Pandora Nostalgic Rock (Autumn/Winter 2011) Clips and Bracelets

xmasWallpapers_normal-2I became obsessed with Pandora back in May 2011 and that fall/winter was my first release with the brand.  Recently, I’ve revisited many pieces that came out with that collection and I thought it would be great to finally offer a review on some of my favorites from that season. Debuted in September, the Pandora Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection was named Nostalgic Rock based on the rocker glam stylings in vogue at the time.  Arguably one of the brand’s most edgy and goth collections, I have heard that it was not as well received as their subsequent releases.  A large part of the charms featured oxidation and rhodium plating which helped create the grunge (yet still feminine) look.

Two new variations of Pandora’s iconic silver barrel bracelets came out with this set; the 5-station clip bracelet and the multi-strand single clip bracelet.  These were initially priced quite high at $95 and $115 respectively, but early 2012 saw a price reduction in many products including these bracelets to $75 and $95, which is more mangeable.  The single clip and 5-station clip bracelets are only meant to be worn with clips and no other kinds of beads, although you may be able to fit the openwork charms on there.  I managed to get both these kinds during various GWP bracelet promos but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve become absolutely obsessed with them.  Stacked with the bangle, these different styles create a stunning arrangement that can be worn with any outfit.

pandora-autumn-winter-2011-clipsThese bracelets are perfect to showcase the large number of clips that were introduced that year.  The Pandora clips include the Rock Star (rhodium plating and silver), Sphere (rhodium plating and silver), Studded, Stardom, Fusion (brown and salmon CZ), Lace Flower dangle, Elemental Flow, Encore (white, black, rhodolite CZ), Braided Heart, Purse, Pearl of Wisdom (grey and white), and the 4 double clips.  I’ve got so many favorites from this set, but the Rock Star, Sphere, and Studded clips look fantastic together on the 5-station clip, especially paired with the Lace Flower dangle clip on the multi-strand bracelet.

The next release from Pandora, titled Floral Nostalgia also saw another influx of clips that I will discuss in depth tomorrow.  With so many designs utilizing the clip system, I’ve started running out of options even though I’ve got most clips in doubles.  I love being able to switch these around with a snap and without having to unscrew all the charms from a bracelet.  These clip bracelets are eminently wearable and versatile, as they can be worn separately or stacked with several other types of bracelets, and they’re perfect for people desiring light jewelry.  What do you think of these designs?  Do you miss the edgier Pandora style?

  • Kimberley

    I think these bracelets and clips look great on. And I think you are right that this collection makes up lots of favourites. I recon this collection was probably one of the pivotal collections and the start of an avalanche of new Pandora charms. These regular seasonal introductions just keep on coming. You don’t really have time to buy into the collection before the launch something new.

    • Leann

      You are absolutely right. This was the turning point of the “new” Pandora style and it does seem like they’re putting out a lot of charms per season. It’s hard to keep up!

  • Robin

    You are right – I love how the clip bracelets look with the bangle! I’m hoping for an upgrade option on the July promo. 🙂

  • Aida

    I really like the bracelets but I’m not too crazy about the clips to wear alone. I just don’t see them as very pretty nor do they tell a story as do the charms, after all,, isn’t that the premise behind Pandora? I might try the dangles on the single; really liked the look you displayed. Also, weren’t many of the clips retired recently?

    • Leann

      They’re definitely more for fashion than memory themed, but I love them all the same! 😉 They just retired the midnight bloom (oxidized flower clip) from this set.