Pandora North America Price Increase 2015

pandora-sparkle-braceletEffective August 3rd, Pandora North America has raised the prices of a selection of their charms by $5USD/CAD to $10USD/CAD.   The change affects pavé charms, Muranos, and spacers with a total of 219 items included.  This came as a complete surprise to retailers with no prior warning so even if they wanted to, they could not warn customers.  Surprisingly, the increase includes the just released Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 Collection.  This specific adjustment relates only to Canada and the US.

The regular glass Muranos have gone up $5USD to $40USD, ones with more than one color are $45USD, Disney Muranos are $50USD, the faceted beads are $50USD, the Effervescence Collection and other glass with CZ inclusions are $55USD.  Pavé charms increased by $5USD, the Petite Facets have gone up $10USD, and all the spacers are now $5USD more.  The Disney pavé charms and Muranos are included and have seen the corresponding price hike.

I was shocked and extremely disappointed when I learned of this, as the prices had already been creeping up for some time on the new releases.  With the pavé charms already costing much more than their previous silver counterparts, I find this increase completely unnecessary.  What are your thoughts on this unpleasant news?

  • Kathleen Rex-Infelice

    Not to happy about this~I have been buying Pandora jewelry now for about 10 years and in all that time I have seen real gems great craftmanship and beautiful pieces that blow me away I’ became addicted every week to make sure I hit the shop to purchase the pieces I fell in love with~ But now within the last year or so the real gems have diminished and are cz’s, the craftmanship has faulted and prices are increasing! Its a shame…Now I search the groups and other fans to get what once was…I feel if this doesn’t change Customers will leave and Pandora will be that company that in the future people will ask whatever happened to them! I would really hate that for you…

  • stargirl_82

    In the uk we saw some price increases earlier in the year on the petit facets. To be honest, most customers haven’t noticed, but I do think it’s a bit of a cheek, especially considering that so much of the new collections are pave now and already are quite pricey. It’s becoming less affordable which is a shame.

  • Gaby Lebron

    Im very disappointed for increasing the prices cuz they can lose clients

  • bermudaonion(Kathy)

    Wow, they’re going to price themselves out of the market.

  • Elisabeth

    I think I’m pretty much done with Pandora. I have all the pieces that I wanted and now with the price increase, I won’t be purchasing as many as I did in the past – they would have to be very special or unique. I have just moved to Murano Glass Trollbeads (OOKs – One of a Kind) and I think the workmanship is so much better than Pandora’s but of course Trollbeads are a bit pricey.

  • Jeanne Hansen

    I’m disappointed to hear the news but am glad the two-tones are not affected. I have already cut way back on buying. I have completely quit Trollbeads due to the cost, and I rarely buy Pandora anymore, partly because of the cost and partly because I don’t like the way the charms are trending these days. I keep my eyes peeled here on Charms Addict for new charms I like. I don’t ever buy them when the release is new because I want to make sure that over time I truly love the charm, and it is not infatuation with something new. Only then does the charm make it to my wish list, and very few are on that list these days. I don’t mind the pave designs, but Pandora has gone way overboard with it. And I don’t mind CZs, but again they have gone way overboard. I will spare you my rant about pink and hearts. I like the more old-school designs, particularly the two-tones, which have been sorely lacking in new collections. In general I like all things Disney, but I have decided to not buy any Pandora Disney because I see it as a massive money pit and I dare not step on that slippery slope. Better to avoid it completely. Pandora does not get much of my money these days, and other brands get none.

    • Andrew

      Check out Rembrandt Charms! We have been selling their product for years and they are very easy to work with! This past year we sold a ton of charms and bracelets from their new S&E collection too. Nice to have a domestic charm company to work with; especially with their ever evolving classic and contemporary styles that they release.
      Andrew R.
      Retired third generation jeweler

  • HMS

    I like my Pandora addiction, but I think that it may just need to stop… I justified it for a while, but honestly… they may have just overpriced themselves…

  • Robin D.

