Pandora Essence Spring 2017 Collection

pandora-essence-spring-2017-cover1The Pandora Essence Collection is coming out with new designs for this season and it will debut with the rest of the Spring 2017 Collection.  It will be available on March 16th, so not much longer now!  I’m so glad to see this line expanding as I really like this dainty style.

pandora-essence-spring-2017-collectionThere’s not a lot of new beads in this release but it is a fun set nonetheless.  I especially love the enamel ones with the delicate translucent flower design.  This is also the first time that Essence has featured dangles, which are nice and small, as well as a spacer bead which doesn’t look that much different than the regular charms.  Do you have any of these on your wish list?


    The only charms that interest me in this collection are Joy and Happiness. I might wait before getting them though as there are lots of other charms I like more.