Pandora N.A. September Promo

pandora-charms-spring-2016I’ve got very exciting news today as we talk about the Pandora September promotion for North America!  This is the first time ever that they are hosting a discount event.  The company has experimented with changing the free bracelet promo last year with a free bead event but that wasn’t as well received.  This year we’re going to have something entirely different and it’s a straight up sale!  From September 15th to 18th:

  • Spend $150USD/$150CAD and get $50USD/$50CAD off
  • Spend $350USD/$400CAD and get $125/$150CAD off
  • Spend $550USD/$650CAD and get $225/$250CAD off

More details – the maximum discount that can be received is the third tier ($225USD/$250CAD) and it is one per customer.  No presales are allowed this time around, but Pandora credit card holders can make their purchases 2 days early.  Franchises may operate slightly differently, so please check with your local store for restrictions.  Authorized retailers cannot ship internationally, so if you’d like to participate from overseas, you’ll have to find a local friend.  Will you be participating in this sale?

  • jae

    Yes, I am excited-Gotta go now so I can choose my loot!!!

  • Pandoraca

    Oh Yeah, might go for the limit this time! It may not be quite as good in value as getting a free 65.00 bracelet free with each 100.00 spend, but this lets you have more flexibility with what type of jewelry you want. It is still a pretty good discount. About 40% off, i think, on brand new charms!! Can’t Wait!

  • Coonedog 7

    Yahoo, Going to get a few X-Mas gifts 🙂

  • JesBannon

    Do you actually get the amount off your purchase?

    I can’t find an article with the prices of the fall line. Did I miss it?

    Thanks for your site! I’ve visited nearly every day for years.

  • Melissa

    I’m disappointed honestly. Spend $150 and only get $50 off compared to the usual sale which compares to spending $125 and getting $75 “off” (the free bracelet). But at the same time, I have enough bracelets anyway. I actually preferred the free $75 charm lol

    • jae

      Me, too

  • Jennifer Hess

    That’s great!