    Not happy to hear this (especially when they let everyone know AFTER the fact). I wanted to start a necklace with the Petite Facets and I thought it would look nice – like the old “Add a Bead” styles. I could see (or ask for gifts) at the $40.00 price point. Not so much at $50.00. This is sad because I feel it will hurt the smaller jewelry stores that sell Pandora.

  • lakesfan1

    Disappointing news to say the least. I will still buy Pandora and my husband will continue to pick up charms on my wish list but the volume buying and impulse buying that I’ve done in the past will end. In the long run, it will be retailers and ultimately Pandora that suffers as customers cut back on their buying. I was concerned when Pandora began offering the feature where you can buy directly from them. More often than not, I go into my favorite retailer with a “buy” list in mind and end up coming out with items that I hadn’t dreamed that I would fall in love with. That meant that I still eventually had to buy what I went to the store to purchase–they love to see me walk through the door. I would buy very little if I couldn’t see it in person, even moreso if the prices are higher. Does anyone know when Pandora last raised their prices? Seems as though, with the price of silver dropping, they would hold prices at the current level.

    • Alice Wonder

      I believe around February 2011. Leann probably know it better.

    • Laura Summers

      Pandora prices have not increased in 4 years.

      • Alice Wonder

        It is true. After the increase their sales drop down, and I believe around 6 months later, they reduced the price to the previous level. Only few charms stayed increased. Like I had a charm that was 25, and become 30 and stayed 30. But for most parts, they returned the prices. I bet a lot of their charms would end up in rue la la. You can’t expand and increase prices, expecting people to buy more and more of your staff. Companies, as people have life cycles.

  • Jennifer Nawara

    The ten dollar increase in facets seems particularly egregious… I was toying with starting a murano bracelet but will have to evaluate more seriously now. The increase is frustrating but to be expected as Pandora gets more and more popular and tries to capitalize on that popularity. Every luxury brand does it and it’s frustrating to loyal customers, but what can we do?

  • Rose

    I feel Pandora is pricey already! They may start to loose business.

  • n rostock

    Not happy but there are very few pandora beads that I love or want these days. I have purchased Trollbeads mainly the last year.

  • Sonya Narayan Subramaniam

    This is going to be bad for business for Pandora. I have even cut back on my spending there as I have not been impressed with the charms/jewelry as of late. I will most likely wait for the free bracelet promotions or any other deals before I buy anything now.

  • Alice Wonder

    I am disappointed too. I really got disenchanted with recent Pandora charms and abundance of pave. I like silver charms, and I really think I have plenty of charms now. I would probably get occasional 1-2 charms, but pave is not my thing. Pandora increased the prices once and it was bad for their business. It is going to be the same. Too bad….

  • Carol

    This is extremely disappointing! I have cut back on my Pandora spending as well. These prices are ridiculous for “pave” charms (and many of their newer charms contain far less silver as well!) I still like many of the older charms, however, and will purchase some of these before they are retired. There IS a silver lining for me though! Because of your blog Leann, I have ventured into other brands such as Trollbeads and Waxing Poetic. In my area, I have managed to find these beads selling for 50% off! So, like you, I will continue to be a “charms addict”! Lol! 😀

  • Jodi M

    Convenient how they raised the price of paves just before the Sept promo to get a free $65 charm with $100 spend in the US!!! So anyone planning on getting a free pave will no longer be able to, as they are not letting you upgrade and pay the difference! Nice move Pandora! Way to piss off your loyal, long time customers!
    I also have cut way back on what I buy from Pandora, as I haven’t liked most of the new releases in the past few years. I ONLY collect Pandora, have never strayed to other charm collections. Glad that I starred collecting when I did, as I have lots of the original charms and many country exclusives. I am VERY selective on what I purchase, if anything, now!!!
    It is no longer an “affordable gift” for someone to get.

    • Laura Summers

      Most stores ARE allowing “upgrades”, where you pay the difference…concept stores, anyway.

  • Melissa Hardy

    I don’t feel that the price increase is that steep though. I mean, it’s not like a Tiffany and Co. price increase by contrast. $5 to $10 US isn’t that big of a deal. I don’t think it will impact their business too much. People will still buy the charms because $5-10 isn’t that much of a difference. I’m not too big into the pave charms or muranos so this doesn’t really impact me much anyway.

