Pandora Jewelry Second Retirement 2014

pandora-retired-jewelry-2014-coverLast month I posted a list of all Pandora charms retiring in this second half of 2014. I don’t normally go into detail on the accompanying jewelry that is also being discontinued but since I’ve gotten several requests on these pieces, I took the time to put them together.  This retirement came about rather suddenly and many retailers may have already sent back their inventory to the company.

In other news, just this week Pandora North America announced the immediate discontinuation of all watches (Black Crown Diamond Collection).  Pandora has been slowly cutting into the selection of watch parts over the past few years and this decision isn’t unexpected.  Most customers don’t associate high quality timepieces with the brand, so they have not been a popular part of the line.  So if you have bezels or straps that you’re thinking about, it’s best to get them sooner than later.

Are there any jewelry pieces you’re sad to see go?

  • Lynn

    Thanks for the update, Leann. These are versatile, traditional Pandora pieces that coordinate well. I have several & hope to pick up others at a future Ruelala sale. And Pandora makes lovely watches; sorry to see them go.

    • Leann

      I hope they’ll appear on Rue soon! I was a bit disappointed in the last sale.

      • Patricia

        Any idea when is the next Rue sale?

      • Leann

        No idea.

  • Kaye Knkaye

    So sad to hear that the black diamond collection is being retired 🙁 looking forward to the new line – really hoping there is a new watch collection coming up

    • Leann

      If they do come out with more watches, they’ll be more “fashion” focused and won’t have the expensive movement.

      • Kaye Knkaye

        I hope by Fashion they still meant elegance and not young and colorful 🙁

    • Ania

      There will be new watches, but they won’t be Swiss movement, they will be Japanese made.

      • Leann

        I heard they were going to be geared more towards fashion jewelry?

      • Kaye Knkaye

        I hope by Fashion Jewelry they still meant elegance and not young and colorful 🙁

      • Kaye Knkaye

        Japanese sounds good! 😀

  • Bri

    I am so supprised to see the flower hook earrings go right before all of the autumn mystic floral pieces come out

    • Leann

      That’s a great point. Those are my favorite Compose earring hooks!

      • Bonnie May

        I always wanted those, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the $. Crossing my fingers Rue gets them! 😉

      • Leann

        Me too!

  • Christine Roberts

    Hi Leanne, where is the best place to find the retired pieces? I am looking for the gold graduation hat.

    • Leann

      That one has been retired for a while now. I haven’t seen it on any of the online sites. I guess try eBay and just be cautious.