Pandora Heart Clasp Bracelet Review

pandora-2015-valentines-lookbook1It’s been a long time since Pandora introduced a new design for their traditional snake bracelet. With the Valentine’s Day 2015, the brand released a heart shaped clasp bracelet which is undoubtedly the highlight of the collection.  The bracelet features the same snake chain as their traditional bracelets but has a heart shaped clasp.  While this piece is not a limited edition item for North America, it is in some countries like Australia where it is only being sold as part of a gift set.

Like many fans, I was looking forward to this new chain and it’s rather exciting to have another option for a bracelet.  The clasp is similar to the Steady Heart clip which is a polished silver puffy heart.  Pandora is engraved along the edge of the clasp on one side and a large crowned “O” on the other.  There’s a tendency for the heart to sit up rather than lay flat.

Other than that, it pretty much works the same as the traditional barrel bracelet.  I’m happy that it’s the same price too and should be included in the bracelet promo.  Have you checked out this style yet?  What do you think of the new clasp?

  • Lozzie

    I am hoping it will eventually be sold in Australia on its own.

  • Carla Plume

    I got the heart bracelet on Sunday and love it it’s a nice change from the original, I also got the Chinese doll from a seller in Singapore it is very cute and 2 of the new heart muranos I love the color of them I also got the equestrian charm to remind me of my nan as she used to take me horse riding when I was young and she passed away a few weeks ago it’s perfect and I got the romance spacer to match the ring I got with a voucher I got christmas I got all of this for my birthday which was 6th feb I also love the free heart jewlery box it will be perfect to take on holiday to store my pandora bits in I also managed to get a second jewlery box free for my mum too

    • Jasline

      Hi! Which seller from Singapore did you get it from and how much was it?

      • Carla

        lilies7 on ebay $80 free shipping ask her she can get you one

      • Kelly

        I can help you too, if you like. 🙂

    • Carol

      Great Pandora haul Carla! And the equestrian charm…what a lovely and meaningful way to remember someone special to you! 🙂

      • Carla Plume

        Thank you Carol I really loved the fact the equestrian. Charm had hearts around the top too

  • Yasmine

    Will the bracelet be sold on its own? My local store says at present it will only be sold as part of a gift set

    • Molly

      I got mine on it’s own. I was at a concept store… don’t know if that makes a difference?

  • Molly

    i love this bracelet! i picked it up shortly after it came out. I love the change from the standard clasp. The only negative for me is that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to clasp since the edge is angled for the V of the heart. It’s not enough to make it difficult to wear, it just takes me an extra second to clasp!

  • Monica Ruth Hucks

    I purchased this shortly after it came out and I love it! I was also glad to see a change in the standard snake chain.

  • Polly

    I too purchased it when it came out, and it’s my favorite bracelet right now! It can be a little more difficult to clasp due to the angle, as Molly points out but I think that just might make it a postive in that it maybe won’t pop open by accident! Anyway, I’m thrilled with it. Would love to see it in a two tone!

  • Bonnie May

    Definitely on my list for the next promo! Although I seem to be racking up new Pandora bracelets faster than I can fill them, lol.

  • Stephanie C

    I got it as an early vday gift and it is currently my favorite bracelet. That’s saying a lot because I have 16 pandora bracelets in all different styles. I’m loving this heart clasp!

    • Carol

      Wow Stephanie! I currently have 7 bracelets. But, who can resist these awesome free bracelet promos? It’s so much fun to select charms and create your own unique masterpiece! 😀

  • Cinnia

    Think they’ll make a two-tone version of this? Love the design.

  • Carol

    I am so tempted by this bracelet as well. Just gorgeous! Pandora is very clever. More bracelets to covet and fill with charms. What an expensive addiction this has become. Lol!