Pandora Las Vegas Exclusives


Las Vegas has always been a special place for Pandora and they have a few exclusive charms that are not available anywhere else in the country.  It all started with the silver dice charm, then the gold dice and gold money bags.  But recently, the Las Vegas stores have taken it to another level with their engraved charms!  These include the Welcome to Las Vegas dangle, Jackpot dangle, I <3 LV charm and dangle, Gambling Chip, Playing Card Suits white captivating Murano, and Las Vegas black fascinating Murano (photos by Pandora Las Vegas).

I’ve been to Vegas many times, but not really to gamble as I don’t have the stomach for it.  It’s always a fun place to meet up with friends, take in the shows, and experience delectable cuisines.  The shopping is pretty great too and these charms make the perfect souvenirs!  These are done specially for the Pandora shops in Las Vegas and they are incredibly well made.  The engraving is really fine and filled in with enamel too.  The I <3 Las Vegas charm only comes as part of the Iconic Bracelet Gift Set but the other beads are sold separately.

I’m really happy with the charms I’ve gotten and I hope they do more! They can be ordered by phone from the Pandora Las Vegas stores and Facebook page, but they can’t ship outside the US. Have you gotten any of these Vegas charms?

  • Michelle

    Leann the charms are a wonderful souvenir. If I ever go I’ll be sure to pick up the dice! Pandora for me is all about saving memories. Remembering where and when you or some one else got you a charm for different occasions over the years is wonderful. They really do become treasured sentimental pieces of jewelry.

  • Carla

    They do ship outside of the U.S. They said they would ship to me in the UK but I am visiting again in April so will get them whilst there to save shipping I want them all I have spent many special occasions there and April will be our 10 year wedding anniversary so will need them all love the new murano not listed the white one with a heart, club, spade and diamond around them in the black
    And red

  • Carla

    They also have the poker chip one and here is the other murano too

    • Leann

      That’s awesome! I couldn’t find those pics. 🙂

    • Michelle

      I love the murano!

    • Joanne Manolis

      I believe those ones are only available at the Pandora Outlet store in Las Vegas.

  • Rosie

    I love the new charms! I think they would make an entire bracelet now! I was recently in Amish Country in Ohio & Berlin, OH has a Pandora charm that says Berlin, OH with an Amish horse & buggy. I have searched the Internet, unsuccessfully, trying to find a list of what other locations have charms made for them. Any idea how to find such a list or where else Pandora makes specialty location charms?

    • Carla

      Join one of the Facebook groups pandora tribe or pandora angels you will have to wait to join but there will be plenty of people on there that will help you out

    • Elizabeth

      We were at Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI in July. There is one little boutique on the island that sells Pandora charms and they recently commissioned two charms that they alone can sell. One is a round dangle with “Mackinac Island” and the Grand’s horse and carriage on one side, the other side is Pandora. The second charm is a blue Murano with white lettering Mackinac Island. I was very pleased to find them along with the turtle charm (Native Indians call it Turtle Island), bicycle (everyone rents one), horse (no cars on the island–bike, legs, or horse carriage for transportation) and the cruise ship that doubles as the ferry that takes one to the island. Couple of spacers and splashes of color–Mackinac bracelet complete!

  • Ashley

    We’re going to Vegas for the first time for our fifteenth Wedding Anniversary in just a couple of months. I cannot wait to go shopping for a few of these goodies!! 🙂

  • Recki Corchado

    I was recently in Las Vegas and happened to come across a Pandora outlet. Yes ladies a Pandora outlet store that sells retired Pandora charms at a discounted price. This outlet has an exclusive murano commissioned for their store only. I was there for hours.

    • Sharon

      Where is the outlet located Recki? I am going in December so would be interesting to pay it a visit.

      • Recki Corchado

        I am so sorry I did not see post until now. I hope you found the Pandora outlet store.

      • Sharon

        That’s so kind of you <3 I did find it afterall! At the Premium outlet mall. Managed to find the Safari silver charm that was never released here in Ireland, so was delighted!

      • Recki Corchado

        I am glad to hear that you were able to find a something you liked. Have fun collecting!.

      • Darcie Wharton

        Hi! Can you tell me at which Premium mall? There are at least 5..
        Thanks so much!!

      • Sharon

        Hi Darcie I’ve only been to one, so it was the one at the north end of The Strip in the direction of the downtown area (Freemont St). There was a long double length bus that goes out directly from outside hotels on The Strip.

  • Michaele Roberts

    Hi Leann, I came to Las Vegas for the first time ever! I’m in my late 40’s. And my husband insisted he purchase the gold & diamond dice for me. They are beautiful . But soooooo much $$$$. I’m having guilt. Because they are so extravagant & a luxury. I’m just a simple Pandora collector. Some gold, but not lots of it. Help! I want to return them.