  • Robin D.

    I went to my local store and they still have the old prices so I picked up a pink and green petite facet to go with the blue I have. 🙂

    • Carol

      Good for you Robin. I have the same philosophy! Buy the charms that are on your current wish list ASAP!!! Apparently, there is still some time before the price increase officially goes into effect! 😀

      • Robin D.

        Thanks Carol! I checked the Pandora Mall of America site and no increase there as of yesterday. I went to the store near my office to give them the business and they also has the green in stock at old prices. The girl there said that the retirement would be announced next week. I’ll maybe pick up the teapot since I gabe mine to my daughter. 🙂

      • Carol

        That’s awesome Robin! I was really surprised to see the teapot on the retirement list. Such a classic charm…it was one of my first purchases and of course went perfectly with my very first charm which was the teacup!

  • Daniella

    I will be cutting back! 🙁 Ridiculous!

  • Bette P

    The only reason it doesn’t necessarily surprise me is because Pandora does need to stay competitive. For the quality of the product, their prices were still less expensive than places with low quality short lasting product where, for example, they have cheap stones rolled in what looks like clay and easily pop out.
    While I’m not always crazy about all the new designs, I figure you can’t please everyone.
    I’ve been collecting seriously for about 5 and a half years and have been a loyal customer to the same store during those years. While I will be able to be more mindful about my purchasing, they are a business and I don’t see any reason to get terribly upset about it. To me, $5-$10 does not seem like that big a deal, especially since Pandora hasn’t raised their prices in at least 3 years.

    I’m sure it must be difficult to juggle keeping it affordable for the quality when they are experiencing growing popularity and the advancement of competitors. They can’t keep it dirt cheap forever. Neither can any other budding brand that eventually will explode in popularity on the market.

    • stephy

      Exactly, plus the prices in the US were lower than the rest of the world. I think eve. With the price increase it still is somewhat lower.

    • Alice Wonder

      If you don’t buy all 20 open charms, the dirt cheap silver bracelet comes around 1K. It is expensive. And far from dirt cheap. If you buy gold charms, or all two tones, I would not know the cost.

      • Carol

        That is an EXCELLENT point Alice Wonder! Pandora is indeed a very expensive addiction.

  • Pam Koopman

    I am really disappointed to hear of the price increase since the quality of the charms has diminished these past two years The real stones are being replaced with CZ’s and there are no longer many pieces that have the natural stones in them. I’m glad I loaded up on Pandora in the earlier years when the pieces made a real statement. From a value and collector standpoint in years to come, the natural stones in the silver and gold are what is worth collecting. Pandora also may not have formally made a price increase in a few years but their new additions to there product line are higher price then the older charms for the same thing. The commodity of silver and gold has been going down in the marketplace per ounce, so why is Pandora charging more for their pieces?

  • Michelle

    Disappointed. It seems as if Pandora is trying to wrench as much profit as possible. This increase is unnecessary and a bit distasteful. Pandora should be treated like a loyal jewelry company not a fad. They need to improve customer relations in stores. The fun that I have with pandora is through this blog and at small shop in shops.

  • ggarrett24

    Very sad to hear this. It will definitely mean that I will be buying less Pandora. Haven’t really liked designs for the last couple of years but this puts a damper on it even more! I’ll probably move to a couple of other brands and away from Pandora.

  • Tia TL

    Here in Canada, the previously $40 muranos are now $50. That’s a 25% price increase! 🙁 I think I may have to stop buying Pandora very soon. The Canadian dollar is so low right now and our economy is doing poorly at the moment.

  • Lozzie

    Bad timing for me. Heading to USA & Canada next month. Was looking forward to buying a full bracelet of charms that I cannot get here in Australia. With the Aussie dollar dropping and the Pandora price increase, it is going to be a very expensive spend.

  • Rose Pandora

    lol dumb move on Pandora’s part. Going to lose a lot of sales and customers.