Jared’s also has a Pandora ornament that is different-Any sneak peeks on that??? I so appreciate all the info you provide despite your busy schedule-TY

  • Ashley

    Super disappointed I missed out this past Christmas on getting the Pandora ornament for 2015. I’m definitely getting the ornament for this Christmas, looks really pretty! <3

    • jae

      Have you tried ebay? I’ve picked up a couple of past ornaments there

  • Sharene Pomnitz

    I am just not into the ceramic ornaments hanging on my tree. Odd I know. It is pretty though.

    • jae

      I assemble mine on a small table with other special holiday items-I think they are too fragile to hang on my tree