Pandora Ornament GWP 2016 Begins

pandora-christmas-ornament-2016-cover1Today is the start of the annual Pandora Christmas ornament promotion for North America!  It is free with any purchase over $125USD, while supplies last.  This year’s GWP features a present ornament in the same style as the previous 5 years – white ceramic.  From experience this is one of the promotions that runs out quick, so I would recommend getting it as soon as you can.

In addition, this is the second year that Pandora is offering an exclusive Jared Galleria ornament. This offer is in store only and again, applies to purchases over $125USD.  For those not in the US, you’ll have to have a friend help or buy from eBay.  Also, exclusively at Jared’s this season, is the holiday charms gift set with a special gift box too.  It has 12 charms including the Jared’s only charm Mrs. Claus and the LE Black Friday Poinsettia.  It’s a $725 value for $500, so a great deal if you like these designs!  Are you planning on getting this year’s ornaments?

  • jae

    Yes Yes Yes!!! I already have both ornaments and the Mrs Claus charm is adorable-I really want the gift set but just cannot afford it-It is very pretty and would be a lovely gift for some lucky person-As always, TY, Leann, for keeping me current on promos-Merry Christmas

    • Coonedog 7

      Me too 🙂 Jared’s and Pandora Love 🙂

  • Pandoraca

    My husband got me this ornament for Christmas with two charms tucked inside. One charm was the in my heart with red center, and the other was the new vintage allure. I was very impressed with his choices. I already have the vintage allure earnings and think they are beautiful.