Pandora Official Retirement 2015 List

pandora-essence-spring-2014-live1I first wrote about the Pandora retirement list for this year last December and we finally have the official word on what will be leaving the collection! The discontinuation is effective immediately, but it doesn’t seem like retailers have been as quick to return these charms back to Pandora as the previous seasons.  Most of these were part of the after-Christmas sale so the stocks should have been somewhat culled from that.

The most surprising changes from the rumored charms and the official list is that there is only one two-tone (Bible dangle), one clip being discontinued, and no gold! Which is great news for those of us who like the older Pandora aesthetic.  Otherwise, this is a much smaller collection than the previous years, although there are still a number of dangles and glass beads leaving the line.  A lot of bracelets are leaving too, including the rather new fabric Essence bracelets.

I like that there isn’t as many designs that are being retired but there are still ones I’m sad to see go.  Unfortunately some of the silver charms are being axed in favor of more sparkly versions, so I’m happy that at least the boy and girl will have updated designs still in silver.  How do you feel about these charms?  Are you going to get some of these before they’re gone for good?

  • Christine

    So not all of the other charms on your first post about the 2015 retirement are actually going to be retired? Just these ones?

    • Leann

      Yes apparently. I’ve gotten a couple different lists but this should be the right one.

  • Robin D.

    The Enchanted Mouse but I picked it up yesterday! So cute! I’m surprised about the clear CZ primrose path. Really?

    • Christine

      I hope they still have the enchanted mouse at my store. I’ve been wanting to buy it but never got around to it and now it’s retiring 🙁

      • Robin D.

        My store still had 2-3 so let me know if you’d like to make arrangements & I could pick it up for you.

  • Monica Ruth Hucks

    I’m actually going there today so I’m glad I saw this post! I’m also surprised they’re retiring clear Primrose Path. But, I have to share this, I’ve been searching for the blue Primrose Path and I finally got it this week! So tickled! 🙂

    • jae

      I’m jealous, Monica, but good for you

      • Holly

        Since when do retired beads go “on sale”?? I have never seen that. I do not like how Pandora is changing. If I see another heart motif….enough already!
        I miss the solid, textural, polished heavy beads, the COLORS, variety of Murano’s. WAY too many open, lacey and grayish fussy looking beads that have no heft. Some of their stuff looks cheap, like JCPenny. WHY do companies abandon their CORE customer and concept? This will go the way of The Gap and mistakes COACH made. They lose them and then try to get them back….too late.

      • Leann

        They’ve been discounting retired charms for the past 2-3 years at least, if I remember correctly. Yes, it seems like their focus changed since the company went public. 🙁

    • Carol

      The blue Primrose Path is a gorgeous charm. Lucky you! I still need to get the silver present because I much prefer it to the sparkling version! I also would like the Songbird. I am very surprised that they are retiring that charm because it is relatively new and beautiful! (and I thought that it was quite popular). :/ I did pick up Seeing Stars for my celestial bracelet. Luckily, my store is not quick to return the retired charms. Once they are retired, they are very desirable! 🙂 Perhaps the shop in shops are more likely to hold on to charms for a longer period than the concept stores?

  • jahndra

    My store already pulled everything last Thursday, I happened to walk in coincidently as they were taking all of the charms off their pillows. Good thing I already bought everything I wanted.

  • Rose

    I was looking for the Seeing Stars, all the stores by me do not have it.

  • Lozzie

    The 5-clip bracelet was retired here in December and I picked it up at great discounted price. I wear it plain (without any charms) with my essence bracelet. They look good together.
    There are a couple of charms here that I will buy if they go on sale at a discounted price.

  • Melinda Deyhle

    i have to get the silver snake for sure!

  • Claire

    It appears that most of the leather bracelets are being retired. Is Pandora moving away from the leather concept?

    • Leann

      Yes, I don’t think it sells well :/.

  • Nic

    Any word on the new Disney charms? I’m guessing since they are still relatively new their arent any to retire so soon? Thanks. 🙂

    • Leann

      No, probably not anytime soon :).

  • Rola

    I’m a Thomas Sabo girl and just recently got into this Pandora mania when I accidentally walked into the store in Whistler last month. I wonder why they decided to discontinue the black double leather bracelets but kept the triple one.
    Also sad to see the block letters go, I think I like them more than the dangle ones. Thought I did still see them back in that Whistler store last month, should I try the ones in Taiwan (where I am now) to see if I’ll have any luck getting them?

  • WBTB3218

    From what’s not in the Spring 2015 collection book, the Pandora Upcoming Retirement list u posted was correct????

    • Leann


  • Jessie Steed

    I got the last love letter charm at my concept store before they sent them back!:) Phew, I have been saving for it for awhile and would have been so sad if it it had been retired before I had a chance to get it!

    • Leann

      Very nice! Good job :D.

  • Sherri C.

    Hi ladies, I am new to the site and conversations. I am in search of so many of the retired charms and have never known them to sell for less. So to the pros, will the outlet stores ship

    • Leann

      Yes, you can call and make phone orders I believe.

  • Sherri C.

    Looking for the solid leather not the leather braided bracelet…how long ago were they discontinued?

    • Leann

      They were discontinued last year if you mean the smooth leather bracelets? They were being sold on Rue La La still, so maybe you can find a deal at the next sale.

  • Holly

    I am very disappointed with this new direction Pandora is taking. I guess now that the company went public it is losing it’s core. It looks like a tourist trap now….sorry. All the Disney and NFL and MLB and flag charms??? Horrible. And I have enough Pandora to sink a battleship because of how much I loved it. Now I go to choose something and I walk out with nothing! I hope my investment in this line will not be diminished now with all these cheap looking designs. And the new silver looks too gray in tone. Way too much filigree and marcasite look. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COLORFUL ENAMELS, POLISHED AND HEAVY TEXTURAL PIECES THAT LOOKED DANISH??

    • Michele

      I am a 2 months new Pandora customer since I bought a bracelet for my daughter in law and got a free bracelet myself. Then I start to look around here in Toronto. I got a LE 2014 paved start bangle, 2 glass beads and 1 dangle regular price at concept store. 4 sets of clips half price, 1 single leather braclet and LE 2014 club charm both 30% off at Pandora store. I can tell why Pandora change their path, Pandora is very popular in Asia now, the price is 20 % to 30 % more than North America and less promotion items. Ladies there like bling bling and fashionable items, they don’t have the pick your own charm tradition. For jewelry, they will buy real 999 gold necklace, braclet and ring to wear but can sell for good money when they need cash.

      • Leann

        That’s a good point! Pandora has definitely changed their aesthetic.

  • imke

    Hi leann
    The charms on the sale List are going out already last sale in germany. .normaly we have the same sale list. .mean so i dont know what will be retierd

    • Leann

      Very interesting! Thanks, Imke :).